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DIRECTOR Wakefield Poole

With a background in dance,choreography, and performance art, Poole did what several others in the early 70's did - he saw crappy porn and knew he could do much better. Boys In The Sand revolutionized porn film-making, with it's beautiful photography, and unapologetic gay sex (not to mention the outstanding performance by it's star, Casey Donovan). Poole has worked on Broadway in the meantime, and has also writeen his autobiography, Dirty Poole: The Autobiography of a Gay Porn Pioneer .

  • Boys in the Sand (1971)
    Title is taken, of course, from the Broadway play and film Boys in the Band. Filmed on Fire Island, it features Casey Donovan in each of its three parts. First one, Bayside,Donovan runs up from out of the ocean to handsome, bearded Peter Fisk, who immediatley touches Donovan's wet, lighly hairy body, and devours his cock. Soon, Donovan is putting a leather cock ring on his new lover, as they stroke their cocks together, as he takes his turn sucking his partner. Beautifully photographed, music might seem a bit "dated" or overdone these days, though. Hairy-chested Daniel DiCiccicio in Poolside; black telephoneman Tommy Moore in Inside.
  • Bijou (1972)
    Psychedelic effects, and featuring a hugely endowed Bill Harrison (when 10-1/2 meant sooo much more than today!). While hanging out at home, Harrison plays with his huge meat while Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused and Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You play on the radio. He goes from his bed to the shower, never cumming, but the photography of his thick meat is great, and to me, the soundtrack adds just the right touch. Later, he goes to a porn palace of sorts, and more visual effects, split screens, etc. Not great if you want a quick whack-off, but still a fascinating film from nearly 30 years ago. plus Cable, Tom Bradford, Peter Fisk, Cassandra Hart, Lydia Black (don't worry, the women are in non-sex roles!), Robert Lewis, Rocco Passalini, Michael Green, and Bruce Williams. (note: Bill Harrison went on to direct The Biggest One I Ever Saw (1984); plus others under the name Ronnie Shark.)

  • Bible! (1973)
    Using the profits from the previous two films, Poole made this soft-core straight film, costing over $100,000 ( Boys cost less than $5k), and it was a major flop. Reflecting on it in an interview in Stallion, he says the problem was that is was "not an offensive movie" - people expected hardcore with The Devil In Miss Jones star Georgina Spelvin (Bathsheba) in it. Also featured Bo White (Adam), Caprice Couselle (Eve), Brahm van Zetten as Samson, Gloria Grant as Delilah, and others.

    update: now available on DVD at Vinegar Syndrome

  • Moving! (1974)
    Casey Donovan and Val Martin, (House For Sale), in a simple-themed film about men looking for a place to live (renting a room, getting a roommate, etc). Includes Burt Edouards, Kurt Gerard,(Rooms For Rent), Peter Fisk and Tom Wright (Apartment For Rent),. Much of the first two parts can be seen in the 1989 E-Z Rider video release called Tease Me Finally released on DVD in the spring of 2011.

  • Take One (1977)
    The idea with this one was to film men living their fantasies - one scene shows 2 brothers fucking for the first time; another is Richard Locke and his lover having sex on top of Locke's desert home roof, as the sun is setting. Jeff Addison, Philip Borden, Rudy, Sal Guange, Tony Franco.

    available on DVD at Grindhouse Video

  • Hot Shots (1982)
    Casey Donovan imagines some sex scenes with the help from an advertisement for the Hot Shots film series. Also stars: Lou Davis (as a chauffer, non-sex! what??!!), Donna Mack, Casey Donovan, Rick Madison, Carrie Reynolds, William Winer, James Gallo, Richard Post, Louie Moscoso, John Taylor, and Luke (Philip Wagner). Original score by Richard Bone; cinematogrpahy Wakefield Poole, Toby Ross, and Ed Bennett; (Bijou video re-released this as Always Ready; possibly 5 minutes shorter in length) Stills by Stanley Stellar
  • The Hustlers (1984)
    An actor and a model (Steve Kaye and David Dodge) turn tricks in New York's Glory Hole Bar to pay the rent. Also featuring Steve Collins, Lonna, Steve Scann, Justin Savage, Victor Houston, Rick Ferelli, Nick Mauro, Maya, Jesse Fairweather, Eddie LaRosa, John Charles WIlliams, and Robbie Zano. Produced by Frank Ross ( who also did camerawork, and editing), and music supervised by Toby Ross.
  • Split Image (1984)
    "Cover boy models reveal their fantasies" Yup, Casey Donovan again! Also Mark DeSantos, Steve Kaye, David Dodge, Eddie LaRosa, Jesse Fairweather, John Charles Williams, Justin Savage
  • Boys in the Sand II (1984 - but not released until 1985)
    Back to Fire Island, and a hot 40-year old Casey Donovan. Pat Allen, (huge) Dave Connors, Tony Williams, Paul Irish, Victor Houston
  • One, Two, Three (1985)
    Wakefield Poole's last movie, inspired by an idea of Dave Connors, it features a solo by J.D. Slater; Dave Connors and young, blond Steve Kaye paired off; a three way featuring Ryder Hanson, Ron Pearson, and Tom Stone; then a circle jerk with all six men. Finally released on DVD in the spring of 2011.

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