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Daddy Dearest (1984) director: Arthur J. Bressan

Starring: Richard Locke, Daniel Holt, Johnny Dawes, Robert Vega, Dean Johnson, Andrew Dupree, and Jan Boscamp. Richard Locke's last film. One of the many "film-within-a-film" plots that I really love. Daniel Holt plays a porn director making a film called "Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Daddy" and the film shows the making of the movie, as well as Holt's flashbacks to his realtionship with Johnny Dawes, now his ex; as well as Holt spying on his neighbors (Vega and blond Jon Bascamp) through his binoculars. Dean Johnson (who latered "created" Rock and Roll Fag Bar and HomoCorps, as well as bands Dean & The Weenies, and Velvet Mafia) plays the role of an NYU college kid who answers a classified ad from a Daddy (Richard Locke). And yes, you get to catch glimpses of Bressan at work; a truely fantastic film!

When I contacted one of the stars, Dean Johnson, he hadn't seen the video in many years, so I forwarded him a copy. He was working as a doorman at New York's BOY BAR when a friend put him in contact with director Bressan. He sent me an email with the following recollections: "I was paid $430 for two days work which seemed like a lot of money to me at the time. Arthur (Bressan) took some polaroids and decided I had "what it takes" to be a porn star. Richard Locke was quiet but kind, he seemed to dig me."

Johnson also added: "The idea of being a porn star seemed somewhat glamorous to me but by the end of the two-day shoot I was completely bored and never made another one. I tried to inject as much humor into the script as I could and Arthur was pretty generous with letting me improvise my lines. I insisted on doing my own hair and wardrobe, the result being that the porno press labeled Daddy Dearest "the first New Wave Porn Flick." A month after it was released I shaved my head." ----thanks for the input, Dean! There is a point in the film where Dean is reading aloud a letter he's sending to "Daddy" and ends with the line: "Fuck Me, Fuck Me Daddy" - his reading of the letter is hysterical - a totally "new-wave dead pan"!!

This was Richard Locke's last film.

  • Daniel Holt is masturbating while remembering/ fantasizing about him and his EX - Johnny Dawes. Holt tops Dawes in front of big Manhattan picture windows.
  • Dean Johnson and young Andrew Dupree are interviewed about being in the porno movie, smoke some weed, and "practice" for the upcoming film in a storage room. Johnson is hugely endowed, and Dupree services him. Holt actually spies on them briefly before joining the diector to look at some preview footage of Richard Locke, who s being considered for the roll of "Daddy."
  • Holt is soon lost in thought - thoughts of Johnny Dawes seriving him.
  • Holt next grabs some binoculars and spies on two young nieghbors - Robert Vega and Jon Bascamp. Beautifully photographed love-making includes mutual oral, and lots of oral.
  • Back to the film - Dean Johnson is answering a personal ad from his NYU dorm room, briefly masturbates with his pal Andrew Dupree, then is topping the young Hispanic-looking student.
  • Richard Locke breifly masturbating is quickly followed by Daniel Holt imagining himelf servicing Locke. The scene plays out with Locke doing the same for Holt.
  • As filming the porno continues, Holt is again lost in thought - this time Johnny Dawes tops him. Later he imagines he joins the couple across the way for a 3-way, where Holt tops the Latino and services the blond. Holt next fantasizes about being with tall Dean Johnson.
  • Finally, Richard Locke is in bed with his NYU student, Johnson, topping him

  • original score: NYC JAZZ QUADRILLE

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