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Working in the publicity department at Universal Studios in the late 60's, Steve Scott began his career in porn on a dare - having seen some straight porn a friend was distributing he said: "I can do better than that" and his friend challenged him to try. So, starting off in straight porn, one day Tom DeSimone gave him a call, wanting him to try his hand in gay porn - the result was The Young Intruder one of the earliest films with actual erections!

  • The Young Intruder (early 1970's)
  • The Kid From L.A. (early 1976?)
    Starring Duff Paxton, Rick James, Lucas Severin, Skip James, Wayne Denton, Dave Daniel, Laura Sweet (as Mom). Cinematography, Nick Eliot. (Produced, written, and directed by Taylor Benson?)
  • Twelve at Noon (1976)
    Lunchtime sex encounters, including a public bathroom in a park, a waiter fucking a canteloupe. and an executive who accidentally turns on his intercom while fucking, turning on his assistant to the point of cumming. Larry Paige, Duff Paxton, and Steve King.
  • Track Meet (1976)
    A young track star coming out. A rape scene with a hotel clerk and some of his fellow jocks abusing him, but in the end he and his roommate find true love! Gavin Geoffrey, Larry Paige, Duff Paxton, T. C. Mathis, Don Ranger, Peter Williams, Michael Davis
  • A Married Man (1978)
    "He was straight ... to his wife. He was a married man who had them all. First the chauffeur (while ELO, the Bob Seeger, plays on the radio), then the houseboy, also the actor, and finally the gardener- who saw it all." The plot is actually more interesting than that. A gardener picks up a drifter (Wrangler) on his way back to work at a mansion, and they have sex out in the garden. Wrangler has this corny Arkansas accent (which he loses during sex), and the two are caught in the act by the wife. But the gardener has witnessed her husband making it with several men, including himself, and so he tells the wife in order to save his job. Starring Jack Wrangler, Joe Roberts (gardener), Darla Lee (wife, non-sex role), Eddie Summer (husband), Danny Wolf (chauffeur), Serge (houseboy), and Gary (actor). Produced by William and Edward Higgins; original song Smoggy City written and performed by Jack Wrangler
  • Gemini (1977)
    Jack Wrangler approached Steve Scott with an idea of portaying a Three Faces of Eve type character; Scott pared it down to a simple split personality, with Jack wavering between the nice lover, and sleazy sex fiend. Notable for it's great early Pink Floyd soundtrack. Unusual use of Pink Floyd's Careful With That Ax, Eugene during a back alley blowjob with Richard Locke. Also stars: Chris Adams, Duff Paxton, Mike Black, Terry King, John Seychelle, Lucas Severin, Jacque Houff, Doug Thompson, Gene Braun
  • Rough Cut (1980)
    This film-within-a-film features hung stud Scott Taylor putting together some film clips and jacking off in the process; including shooting on his own face! Adam Mitchell, Brian Woods, Tex Morgan, Mike Daniels, Dan Parker, Steve Lessing, John Parker, Rich Cummings, Nick Rogers, Scott Taylor
  • Inches (1979)
    Al Parker wrongly accuses his lover of cheating, and the lover (Steve Taylor) walks out on him. Lonely, Parker succombs to the advances of a co-worker, Bob Blount. Plus: Joe Roberts, Buck Stevens, Carl Royce, David Saxon, Max O'Binsky, Joe Shaunessy, Dan Noble, Greg Shaw. and non-sex role by Steve Scott
  • Jock Strap (1981) AKA Locker Room
    Dan Pace, J. W. King (credited as Jim King), Lee Brubaker, Nick Rodgers, and R.J. Reynolds
  • Wanted (1981)
    One of two films with Al Parker and Jack Wrangler. Wrangler plays an evil prison guard, forcing men into having sex with him. Parker escapes with straight fellow prisoner Will Seagers, who can't bare the thought of having gay sex. They are chained together for most of the escape a la The Defiant Ones. Starring Al Parker, Jack Wrangler, Will Seagers, Dan Noble, Duff Paxton, Frank Ross, R.W. Stone, Rob Stevens, Sam Benson, and Steve Taylor
  • Face to Face (1981)
    Young man travels to California because he MUST meet his favorite porn star, J.W. King. Scott Anderson, David Wilcox, Mickey Squires and Clint Lockner (as a highway patrolman, of course!) ; plus Will Seagers, Miles Mitchell, Keith Allen, Bill Davies, and Derek Stanton
  • Performance (1981)
    On-stage and off-stage with male strippers, this film features dozens in the cast, including Steve "12"" York. At a burlesque night club dancers perform live and strip. Derrick Stanton is seen rotating on a dildo. Nick Rodgers, Mel Chor (aka Melchor), Shawn Victors, Jim King (aka J.W. King), Derrick Stanton, Chris Kopay, Bob Moore, Dean Barey, Tony Vose, Kurt Jacobs, and introducing Steve "12" York and Le Cocq. With Steve Taylor (takes a face-full in a club scene!), Al Parker, Val Martin and Steve Scott in cameos.
  • California Boys (1982)
    Jim King and Beau Matthews in the story of an escort service; plus: Ed Wiley, Jim Rogers, Bob Masters, Larry Jones, David Anders, Macintosh, Glen Robertson, and introducing Joe Andrews.; Produced by Frank Ross, edited by Toby Ross. Beau Matthews dons nylon stockings and gets f*cked by super hung Ed Wiley (aka Myles Longue);
  • Flashback <(actually an Al Parker film, with some scene directed by Steve Scott)
    Al Parker's balls go in Scott Taylor's ass. Scott Taylor licks his own balls, cock, and slurps up his own cum. Also starring Kurt Mannheim and Kip Noll.
  • Greenhorn (1982)
    The old cowboys telling gay sex stories around the camp fire routine! Starring Andy Fuller, Jim Rogers, Adam Mitchell, Beau Matthews, Gian Carlo, Joel Thoms, Tom Richards, Jimmy Johnson, Rick Faulkner, Jay Denver, Tim Hughes
  • Turned On (1982)
    THE Al Parker movie, where he prooves without a doubt he is the best cocksucker! Parker spots Sky Dawson in a bar, and spends the rest of the film trying to track him down. This is the one where in a fantasy scene, Al blows all these guys who are wearing Sky Dawson masks! Also, an amazing solo performance by well-hung Scott Taylor. Starring: Al Parker, Sky Dawson, Beau Matthews, Jim King (AKA J.W. King), Gian Carlos, Joel Thomas, Greg Dale, Jim Rodgers, Bob Moore, John Trent, Lee Brubaker, Rick Faulkner; special appearance by Scott Taylor; cameos by Mike Davis and Steve Taylor. Original music by FORBIDDEN OVERTURE; additional music by WINSLOW WASHINGTON
  • Dangerous (1982)
    Mike Braun can't get enough "tearoom sex", and lover Jim Rogers must bail him out of jail over and over again, eventually learning for himself what fun he's been missing. Also starring: Chris Burns, Rick Faulkner, Steve Taylor, Dixon Hardy, Jeff Stevens, Mike McDonald (not to mention the 'cameo' appearance in the last scene of Al Parker's cock thru the glory hole!)
  • Doing It (1983)
    Seniors in high school learn the joys of gay sex from Big Brother Michael Christopher, and street hustler Johnny Dawes. Also starring: John Christopher, Jeff Stevens, Todd Blaine, Mike Marshall, Jim Rogers
  • A Few Good Men (1983)
    Lee Ryder in two really hot scenes, the first one, sorta solo, (a la the final scene in Kansas City Trucking with Richard Locke) with Lee on the bottom bunk, stroking his huge meat, as another large cock pops thrugh the mattress from above, and he strokes it off, as well. Later in the film, he gives his drill sargeant a few pointers, right? Michael Christopher is an M.P. who catches a fellow recruit on AWOL. But the best scene is the opening, a new recruit is getting his hair buzzed off, and gives the barber a blowjob (an uncredited Al Parker - no face shot, just his cock through some camouflage pants!)The background sound is a mix of Marines "sounding off" and the buzz of the clippers, as of course the trademark Scott dry ice effect. Also starrring: Peter Barrie, Lee Stern, Mike Meuller, Peter Wave, Greg Johnson. Music by H. Winslow
  • Games (1983)
    Al Parker plays a writer covering the Gay Games (or was it still called the Gay Olympics back then?). A highlight is a fantasy scene he imagines after being introduced to Italian athlete Giorgio Canali; both hung, uncut men slurp all over each other with a completely black backdrop. also starring Leo Ford (injured in a motorcylce accident before the games begin, but he manages to get plenty of sex from the hospital bed) and Russ Franklin, Mike Davis, Johnny Dawes, Jim Rogers, Ben Barker, Brian Nichols, and Shannon.
  • Gold Rush Boys (1983)
    Gay bordello in the Wild West. The scene with Joe Reeves is a highlight, handsome, lightly hairy body, affectionate sex for a whore house! Starring: Kurt Williams, Mike Braun, Ben Barker, Nick Jerrett, Joe Reeves, Rick Faulkner, Lee Adams, Jay Cole, Brian Nichols, Paul Monroe, J. W. King
  • Screen Play (1984)
    Lee Ryder, who plays a drifter, stumbles upon a western being made in the California desert, and begins an affair with the star of the film, Eric Ryan. Also starring Jon King, Michael Carr, Robert Vega, Brian Palmer, Champ Larue, Michael Braun, Danny Combs Theme song "Lookin'" by Kelcy McHonig, sung by Robert Kimbrough. Winner of the 1984 award for Best Gay Film by the Gay Critics Association. (my Trophy Video copy includes a trailer for Non Stop One scene has a horny crewmember who jerks off while hungrily sniffing his sleeping, nude roommate. (The movie, Eagle's Wing, starring Martin Sheen and Harvey Keitel, is playing on TV and can be heard in the background).
  • I Do (1984)
    Jeff Carson (the groom's brother) "tricks" the whole (male) wedding party into having plenty of GAYSEX before the wedding - ( a barber, tailor, caterer help out) great blowjobs, no-condom fucking - and the brother "gets it" in the end! (from bother the bridegroom and the best man!). Fantastic scene when tailor Steve Collins talks Andy Fuller into a blow job in the dressing room of his shop - "aww, c'mon, no will we know". Only disappointment in the film was hot, handsome Beau Matthews posing as a photographer, blows his cock ring model, but only gets shirtless himself! Also stars: Tim Kramer, Brian Nichols, Bob Emory, Joe Marconi, Rick Faulkner, Dean London, Mark Reynolds, and Linda Martin (we only see her as her fiancee' fucks her, getting his little brother all hot 'n' bothered).
  • Non Stop (1984)
    Steve Collins portrays an airline steward who goes from L.A. to New York to visit his best pal Casey Donovan, engaging in Non-Stop sex along the way! One of Casey Donovan's best films, and the Daniel Holt scene on the West Side Piers isn't bad, either! Also starring Eric Ryan, Daniel Holt, Steve Anthony, Peter Ware, Mark Leonard, Steve Peters, and Jorge Rodriquez. Steve, Casey, and another guy in a 3-way; Daniel Holt and Eric Ryan; Steve and Daniel Holt on the West Side piers as a 3rd guy watches; Eric and Casey in the office; and on and on....

  • Two by Ten (1985)
    An all-star cast has sex on a construction site. Lee Ryder, Jeremy Scott, Jeff Bentley, J.D. Slater, and others appear in six segments. Titles include "Nailed," "Studs," "Lunch Meat," and "Drivin ."
  • A Night Alone with Al Parker (1988)
    Al Parker's date cancels at the last minute, so he fondly remembers earlier sexcapades while playing with himself, and several sex toys, on his bed. Basically a compilation video composed of some old film clips, and some newer material. Also starring: Justin Cade, Zeke James, Juan Perriz, J. D. Slater
  • Turbo Charge (1988)
    One of the earliest (believe it or not) to show safer sex as HOT sex - including condoms, of course, but sex toys, and Al Parker putting Saran Wrap on Justin Cade's waiting ass before he dives in face first! with James Williams, and Dixon Hardy.

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