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Born in New York City, Bressan moved to San Francisco, joined a commune, and began making Super8 and 16mm sex films. His first, Boys , only about 20 minutes in length, was made in 1970 about a kid who cruises johns, but is unhappy with this empty life. This is when he met Richard Locke, who was impressed with his film, and opened a small theatre in order to show it. Years later they worked together on several films. As fas as I've been able to discern, he only made the following 5 gay male porn films, but also worked making documentaries for PBS, as well as 3 non-porn, gay-themed films (listed below).

  • Passing Strangers (1974)
    28-year-old man places a personal as in B.A.R.(Bay Area Reporter). using Walt Whitman's To a Stranger. It's answered by an 18-year-old, living at home with his parents. Parts of the film are narrated by the correspondence to each other, until they finally meet. Won first prize at San Francisco's Erotic Film Festival. I've just seen part of this; really great film, lingering shots of "the scene" on Polk St in the early 70's, some great shots of Gay Freedom Day, trippy hippie scene with a young Richard Locke, and the director himself has a (non-sex) role early in the film. Stars Robert Adams (as Robert), Robert Carnagey (as Tom), Bob Middleton (Robert's voice), Edward Guthman (Tom's voice), A.J. Bressan, Jr. (projectionist), Jerry Johnson (projectionist's voice), Robert Jerome (TV announcer); on Polk Street: Grant Ditxler, Patrick Lee, Leon McGraw, Darrell Mascall; at the baths: Richard Locke and Eddie Cadena; bubble sequence: David Dehr, Terry Hunter, Chuck Feil, John Thompson, Richard Klingerman, Ralph Osborn, and Wayne Woodcock. Musical score: Jeff Olmsted
  • Forbidden Letters (1976)
    Wow. It's difficult for me to call this a porn movie, because it's really a great gay love story. Yes, there is explicit sex - fucking, sucking, cum-eating. Beautifully filmed, partially in black and white, it's the story of 2 lovers, one in jail, the other, younger one (Robert Adams), still living in the San Francisco apartment they shared. A series of letters and rememberances to and of each other, but primarily from the point of view of the younger lover who's anxiously awaiting the release of Richard Locke from jail, and they're reunion. With a heavy reliance on voice-over for the narration, and some original, sorta hokey sounding folk songs (original score by Jeffrey Olmstead), this film may not be for everyone, especially if you are just interested in a quick whack off. But if you like love stories, and are more into quality gay films, this is a good one. Parts were actually filmed in Alcatraz! Also starring Victoria Young (Robert's good friend), Willie Bjorn, and John Gustavson.
  • Pleasure Beach (1983)
    Probably his most commercially successful film, and it is indeed great. Relying on my memory, I was quite impressed with the acting here - both leads, Michael Christopher, and Johnny Dawes are great, and the chemistry between them is beautiful - Dawes, playing a str8 lifeguard, is slowly wooed by thick-dicked Christopher. Sounds corny, put is's all well done, and got the 1984 "Best Picture" award from the Gay Producers Association of America. Beautiful Beau Matthews is also in this film. (Plus: Stephen Leigh Daniels, T.J., Billy Miller, Chris Burns, Dale Stephens, Merci Davis and Scott Sedgwick ).

    The opening titles dedicate the film to Jack Deveau, who had passed away shortly before this film's release. Produced by Sam Gage.

  • Daddy Dearest (1984)
    Richard Locke's last film. One of the many "film-within-a-film" plots that I really love, Daniel Holt plays a porn director making a film called "Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Daddy" and Dean Johnson (of recent Velvet Mafia and HomoCorps fame)is the NYU college kid who answers a classified ad from a Daddy (Locke), but winds up "in real life" heading for Holt's apartment after the film is completed. Johnny Dawes plays Holt's ex-lover, and is seen through memory/flashback scenes. Richard Locke, Daniel Holt, Johnny Dawes, Dean Johnson, Andrew Dupree, Jan Boscamp, Robert Vega.
  • Juice (1984)
    Photographer working at the magazine "JUICE" has 48 hours in New York City to get some hot pics to meet the mag's deadline. Eric Ryan and Michael Christopher. Talk about 2 nice fat cocks! Michael Christopher in another gentle, sexy performance. Also stars Vincent Thomas, Robert Vega, Jeff Stone, Butch La Cross, Emilio Leone, Jeremy Scott, Andrew Dupree, and Francesco Lorca. Original score by: N.Y. City Jazz Quadrille

    He also directed 3 well-received "legitmate" films:

  • Gay USA (1978)
    In reaction to the Anita Bryant/Dade County controversy, Bressan's idea was to collect footage from as many Gay Pride demonstrations and celebrations in June of 1977 from around the country as possible, with the idea of showing gay folks how important is was to come out. . Difficult to find, unfortunately (I've seen only one place, $250.00 for a VHS copy!). Gay USA review
  • Abuse (1982)
    a film student making a documentary about child abuse meets, and falls in love with, a 14 year old who has been abused by his parents. Commerically available, haven't seen it yet, but it got great reviews.
  • Buddies (1985)
    25-year-old New Yorker becomes a volunteer "buddy" for a 32-year-old man dying of AIDS - the story begins with their initial resistance to one another, and traces their growing friendship. Excellent film. Saw this when it came out.

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