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"Francis Ellie" was a pseudonym used (first) by two veteran exploitation directors working in tandem: Michael Findlay (The Curse Of Her Flesh, Snuff) and John Amero (Dynamite, Bacchanale). After Findlay died in an accidnet in 1977, Amero then teamed up with Lem Amero for the next 5, and is solo credit on the last, Boots and Saddles (1982) I am slowly finding the titles of the films that were made under this director's name; most, if not all, seem to have been made for P. M. Productions, who also put out films by Mac Larsen (Joe Gage) and Arch Brown. Dates for production here are very iffy - as I've seen a wide range from early 70's into the 80's despite 1/2 of the Ellie "team", Michael Findlay, having been killed in a helicopter accident in the late 70's/ early 80's. Ooooh, apparently, someone let John Amero know I have this page, and all I know is that he said I missed a few titles. Back to work....

  • Michael, Angelo, and David (1976)
    Young Italian man comes to New York from Italy (complete with bad accent and a live chicken!) to stay with his uncle, only to fall in love with Marc "10-1/2" Stevens (what's not to love?). Overdubbed dialogue, great shots of NYC in the late 70's, and some campy touches like the uncle talking on the phone to "Joan Crawford" with a poster of her in the background! With: David Savage, Brian Haines, Rick Sherwood, Marco Di Vioni, Jim Darby, and Vito Strong.
  • Kiss Today Goodbye (1976)
    George Payne is a construction worker who cheats on his nagging lover (and he does nag!) with a married, closeted, man (Lew Seager). The film ran a year at the Big Top all male theater in the heart of Times Square. The bottle of Crisco George grabs as lubricant is a nice touch! Also David Savage, Michael Gaunt, Mark Hamilton , Kurt Mann, Firth Demule, Ben Dover, R. Cansino, and in a non-sexual Mary Stunning (plays Seager's wife).
  • Point Me Toward Tomorrow (1977)
    The story of two doctors, Bill and Tony, who not only practice together but are also lovers. But while driving through Central Park, they hit a guy, causing not only serious injury, but blindness! The one feels so guilty, he decides to nurse him back to health in their home. Stars Lew Seager, William Hallquist, Perry Fryer, Trane Johnson, Andy Breugera.
  • Christopher Street Blues (1977)
    A young man is turned down for a promotion because of his youth and inexperience, only to trick with all of his bosses over the weekend, in various Christopher Street bars. By film's end, he's running the company! Lew Seagers, Guiseppe Welch, Roger Schuler, Lee Richards, Mark Hamilton, Matt Baldwin, and Dan Raymond.
  • Killing Me Softly (1978) (also called Killing Me Gently)
    Jack Wrangler discovers that his new lover (Stan Richards) is a serial killer! Apparently he has an "uncontrollable need to kill in order to have an orgasm". Highlights include sex (and murder) on the West Side Piers, and on the Brooklyn Bridge. Even some great footage of one of the Gay Pride street festivals. Also starring: David King, Guiseppe Welsh, and John Kovacs. With Kurt Mann, Adam Dehaven, Lance Prentis, Snapper Foster and Derek Thurston. (credits also say Continuity: Norma Desmond!)
  • Navy Blue (1979)
    One of the most memorable scenes from my youth: Jack Wrangler getting a blow job from Giuseppe Welsh in a helicopter, flying over Manhattan!! George Payne and Wrangler are in the Navy, best buddies, in love with each other, but too afraid to tell the other. Oh yeah, I forget who, but Payne fucks a Salvation Army Santa! Oooooh, and the use of SPACE's Magic Fly for the fantasy Xmas tree scene with Jack And George before they really do it. The final scene, where Wrangler and Payne finally get together, is great (the music might be a bit too much, though) and they both shoot nice loads all over Wrangler. Also Brian Ray, Adam DeHaven, Kurt Mann, Snapper Foster, Derek Thurston, and Anna Freed (who Payne fucks just to make Wrangler think he's got a girlfriend!) Wrangler's hair by SIGH of Beverly Hills.
  • Men Come First (1979)
    A door-to-door salesman (played by Brian Granger) selling "marital aids" is featured in this late 70's film that used a good dose of humor. The scene where he demonstrates their main product, Forever Hard, is soooo funny! He actually stands, and balances himself, on the guys cock after applying the balm, to show how rigid your cock becomes. There's another scene where one of two lovers just can't seem to cum, and the salesman has them make love in front of him so he can analyze the problem. (I think this is the scene with Roy Garrett, his first porn film). As they are fucking away, he takes out a bottle-rocket like aparatus, sticks it up the guy's ass, and of course, they cum like mad! George Payne is apparently in a "cameo", a fantasy scene involving leather, and a huge poppers box as a backdrop. Also stars Adam DeHaven and Mike Horne.
  • In Search of the Perfect Man (1980)
    A mysterious man promises the secret to happiness. Stars Scorpio, Guiseppe Welsh, Michael Stone, Shawn Gregory, and a self-suck by Dr. Infinity!
  • The Death of Scorpio (1981)
    Story of a jealous artist's revenge. He lures his ex, and 2 friends separately to his home to have sex, then poison them. and Filmed in Soho (NYC) Starring: Scorpio, Shawn Gregory, Michael Stone, Ron Flash, Bill Williams, Rick Hades. Originally from P. M. Productions.
  • Boots and Saddles (1982)
    A young man flees Jack Wrangler, fearing he has just gotten gonorrhea - only to wind up in the hands of Nazi Scorpio. (Well, he has a Nazi flag on the wall, and likes leather-sex...) So, by film's end, Jack rescues him. Starring: Jack Wrangler, Scorpio, Joe Ryder, Roy Garrett, Chip Kingley, Chris Street; with Adam DeHaven, Claude Caswell, Ray Poole, and Lou Ricky. Has a pretty decent disco soundtrack, including Dennis Parker's New York By Night. Has been re-released.

    last update 4/2/2024 (kindof - revised release dates)