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BJ's Video Collection

This is the stuff I own. The list is an on-going "work-in-progress" as I am always getting more old stuff, plus fleshing out the details (director, cast lists, plot outlines, trivia, etc).

this list was last updated for content 07/15/04! - links, etc updated 12/20/19 - i own more than this, but alas, a few on this list may have been sold (or broken!)


  • Casey (1971) director: Donald Crane
    Casey Donovan (listed as Ken Donovan) plays a guy looking for love, and with the help of fairy-godmother in the mirror (yup, WANDA, played by Casey!), he eventually finds him in handsome Nat Grey, who has taken a vow of silence until the war (Vietnam) is over. Great scene with Casey and the delivery boy (Angelo Waine), in the kitchen. Also starring Sparrow Guano as "the crotch" (we only get to see him from the waist down til near the end of the film). From Palm Features. Screenplay: Glenn Jones; Muisc and arrangement of origianl "CASEY" theme, Cyril Mumford.
  • Bijou (1972) director: Wakefield Poole
    Very trippy film, and our star, Bill Harrison, has a "humongous" talent! with Bill Cable, Tom Bradford, Peter Fisk, Robert Lewis. Two old Led Zeppelin songs used during his solo scene at beginning of film. Be careful, the E-Z Rider release of this video is missing about 10-15 minutes.
  • LA Plays Itself and Sex Garage (1972) director: Fred Halsted
    Fred Halsted's 1st - amazing film, but, alas, the video version doesn't show the famous fisting scene -Starring: Rick Coates, Jim Frost, Fred Halsted, Joseph Yale. But it's the motorcycle-fucking (literally!) scene in Sex Garage that got an NYC movie theatre raided by cops in the early 1970's!!)
  • Falconhead (1972) director: Michael Zen
    "A falcon-headed bodybuilder lures men through a mirror into another dimension where they live out sexual, narcissistic fantasies." Vince Perill, Buddha Jon, Sabato Fiorello, Joe Dietrich, Anthony Lee, Adrian Wade
  • American Cream (1972?) director: Rob Simple
    Starring: Doug Roamin, Robert R.A. Rikas (also in Left-Handed), Joel Stone, Paul DFone, Sam Buddy Block, Phillip St.Albins, Arch Sampson, Chuck Thomas, Tom Peterson, Black Barbarella, Dorothy Deane. Three vignettes: The Office , Country Lads , and Roles .
  • Lust In The Afternoon
  • Nights In Black Leather (1973) director: Ignatio Rutkowski
    Peter Berlin's first film. (The other, That Boy, he wrote, produced, and directed). Basically it's about Berlin's adventures in San Francisco in the early 70's, starting with his first visit to a leather bar. Lots of posing in skin-tight, hip-hugging outfits. The last scene, a 3-way, is quite good, actually - well-filmed, middle-eastern/70's music, affectionate sex scene. Also starring Rick Jedin, Tom Webb, Al Joffrey and Jeff Salem
  • The Devil and Mr. Jones (1974) director: David Davidson
    Sorta bizzarre, but fun. Young man kills himself, and is now in a sort of purgatory, on his way to hell!(I guess he was Catholic) But he's never committed any sins, so the gatekeeper lets him go for it before being sent to hell. He's way over-acting during the sex scenes, very funny! Tom Newman, Erica Eaton (the Hell gatekeeper), Colter Duncan, Yuba, Don Allen, Charles Blue, C.J. Bretton (unfortunately, I have a piss-poor copy).
  • Adam and Yves (1974) director: Peter de Rome
    An American in Paris falls for a Frenchman - includes: references to Last Tango In Paris, a scene in a public pissoir, and the best part is probably the fantastic montage of 70's movie theatre marquees, mostly of "blacksploitation" films, which leads to the all-black orgy in a movie theatre bathroom, including "Honey Man", a song co-written by de Rome himself!
  • Duffy's Tavern (1974?) director: Lancer Brooks (aka Tom DeSimone)
    long haired blonds (back when blonds in porn films didn't dye it!)Bob Eck, Nik Borg, Tom Clark, Frisco Phyl, Bill North, Joe Love; rock and r & B music (yup, there IS and Aretha tune in this!)
  • Drive(1974) director: Jack Deveau
    Fantastic film with an over-the-top plot: drag queen (played by Christopher Rage) plots to rid the world of the male sex drive! Early in the film, a sex scene between two lovers is interspliced with a nightclub scene - beautifully done by editor Robert Alvarez. Sex club scene is a bit intense, and in some versions (Bijou Video) the fisting scene is edited/blurred out. Over 50 people in the cast (cameo appearance by Peter de Rome), plus Mark Woodward, Kirk Luna, Shawn Roberts, Peter Fersen, Michael Corrigan, Frank Ventgen, Brian Destazio, Richard Abel, Jack Brlisca, Harvey Shamber, Jaap Penraat, Stan Glinter, S.V. Newman, and John Fromme.
  • Erotikus... A History of the Gay Movie (1974) director Tom DeSimone
    Fred Halsted narrates (and jerks off in) this documentary from early films of posed muscle-boys, through the early films featuring male nudity to the hard-core films of the early/mid 70's, including Fred's own L.A. Plays Itself, Duffy's Tavern, and the like. (unfortunatley, I have the 54 minute version - I think it's supposed to be about 70 minutes.)
  • Behind The Greek Door (1975) director: Nickolas Nichodel
    Gary (Shawn Everett) is pledging to the Chi-Alpha-Chi fraternity. Re-issued in the late 80's, I suspect parts are missing - notably, a guy is using a can of Crisco on his partner, several fingers into this, they cut away; quite common for video issues of 70's films to cut any fisting scenes out in order to avoid legal hassles. And Clay Russell is soooooo hairy, including his shoulders! (but the box shows an older, smooth-chested pic of him!) Also starring: Caston Lee, Stan Ridge, Ronald Murphy, David Rosen, Bruce Walton, Ronald Howard, James Monroe, Bob Gee (My copy also includes a preview of Black Workout - 1985). Music and sound by Kenneth Holloway (including Deodato's jazzy 2001 theme!)
  • Catching Up (1975)director: Tom DeSimone
    Keith Antoni's first film, with Jayson Macbride. Keith's just been told by his lover that they shouldn't be monogomaous; not happy about it, Keith immediately makes a date with the waiter (Jayson)before leaving the lover at the table! Later, a fantastic scene at a gay porno theatre, a black and white film on the screen with "sunsuous" voiceover while 2 muscle guys in jockstraps explore each other; meanwhile, Antoni is groped by a fellow patron.
  • Boy-Napped! (1975) director: Spencer Logan
    Starring: Michael Hardwick, Dwayne Carter, James Rugman, Jamie Gillis, Wade Nichols, Bobby Niles. Plot: 2 college roommates, one gay, one straight, and the gay one lusts after the straight one (Michael Hardwick). He finally gets his chance when the roommate is injured in football practice, and he offers to give him a massage (which of course leads quickly into a blowjob. While they are asleep, the str8 guy (who happens to be a Senator's son) is kidnapped by Jamie Gillis (Wade Nichols is his partner in crime, although didn't actuallyhelp with the kidnapping).
  • Dreamer (1975) director: J. Clinton West
    Richard Locke's debut. The first sequence is great, Clay Grant dreaming of himself and Locke in a prison cell, as Locke is the cop - very hot sex scene, over 30 minutes long, very unusual for a 2-way! Also stars Dave Daniel, and Michael Mitchell - I am lucky enough to have the old, complete video, (about 15 minutes longer, which includes the finale segment, Clay whacking off, and also includes the original music for the railway car sequence, 2 Johnny Cash songs)
  • Thay Boy (1975) written, produced, and directed by Peter Berlin
    starring: Peter Berlin! plus Aaron Black, Walter Wright, Rickey Davis, Steven James, Phillip Martin, Rock Action, MArs, Mukluk, Wally, Kapp, Gail Joy, David Venice, Justn Sullivan, Bobby Star, Surreal Star, Timmy Mukluk, Pristine Condition, Liisa Mukluk, K, Chastiy White, Bill Bowers
  • Ballet Down the Highway (1975) director: Jack Deveau
    A dancer's life is disrupted by an affair with a truck driver, forcing him to choose between his lust for the blue-collar trucker and his love for a fellow artist. Deveau's lover Robert Alvarez (who was editor of Deveau's films) in a rare role in front of the camera. Starring Gary Hunt, Henk Van Dijk, Jeff Sullivan, ("and 30 others!" the box boasts! - but they don't all have sex roles)
  • Good Hot Stuff (1975) director: Jack Deveau
    A behind-the-scenes look at how Hand In Hand made porno films, along with some scenes of the studio's releases. Released in France as Histoires D'Hommes, it was the first hardcore gay film released there. Fun film, with some great (but all too brief) shots of Deveau and the rest of the Hand In Hand guys at NYC's Adonis Theatre for opening parties for their films.


  • Forbidden Letters (1976) director: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
    It's difficult for me to call this a porn movie, because it's really a great gay love story. Yes, there is explicit sex - fucking, sucking, cum-eating. Beautifully filmed, partially in black and white, it's the story of 2 lovers, one in jail, the other, younger one (Robert Adams), still living in the San Francisco apartment they shared. A series of letters and rememberances to and of each other, but primarily from the point of view of the younger lover who's anxiously awaiting the release of Richard Locke from jail, and they're reunion. With a heavy reliance on voice-over for the narration, and some original, sorta hokey sounding folk songs (original score by Jeffrey Olmstead), this film may not be for everyone, especially if you are just interested in a quick whack off. But if you like love stories, and are more into quality gay films, this is a good one. Parts were actually filmed in Alcatraz! Also starring Victoria Young (Robert's good friend), Willie Bjorn, and John Gustavson.
  • Wanted: Billy The Kid (1976) director: Jack Deveau
    An actor ("Mr. Bare America" winner Dennis Walsh) supplements his income by earning needed cash as a hustler. My favorite scene is when he "pays the rent". The non-sex scenes between Billy and his best freind, a woman, are great - they even do a decent reading from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof! Also starring Compton Payne, Megan Ross, Peter Thadliski, Larry Marsland, John Tyme, Rene', Darc Traid, Ron Leigh, John Meyers, Bob Alvarez (cameramen Deveau and Tom DeSimone, editor Robert Alvarez)
  • Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976) director: Joe Gage
    The first of the Joe Gage's "trilogy" (and his first film as director), released the day after Christmas, starring Jack Wrangler, Richard Locke, Steve Boyd, Maria Reina, Dave Tremmell, Skip Sheppard, Duff Paxton, Bud Jaspar, Kurt Williams. . Locke is the star of all 3 of the "trilogy", and here he plays a veteran trucker who is assigned to work with a new kid (big-dicked, "str8", Steve Boyd). On the road, there is a fantastic use of dream-like sequences, flash-backs, etc, while Locke describes to Boyd how to deal with "urges" on the road, away from his girlfriend. (see GAGE page for more details).
  • Killing Me Softly (197?) director: Francis Ellie
    Jack Wrangler discovers that his new lover (Stan Richards) is a serial killer! Apparently he has an "uncontrollable need to kill in order to have an orgasm". Highlights include sex (and murder) on the West Side Piers, and on the Brooklyn Bridge. Even some great footage of one of the Gay Pride street festivals. Also Starring: David King, Guiseppe Welsh, and John Kovacs. With Kurt Mann, Adam Dehaven, Lance Prentis, Snapper Foster and Derek Thurston. (credits also say Continuity: Norma Desmond!)
  • Blue Streak (197?) director: Jack Travis
    From the Brentwood Classics series. 4 "stories": Bill Baxter,Russ and Craig; Cliff and Mark in Take What He Wants - Dueling Banjos plays as the guys leave the campfire and head inside the trailer for hot sex - nice, fit bodies;blond Tracy in High On The Hill jerks off looking at some girlie pics he's hung up on the wall - great slo-mo "money shot"; Casey Edwards and Wayne in Any Way You Like It - these boys jerk off for each other in separate rooms, but soon enough get together for some nice mutual sucking, rimming, and fucking - best scene of the 4!
  • El Paso Wrecking Corp (1977) director: Joe Gage
    The second part of the Gage Trilogy, a close tie with Heatstroke asmy fave,(I have this in the original, large GAGETAPE box)amazing road buddy team of Richard Locke and Fred Halsted; plus Steve King, Jeanne Marie Marchaud, Aaron Taylor, Robert Snowden, Keith Antoni, Ken Brown, Rob Carter, Veronica Compton, Clay Russell, Guillermo Ricardo, Lou Davis
  • Heavy Equipment (1977) director: Tom DeSimone
    Jack Wrangler, Al Parker, Roger; fun film; kinda campy and yes, in 3D!!! About a kid who uses a magic potion to make himself more appealing (it turns him into Jack Wrangler!)Also features the "Christy Twins" who Wrangler does in a sleazy tea-room (and that cock coming thru the glory hole in 3-D!)Roger and Jack in a fun gym scene (before the sex, Roger is cleaning up, throwing jockstraps at the screen, fun in 3D!)
  • Rough Trades (1977) director: Jack Deveau
    After criticism of too much plot, and not enough sex in his films, this was Deveau's answer: A film involving "blue collar" guys having sex with each other, and the owner of a New York penthouse that they are supposed to be doing work on. Original film has fisting scene; BIJOU Video's release has it blurred - lucky owner's who bought direct form Hand In Hand Films have it unedited. Also a great scene in the elevator with Gorsky taking some vegetables from the grocery store delivery man. Bobby Cruz, David Gorsky, Steve Dory, and Myles Longue(aka Ed Wiley).
  • Born To Raise Hell (1977) director Roger Earl
    Considered a classic, and the first gay S/M film, with the now famous leather daddy Val Martin. Lots of bondage, some water sports. Also - Quave Dalton, Steve Richards, John Detour, Eric Lansing, Tiger John, and David Andrews
  • Hot House (1977) director: Jack Deveau
    Roger and Jack Wrangler star in this comical tale of frustration as two horny men try to find privacy in a New York apartment that is invaded by drunken painters, crabby janitors, and neighbors who have lost their keys. Roger and Garry Hunt in the tiny New York bathroom with Hunt giving Roger a sloppy blowjob is great. Also a black and white porno movie (supposed to be Joe Dellasandro in this "film within a film" scene, originally made in the 60's where he sucks, fucks, etc). With Jayson MacBride, and Garry Hunt, David Hunter, Eric Streiff, and in a non-sexual role Tray Christopher.
  • Sex Magic (1977) director: Jack Deveau
    A magic ring makes the wearer's wishes and dreams come true. Oooh, this is the one where Roger sees window washer Jack Wrangler outside his window, who jerks off out there, before coming in for a hot scene with Roger. A fun scene where a young man is AWOL, talks to his Mom on the phone who encourages him to "come out already", then has a hot 3-way with two M.P.'s who've come to arrest him. plus Mandingo, Tony Rusca, Jayson MacBride, Lee Fisher and "Mr. L.A." Big Bill Eld
  • Best of Colt Films Part 3 (197?)
    5 "features": The Bonus - Shadow, Mike Davis and Gunther Keller; Hand Tooled - Al Parker alone in a car, but some extra hands help him out!; Flat Bed - Gordon Grant and Paul Storr Lockner's Key - Clint Lockner find's Bruno's keys in the lock, and lets himself in; The Come On - Mickey Squires and Jack Hacker
  • A Night at the Adonis (1978) director: Jack Deveau
    Sex on the screen, sex in the seats, sex in the bathroom. Jayson MacBride in a hot scene with Jack Wrangler. Great bathroom orgy scene. Written by Moose 100. Stars Jack Wrangler, Jayson MacBride, Geraldo, Tommy Ruscica, Malo, Big Al Little, Keith Strickland, Chris Michaels, Todd Tavers, Paul Maul, Eartha Hugee (the ticket booth lady), Robert A. Glory, and Victor Williams. Plus Bill ELd, Lee Foster, Roger, and Mandingo (in scenes from Sex Magic) Myles Longue (whacking off in a scene from Narcissus II)and Mark Woodward (in a scene from Bagdad).
  • Hot Truckin' (1978) director: Lancer Brooks (aka Tom DeSimone)
    Gordon Grant stars as a horny truck driver who encounters some wild sex on the road while delivering his load. ( NO, I didnt write that myself, its verbatim from the box cover!) Bearded Nick Rodgers on his knees in a public bathroom is the highlight for me!! Also, Larry Le Blanc, Johnny Dillon.
  • The Boys of Venice (1978) director: William Higgins
    not usually my taste, California blond guys - but this has Eric Ryan having sex in a public bathroom while he and his partner are both on roller skates! - MUCH MUCH better than I thought..the famous "discofloor" fantasy scene with Kip Noll!! - Munich Machine's "Whiter Shade of Pale" is more-or-less the theme music for the film. Also: Derrick Stanton, Scott Taylor in a memorable solo, Emanuelle Bravos, Clay Russell, Butch McAlester, and Guy da Silva.
  • Dune Buddies (1978) director: Jack Deveau
    A New York City teacher (Malo)needs to get away from the constant cruising and pick-ups of Manhattan by taking a month at the beach - Fire Island! With Matt Harper, D.(Paolo) Gorsky, Larry Paige, Hugh Allen, Pepe Brazil, Gary Hunt, and of course, Myles Longue (his real name, no doubt). Written by Moose 100.
  • Men Between Themselves (Hommes Entre Eux) director: Norbert Terry
    late 70's French porn - Seems to be about a French Legionaire who uses a wedding as an excuse to get home to see his lover; unfortunately, he is beaten up and raped when his sexuality is revealed.
  • Harley's Angels (1979?)
    Yes, a fantastic parody of Charlie's Angels where 3 hot guys must solve the mystery of Harley's missing motorcycle gloves. Some great scenes in New York's Village in the late 70's. Starring yummy Jayson Macbride, Justin Thyme, and Ken Darrell (the Angels); plus Harry Hover, Jesse St James, Jonathon West, and Webb Steel as "Harley" From P.M. Productions.
  • Where Joey Lives (1979?)
    A young man, Joey, recounts the days in a beautiful Spainish-style mansion where a mysterious man used to throw great parties and where they had geat sex. The man has disappeared, but Joey hangs on. Nicley photographed, natural men with beards, hairy bodies. No credits anywhere on the copy I have
  • Michael, Angelo, and David (1979?)director: Francis Ellie
    Young Italian man comes to New York from Italy (complete with live chicken!) to stay with his uncle, only to fall in love with Marc "10-1/2" Stevens (what's not to love?).Overdubbed dialogue, great shots of NYC in the late 70's, with David Savage, Brian Haines, Rick Sherwood, Marco Di Vioni, Jim Darby, and Vito Strong. I even think I remember a scarey poster of Joan Crawford in the uncle's office!
  • The Idol (1979) director Tom DeSimone
    Kevin Redding stars as a college track star who, while his girlfriend won't put out, begins to realize he's gay. While it may sound like a cliche' gay porn plot, it's actually quite well-done, as the young man begins exploring, the acting is surprising good, and still the sex is very hot - the scene with Redding getting a massage (and more!) from his coach (Nick Rodgers)is very erotic. Also stars: Grag Dale, Mike Bitler, Darla Lee Barnett, Nick Rodgers, Jerry Foxe, Derrick Stanton, and Jim Battaglia (who's in many of DeSimone's films).
  • Gemini (1979) director: Steve Scott
    Based on an idea from star Jack Wrangler; with Richard Locke; Jack is a man with 2 personalities - nice guy with new lover, and sleaze bag whore who has all the fun!! Great Pink Floyd soundtrack (no shit!!) and a cool ending. plus Chris Adams, Duff Paxton, Mike Black, Terry King, John Seychelle, Lucas Severin, Jacque Houff, Doug Thompson, Gene Braun A fantastic vehicle for Jack Wrangler, who has sex by the fireplace with the boyfriend, the previously mentioned alley blowjob, public restroom/gloryhole sex, and a great on the pooltable scene with 3 other guys (including Richard Locke).
  • L.A. Tool and Die (1979) director: Joe Gage
    The last of the "trilogy", Richard Locke and Will Seegers (in original, GAGETAPE box), Michael Kearns, Joseph Kearns, Richard Youngblood, Joe Walsh, Casey Donovan, Terri Hannon, Derrick Stanton, Shawn Victors, Paul Baressi, Becky Bitter, Johnny Falconberg, Dan Pace, Scott Sinclair, Gregg Dale, Bob Damon, Roy Harwood, Bob Blount, Chuck Cord, Matthew Forde, Steve Rideout,plus, of course "the Gage Men"


  • A Night at Halsted's (1980) director: Fred Halsted
    a disappointing effort, sex-wise(well, the plexi-glass glory hole scene is pretty good!), but an AMAZING new wave/punk soundtrack Takes place in Fred's L.A. Sex Club. Starring: Fred Halsted, J.W. King, Gary Sikes, Greg Dale, Lee Thompson, Ben Barker, Robby Morton, R. J. Reynolds, Frank Romero, David Eagleton, Ricky Lindley, Mike Madera (and Joey Yale in a non-sex role - someone has to be the doorman!)
  • Pieces of Eight (1980)director: Fred Halsted
    Rocky Genero as a stripper; Fred Halsted in a very hot scene with a young Melchor; solo Johnny Harden, plus Mike Morris and George Conover. completely different "pop" soundtrack than A Night at Halsted's
  • And ... God Created Men (Et... Dieu crea les Hommes (1980)director:
    Starring: Dennis Santos, Guy Charrier, Jean Francois Dumas, and Yvon Saunders
  • Closed Set (1980) director: Joe Gage
    Gage wanted to experiment a bit, and gathered a select group of men together for a one-night stand-up sex session, much like a backroom, and see if he could get enough material to make it into a commercial film. Using four cameras, and filming in only 4 hours, (the first hour wasn't even sex, just intros, "sniffing each other out" clothes on!). J.W. King is in it (uncredited, he hand't adapted his "stage name" yet)and was indeed released in movie theatres back then when Gage saw he had some good stuff!
  • Everything Goes (1981?) (Sometimes called Anything Goes) director: Tom DeSimone (L. Brooks)
    Told as a documentary, Johnny Johnston plays a pychologist who explains the sexual lives of various clients. The "Christy Twins" do each other (sorry, I never got them, 2 scraggly scrawny long-haired teens);also features jerking-off, auto-fellatio, vibrators, fisting scene (unusual, in that often this sort of thing was edited out for video release) dildos, and the every-popular Accu-Jac machine (on a waterbed!). Starring: Tim Christy, Christopher Christy, Marc Taylor, Bill Travis, Shannon Paul, and Bob Burke. (While the box says 1981, I think that is when the video was released, but the film was most likely made a few years earlier)
  • Wet Sports (1981) (Yellow Hanky Left)
    A P.M. Productions compilation from their "Hanky" series - not just piss, but sometimes just soaping up and having sex in a bathtub, or a guy on his knees in a group shower. Films clips from 1970's/ early 80's. (one scene has the song I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You playing!) Video released in 1981, clips are from earlier film releases.
  • The Boys From Riverside Drive (1981) director: Jack Deveau
    After 2 lovers quarrel during thier 1st anniversary dinner, a series of silly, but fun vignettes involving getting locked out of the apartment, telegraph boys, ex-lovers, etc, all of course involving sex. Includes a nice intro into the film with Jack Wrangler and Malo. Starring Buddy Preston, David Dion, George Brown, Luke, and Lee Marlin.
  • Face to Face (1981) director: Steve Scott
    Young man travels to California because he MUST meet his favorite porn star, J.W. King. Some cool country music for background music during the "morning fuck" of the first scene, which is really well photographed, with natural sunlight in the bedroom. Lockner is his usual "highway patrolman" role. David Wilcox,Scott Anderson, Will Seagers, Mickey Squires, Clint Lockner, Miles Mitchel, Keith Allen, Bill Davies, Derek Stanton -
  • The Dirty Picture Show (1981) director: Tom DeSimone
    Your basic plot: sex in the back row and men's john at an X-rated movie theatre, starring Jim Battaglia, Shawn Victors, Bob Damon, Rod Canyon, Sam Benson; plus Paul Stran and Jayson MacBride
  • We'll Meet Again (early 80's?) Director Linus Terri
    The box promises "Sex in the Supernatural World!" Lars moves into a new apartment, and is visited by its former tenant, Andrew. After making love and falling asleep, Lars awakes to find Andrew no where in sight, and searches for him. Starring Lee Richards, Collin Wood, Marc Paris, Jamie Crampton, Duke Russo, Billy Stewart, Linus; photography by Rusty Blitz and Alfie Baiter
  • Centurians of Rome (1981) Director John Christopher
    A Hand In Hand film, reputedly the most expensive gay porn movie ever made; Scorpio, Eric Ryan, George Payne, and a hilarious evil Emporer! plus: Michael Flent, Adam Kellogg, Ed Wiley, Jeffrey Scott, Jerry Cassode, Michael Flynn, Roy Garrett, Timothy Michaels, John Rowan, 14 others
  • Tub Tricks (1982)
    Starring: Frank Evans (Nova's first "Superstar"), David Lord, Lee Marlin, Marty Palmer
  • Heatstroke (1982) director: Joe Gage
    my favorite porn movie - you MUST get it! Richard Locke, Roy Garrett, Casey Donovan, Richard West, Clay Russell, Clinton Coe, Bud Wallace, John Steele, Bob Shane, Suzanne Tyson, abd, of course, "The Gage Men" (another that I have in the original, large GAGETAPE box) Set in Montana, some ranch hands set about to make the most of their weekend - time at the local peep shows, an excellent scene where Richard Locke gets it on with his ex-girl's new military boyfriend (Clay Russell, still hairy), and a scene where a guy is refused admission to the local sex club cuz he's too old, so he grabs a fellow rejectee (wearing an Izod shirt!) and does it 'round back! Not to mention the amazing group face-fuck Casey Donovan gets in the woods!
  • Sleaze (1982) director: Christopher Rage
    men who meet in an abandoned building on 42nd St for sex. Starring: Casey Donovan, Daniel Holt, Scorpio, Chris Rage, Jed Black, Joe Ryder, David Stoner. Cinematography and editing credits shared by Rage and Arch Brown
  • Nighthawk in Leather (1982) director: Fred Halsted
    King gives his visiting pal Paul Monroe a tour of L.A., including some leather bars. Monroe's jacket is stolen by Fred, and finding it becomes the focus (sorta) of the film. Starring : Jamie Bleu, Chris Burns, Mike Davis, Eric Flynn, Fred Halsted, JW King, Dave Klaus, Melchor, Paul Monroe, Gary Sikes, Jim Smith, Jim Stanford
  • Tough Guys (1982) director: Joe Gage (as "Mac Larsen")
    Eric Ryan is our "host" narrating a story of men who "like it rough" in New York City; with Bob Shane and Keith Anthoni (slurp to both of them!!), Roy Garrett, Tharon Davis, Jeremy Gage, Ryan Harker, Jeff Stone (as the "leatherman") and Members of the West St. Gang, NYC.
  • The Brig (1982) director: Jason Sato
    Ahh, the days when men wouldn't go anywhere near their balls with a razor! Starts off slow, with some guy's I'm not into, but several hairy guys in this one. Young man (David Ross) on his monthly trip into the city, San Francisco, remembers various sexcapades he's seen, or participated in; finally he hooks up with "trade"-turned-trick Mickey Squires., if you're a Mickey Squires fan, good film for ya! Muscular David Hughes as a ship's captain forcing David to service his cock and boots is another highlight. Plus Jim Stevens, Ryan Kilgore, Dick Cooper, Jess Walters, Ron Jacobs, David Hughes, and Mike Jones
  • Tall Timber (1982?)
    The soundtrack...well, the voices are not only poorly dubbed in, but the loud classical music stops each time one of them speaks! Blond boys get lost in the woods, but don't seem to mind. Jim, Joe, Mark, and Butch (while the LeSalon copyright says 1982, I suspect this is more mid/late 70's based on the dubbing "technique")
  • HUGE 1 (1982) director: Matt Sterling (as Bill Clayton)
    3 "shorts", running about 60 minutes, released by both Falcon (Pac 029)and LeSalon - Hot City Streets - Lee Ryder, Mike Weldon, Steve Rossi, and Brian Spence have sex first in an alley, then 3 of them have more in their "clubhouse";Take It Like A Man - Joe Reeve and Mark Hunter have hot sex on and around a motorcycle they were working on; For Men Only with Lee Ryder, Rick Jensen, and Matt Stoker in a gas station rest room.
  • HUGE 2 (1983) director: Matt Sterling (as Bill Clayton)
    4 "shorts", about 60 minutes, from Falcon/LeSalon - Powerplay - Lee Ryder and Mike Stoker get turned on while working out poolside, which leads to some nice jockstrap sex; The Biker and the Gymnist - Andy Fuller in a leather jacket, happens upon Peter Hanson who is doing his stretches in a jockstrap - Fuller's cock has never looked so hard! - nice rimming, too; Overload - Steve Sprague picks up hitchhiker Chris Randall, which, of course, leads to hot sex in the woods; Muscle and Sweat - Doug Miller and Mitch Helms have hot dorm room sex - these guys aren't as "huge" as the previous guys, but the sex is good.
  • Gold Rush Boys (1983) director: Steve Scott
    Gay bordello in the 1800's. Mike Braun runs a "quality house", so of course must inspect all his boys. Starring: Kurt Williams, Ben Barker, Nick Jerrett, Joe Reeves, Rick Faulkner, Lee Adams, Jay Cole, Brian Nichols, Paul Monroe, J. W. King
  • Non Stop (1983) director: Steve Scott
    one of the last, great gay porn FILMS - Steve Collins portrays an airline steward who goes from L.A. to New York to visit his best pal Casey Donovan, engaging in Non-Stop sex along the way! Also starring Eric Ryan, Daniel Holt, Steve Anthony, Peter Ware, Mark Leonard, Jorge Rodriquez. Great scene on the old West Side Piers with Collins and Daniel Holt, as a 3rd guy watches.
  • Pleasure Beach (1983) director: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
    Michael Christopher, I didn't used to like his face, but it's grown on me - meanwhile, just about everyone loves his cock immediately!! .... but ahhhh, Johnny Dawes, who is pursued by Mr Christopher, realizes he's NOT str8 when he gets to know Christopher better..... these 2 have real chemistry in this film, and the acting and story is actually really good... Highlight is the scene between Michael Christopher and Beau Matthews - cum shot alone could win awards!( plus: Stephen Leigh Daniels, T.J., Beau Mathews, Billy Miller, Chris Burns, Dale Stephens, Merci Davis and introducing Scott Sedgwick).
  • Daddy Dearest
  • (1984) director: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
    Richard Locke's last film. One of the many "film-within-a-film" plots that I really love. Daniel Holt plays a porn director making a film called "Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Daddy" and the film shows the making of the movie, as well as Holt's flashbacks to his realtionship with Johnny Dawes, now his ex; as well as Holt spying on his neighbors (Vega and some blond)thru his binoculars. Dean Johnson (who later "created" Rock and Roll Fag Bar and HomoCorps, now in the band Velvet Mafia)plays the role of an NYU college kid who answers a classified ad from a Daddy (Richard Locke). And yes, you get to catch glimpses of Bressan at work; a truely fantastic film! Richard Locke, Daniel Holt, Johnny Dawes, Dean Johnson, Andrew Dupree, Jan Boscamp, Robert Vega.
  • Juice (1984) director: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
    Photographer working at the magazine "JUICE" has 48 hours in New York City to get some hot pics to meet the mag's deadline. Eric Ryan and Michael Christopher. Talk about 2 nice fat cocks! Just got this 6/21. Also stars Vincent Thomas, Robert Vega, Jeff Stone, Butch La Cross, Emilio Leone, Jeremy Scott, Andrew Dupree, and Francesco Lorca. Original music by: N.Y. City Jazz Quadrille
  • Screen Play (1983) director: Steve Scott
    Lee Ryder plays a drifter who stumbles upon a western being made in the California desert, and begins an affair with the star of the film (Eric Ryan). Also starring Jon King, Eric Ryan, Michael Carr, Robert Vega, Brian Palmer, Champ Larue, Michael Braun, Danny Combs Theme song "Lookin'" by Kelcy McHonig, sung by Robert Kimbrough. Winner of the 1984 award for Best Gay Film by the Gay Critics Association. Hard to pick which scene is best 1) Eric Ryan and Ryder going at it in bed; 2) Ryder pounding Jon King's ass; or 3) the under-the-table handjob Ryan gives Ryder at "brunch" with the rest of the cast and crew nearby!
  • 501 (1984) director: Joe Gage
    Daniel Holt plays a New York City taxi driver. If you like Holt, you should love this film, he's in practically every scene. The last scene, he is "topped" by a guy with a nice long one (though not as fat as Mr Holt's). Richard West, David Atkins, Tom Law; plus John Ending, George Heat, Rick Rodd, and others. Like many of his films, this one has good original music (by Rick Rockwell) and great cinemaphotography (Todd Focus).
  • Jobsite (1984) director: Kenneth Holloway
    the queeny male "madame" is fantastic! One of Hollaway's few that I like, and also one of the few where he DOESN'T use Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax". Starring: Scott "Godor" Thompson, Eric Ryan, David Ashfield. Scott Avery, Lenny Dean, Roberto Vega, Brad Mason and Daniel Holt.
  • Wildside (1984) director: Christopher Rage
    Direct on videotape; kinda weird, even though some of the guys are fairly handsome - he has this occasional cabaret style piano and singing while these guys are sucking each other off, etc. Odd editing choices; a failed attempt at being "arty". Starring: George Bell, Jessie Fairweather, Dick Mac, Christopher Rage, Johnny Rivera, Bosch Wagner, Danny Sylver, Piper, Rubber Boy (Arch Brown is credited with "additional photography")
  • Arcade (1984) director: Jim West
    Stars Eric Stryker, who goes to a porno arcade, has sleazy sex/watcches sleazy sex. "Audio mix" by Kenneth Holloway (Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax and other synth-wave music from the era). Also features Nick Rodgers, Kevin Hunt, Jose Castore, Philip Todd, Joey Roma, Chip DeLorme, and Zed Michaels.
  • GIANTS part two (1984) director: Sid Roth
    Clearly not originally made in 2 parts, the opening titles promise "stars" that we never see (Lee Ryder, Rick Donovan, etc) - they are in part 1! Very basic scenes, pairing 2 guys on a plain bed, plain blue sheets, stark white background, to do the usual stuff. 2 guys appear at the beginning of each segment (Danny Combs and Gador), as if they are the producers, deciding which pairings to use. Rance Edwards and Peter Lash; Daniel Holt and Jon King; Tim Kramer with Robert Vega; and finally, the 2 producers plus Champ LaRue.
  • Fade In (1984) director Roger Earl ; on video, NOT film
    . one of the first gay porns made directly on videotape, I had to get it to see if that scene with Jon King is as hot as I remembered it.. it's actually pretty good, and now I realize that the music (clearly stolen from Hitchcock's Vertigo) is what got me going while watching poor Jon tied up, getting devoured by Gino Del Mar!
  • Gayracula(1985) director: Roger Earl
    One of the last porn FILMS, great as a double-bill with Centurians of Rome; Our story begins in 1783, with our "hero" Tim Kramer visiting the Marquis de Suede (Steve Collins)- sex and vampirism ensues.....; also, Rand Remington, Randal Butler, Michael Christopher, Ray Medina, Max Cooper, Doug Weston, Douglas Boston, David McNeil
  • Blown Away (1985) director: Joseph Yale
    Dane Ford, Rick Hammer,Chris Allen, huge David Ashfield, Chris Cairns, and Scott Avery; cinematography by Fred Halsted .

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