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Began making adult films in 1970, and by the mid-70's made several movies for Hand In Hand Films, under the name DeSimone; still others, less "plot-oriented", he made under the name Lancer Brooks. Many of his films are still available today, either re-released as campy/cult "classics" by Cream of the Crop (Something Weird sold them briefly), or available thru Laguna Pacific or HIS Video. The entire Hand-In-Hand catalogue was bought out by Bijou Video in the late 80's, but older video cassettes were released by Quality X, or Evart Enterprises. He also did several "campy" horror movies in the 70's and 80's, and stuff like Chatterbox , a "sexy comedy" with Rip Torn about a woman with a singing, ahem, female body part (songs co-written by Neil Sedaka!) and Reform School Girls with Wendy O. Williams, as well as some television, like Swamp Thing . I used to have a link to his website, but alas, he shut that down long ago (how long ago did I first upload this Director's page?)He's still getting attentiion for his non-porn work, so glad he's still in show business, but too bad one of the greats hasn't (yet) been talked into doing some good porn again.

  • The Collection - (1969)
    The first "homosexual feature film" with sync dialogue, original soundtrack, and a plot that went beyond the basic collection of sex scenes. A madman kidnaps young guys and keeps them captive to satisfy his personal sex trips. While focusing primarily on the main character's preference for S&M, this film had one tender scene between two of the captives. Produced by Nick Grippo (aka Max Blue). (a decent sized clip from this film can be found in Erotikus)
    starring: Ash Grover, David Michaels, and Poco Alan as the prisoners; Max Blue as "madman"

  • One - A Study of the Teenage Masterbation Syndrom - (1970) short?

  • Dust Unto Dust - (1971)
    A child is abandoned in the desert by his dying parents, grows up alone, and is found by two Indians (No Name, a half-breed, and young Broken Wing), where he finally learns about love. The Indians are outcasts from their own tribe, having rejected making love to women, and enjoying only male-to-male sex. Stars Olin (white guy), Damon Rosi, and Pasqual. Produced by Macks Blue (yes, they mispelled the pseudonym in the credits!)

  • Confessions of a Male Groupie - (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Electric Banana) - (1971)
    The director's description at the time: - "A hard-core pop musical camp expose' of a young country boy led adrift by Sweet Lady Mary in Hollywood" awarded the Mama Cass award in the "Wet Dream Film Festival" in Amsterdam in 1971. Stars Larry Danser as The Groupie; D C Micheals as Steve; Ruffin Tumble as Jeff; Sky Kinque as Frank (the last 3 make up the group Electric Banana); introducing Myona Phetish as Sweet Lady Mary; and The Beautidul People as The Beautiful People.

  • Lust in the Afternoon - (1971)
    starring: Don Bask, Geoff Puck, and Jason DeWitt

  • Assault - (1971?)
    Bill Quincy, Frank Fort, Nik Gilbert, and Tom Drone. Burglars force sex at knifepoint onto unwilling participants. Produced by Max Blue. A Times Pictures release.

  • Tarzan The Fearless (aka Gay Tarzan) - (1971)
    Filmed in Hawaii. Billy reads a book about Tarzan, and is magically transported to a jungle where he meets him. Starring Jim Carr, Bob Dun, Jack Cole, Frank Soon, Lou Fox, and Jim Feld.

  • Peter the Peeker (1971)
    Peter is a private dick. He is hired by Mr. X to gather information on homosexuals for a book being written. Peter sets up in a hotel room with his camera and his notebook to watch the action in an apartment across the way. Starring: Rick Stone (as Peter), plus Vic Bruno, Larry Danseir, Joel Black, Charles Christopher, Mike Jordan note: credits say written and directed by R. U. Horni (pseudonym?)

  • The Gypsy's Ball (1972)

    Starring: (Rik Taziner?) Bill Core, Ed Cole, Hal Ritt, Jo Mann, Ned Clark, and Vic Fox

  • Sons of Satan - (1973) (as Lancer Brooks)
    One source says: A man visits a house containing a cult of gay vampires in search for his brother who has mysteriously vanished. Another says its a story of a young man who searches for his brother who has joined a Satan-worshipping cult.

  • Chained - (early 70's ) (as Lancer Brooks)
    A pair of convicts escape from prison while chained together, changing from enemies to lovers (chains can do that, ya know). Starring Ned Burk, Carl Ford. Bill North, Tex Neeley, Tom Paine and Ned Fox. Produced by Max Blue for Times Productions. (also on DVD from Maverick)

  • Swap Meat - (????) (as Lancer Brooks)

  • Blue Movie - Auditions (AKA How To Make A Home Movie) - (1970something??) (as Lancer Brooks)
    Starring: Ken Gordon, Peter Raw, Jacque, Jeff Puckett, Lee Gayle, & Ted Kinney

    this is where I get in trouble with the director - he has assured me he's never made a film called How To Make A Home Movie, and I certainly beleive him. BUT, his pseudonym, Lancer Brooks is credited as making the film Blue Movie - Auditions which is the title of the film in the credits, but it's packaged as How To Make A Home Movie. So at the very least it's been renamed; and perhaps way back when, someone threw his name on it to make the sale, as he was a newly established successful director of gay porn. The gist of the film is pretty straight-forward - a guy gets interviewed about why he does fuck films, than another guy gets interviewed, then the pair do it. 3 pairs in total.

  • Dirty Books (197?)

    I've always supected this uncredited film was Desimone's - the "documentary" tone of it, and then there's one of the performers is the lead from his film, Confessions of a Male Groupie, Larry Danser

  • Duffy's Tavern (1974) (as Lancer Brooks)
    long haired blonds (back when blonds in porn films didn't dye it!) and pool table sex - Bob Eck, Nik Borg, Tom Clark, Frisco Phyl, Bill North, Joe Love; rock / R & B soundtrack (yup, several Aretha tunes in this! - Respect, I Never Loved A Man; some Rolling Stones' tunes, and a great bathroom blowjob to the tune of the Staple Singers' Respect Yourself and Aretha's Do Right Woman, Do Right Man!) Produced by Max Blue.

  • Station To Station - (1974) (as Lancer Brooks)
    After being arrested for soliciting a plainclothes cop for sex, a young man's parents try to turn him staight. Needless to say, it doesn't work. Starring Carl Ford, Tom Payne, Steve Fox, Ron Fischer. Tim Christy, Linda Hartley and Liz Wolfe

  • Everything Goes - (????) (Sometimes called Anything Goes)
    Screen debut of the "Christy Twins" who do it to each other (sorry, I never got them, 2 scraggly scrawny long-haired teens);Starring: Tim Christy, Christopher Christy, Marc Taylor, Bill Travis, Shannon Paul, Bob Burke, Johnny Johnston as the pychologist who explains the sexual lives of anonymous clients. Told as a documentary, features masterbating, porn viewing, auto-fellatio, vibrators, dildos, and the every-popular Accu-Jac machine (while on a waterbed!).

  • Erotikus - A History of the Gay Movie (1974)
    Documentary narrated by Fred Halsted (who jerks off for us, sorta - shhhh, it's not his cock in the finale cumshot!), includes clips from early posing muscle-boys films, through the first films featuring male nudity to the hard-core films of the early/mid 70's, (like Halsted's L.A. Plays Itself, and Duffy's Tavern). There is a 54 minute, and an 88 minute version - a big chunk of missing scenes - apparently the video distributor thought some of the longer clips were uninteresting, and was worried about other scenes that relied heavily on pop music that perhaps would've caused legal hassles.
  • Sur (1975)
    starring Clay Russell - little info on this; perhaps it was released in 1974, as an ad from the January 1975 Advocate shows a December 18 world premiere date. "The big picture with the big male cast in big action! Note: You'll hear forever of "that" brutal scene if 18 min that makes all others pale by comparison." produced by Max Blue
  • Good Hot Stuff (1975)
    (co-directed with Jack Deveau) A behind-the-scenes look at how Hand In Hand made porno films, along with some scenes of the studio's releases. Released in France as Histoires D'Hommes, it was the first hardcore gay film released there. Fun film, with some great (but all too brief) shots of Deveau and the rest of the Hand In Hand guys at NYC's Adonis Theatre for opening parties for their films.
  • Catching Up (1975)
    Keith Anthoni's first film, with Jayson MacBride. Keith's just been told by his lover that they shouldn't be monogomaous; not happy about it, Keith immediately makes a date with the waiter (Jayson) before leaving the lover at the table! Keith then enjoys sex with McBride, men in a porno theatre, guys in personnel ads, etc., before his lover wishes he hadn't asked for the open relationship. Also stars John Farrel, Dave Daniels, Tim Christy (of the famous Christy twins, who also did sound for the film), Scott Heith, Paul Strand, and Bob Perry
  • Heavy Equipment (1977) (as Lancer Brooks)
    Roger, Al Parker, and Jack Wrangler, how can you go wrong? Add some 3-D special effects....! I was lucky enough to get a recent copy that still had the 3-D glasses in them, and while it's a bit of a strain on the old eyes, it is fun to see Roger clearing the floor of the gym he works in, tossing jockstraps right at ya! Also, the Christy Twins as surfers in a "tea-room" scene with Wrangler (3-D glory hole!). Steve Tracy (Chester) portrays a homely bookstore clerk who works a magic potion into turning him into Jack Wranger. Lucky Chris Adams is a Construction Worker - in the hot 3-way between him, Al Parker, and Wrangler! Adam Neumar (Mr. Cornelius) plays his prissy boss; Jennifer Cashoty is a lady customer who's dog poops in front of the store; and David Warfield is the Old Man who gives the magic potion to Chester. Apparently available on DVD (but not sure how they handled the 3D effect).
  • Hot Truckin' - (1978) - (as Lancer Brooks)
    Gordan Grant stars as a horny truck driver who encounters some wild sex on the road while delivering his load. ( NO, I didnt write that myself, its verbatim from the box cover!) His trucking partner is bearded Nick Rodgers (on his knees in a public bathroom gloryhole is the highlight for me!!) Also, Larry Le Blanc, Johnny Dillon, Tom Marze, Clayton Cooper, Bob Damon, and Bob Snowdon.

    Director: Lancer Brooks (a.k.a. Tom De Simone) (1978) pre-condom - 72 minutes running time

    Starring: Gordon Grant, Larry Le Blanc (AKA Nick Rodgers), Johnny Dillon, Tom Marze, Clayton Cooper, Bob Damon, and Bob Snowdon.

    "Gordon Grant stars as a truck driver who encounters some wild sex on the road while delivering his load." His trucking partner is bearded Nick Rodgers." - GORDON GRANTS 1st, and only "talkie"!!

    • scene 1: Grant drops off a package, after the lean young man signs for it, they decide to take a nice break together. The handsome man thoroughly enjoys servicing Grant - Tom DeSimone's camera wok shows off Gran's amazing body well. Grant takes his turn, then his new buddy lies down on a table as Grant stands and tops. Great close-ups, great shots of Grant's ass and torso...
    • scene 2: Meanwhile, bearded Nick Rodgers goes on ahead and checks out a local restroom's gloryhole. He meets a hairy mustached man there, who shows front and back thru the gloryhole; then the guy gets into the same stall as Nick so Nick can do an even better job
    • scene 3: Their dispatcher passes the time having some phone sex while looking in the mirror. Mustached and ahiry, he loves showing off.
    • scene 4: Grant next delivers a large box to a mustached guy in white painter's pants; Grant unsnaps the guy's pants. Grant does excellent job doing oral, looks great receiving, and then looks FANTASTIC topping!
    • scene 5: While taking a break, Grant and Rodgers see a redheaded mustached guy (Bob Damon - also starred in The Dirty Picture Show, The Frenchman and the Lovers, L.A. Tool & Die) son a bike; they lure him into the back of their truck. Rodgers services the other two, Grant services Damon, Damon and Rodgers serve Grant, Damon services both, and Grant looks great topping Damon.
  • Games Without Rules - (1975) - (as L. Brooks)
    Starring: Bernie Prock, Carl Ford, D.C. Michaels, Jack Simmons, Rick Van, and Tom Payne

  • The Idol (1979)
    Kevin Redding stars as a college track star who, while his girlfriend won't put out, begins to realize he's gay. Really great story, acting, and still very hot - the scene with the coach (Nick Rodgers) is very erotic. The shower scene with Derrick Stanton, another stand-out scene. (unfortunately, when the film was transferred to video, the soundtrack replaced several songs, because of the worry of copyright, legal issues). Also stars: Greg Dale, Mike Bitler, Darla Lee Barnett, Nick Rodgers, Jerry Foxe, Derrick Stanton, and Jim Battaglia (who's in many of DeSimone's films).

  • The Harder They Fall (1979)
    The lives of two lovers (Bob Blount and Dan Gentry) are disrupted when one of their ex's (Eric Clements) appears on the scene. Guy DeSilva, Bob Porter, Eric Clements, Bob Damon, Dan Gentry, Bob Blount, Dan Pace (aka Rocky Genero). (aka The Trouble Shooters; aka The Frechnman and the Lovers) Music:Jason Sato, Photographer: Nick Elliot.

  • Bad, Bad Boys (1979) (as Lancer Brooks)
    Johnny Dawes' (as B.J.!) film debut, in a "sadistic" (they "force" each other to have sex) street gang, the Red Devils. B.J. is new to the gang, and must be initiated. Killer disco-theme song! Starring Guy De Silva, Rufus, Guy Lance, Derrick Stanton, Steve Event, Lenny Koto, Bill Leonard, and Dick Miller.

  • Wet Shorts (1980)
    Starring J. W. King, R.J. Reynolds, Eric Clement, Bill Stanford, Shaun Victors, Rod Canyon, Greg Dale, Ron Zale, Bob Marsh, and Derek Stanton.

  • Flesh and Fantasy (1980)
    Collection of "shorts" featuring: Jim Battaglia, Mike Cole (Keith Anthoni), Rob Stevens, Randy Gutzman, Duff Paxton (looking quite adorable), Bob Moore, Gary Silverman, Jim Klamm, John Charles, and Sam Benson. Edited by Jason Sato (director of The Brig).

  • Gettin' Down (1979)
    A country boy looking for fun in the big city encounters a man who's just broken up with his lover. Starring Chip Cody Houston, Craig Shaw, Greg Dale, Guy deSilva, Jason Sato, Jerry Foxe, and Rex Wolfe Starring: Chip, Cody Houston, Craig Shaw, Greg Dale, Guy Silva, Jerry Foxe, , and Rex Wolfe An attractive country boy looking for love meets a group of city slickers who only want sex.

  • The Dirty Picture Show (1982?)
    Jim Battaglia can't give it away on the streets of L.A.; then a buddy recommends the dirty picutre show. - sex in the seats, on the big screen, and in the men's john - starring Jim Battaglia, Bob Damon, Sam Benson, Shawn Victors, Rod Canyon, Jayson McBride and Paul Strand

  • Skin Deep (1983) (as Lancer Brooks)
    A young writer (who writes sex fantasies that we get to see) has an affair with a muscular hustler. The twist is that the hustler falls for the writer, and confronts him with this. Johnny Dawes and Michael Christopher in another amazing pairing; plus Chris Burns, Giorgio Canali, Beau Matthews, Ben Barker, and Matt Michaels. Beautiful photography from Nick Elliot. Giorgio and Beau in a hot tub; Michael and Matt Matthews; Chris Burns lying on a desk, with Ben Barker and a dildo, plus music from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon; final scene has Michael Christopher moving in with Johnny, but while they are making love, all the other characters from the film take turns topping Dawes, then are kneeling over him for finale shots! (76 mins. running time)

  • BiCoastal (1985) (as Lancer Brooks)
    EEWWWWWW! sorry, one of my many fears, bisexuality! But anyway, its a story of a man and woman whose physical relationship is incomplete until they form a menage-a-trois with another man (hmmm, wonder which one suggested that!) Chris Allen, Michael Ram, and some chick with frizzy hair.

  • Bi Bi Love (1986) (as Lancer Brooks)
    EEWWWWWW! another one! (actually, I watched part of this, very very fun - if you can get past the bi stuff - just one of my many "issues" I'm working on) A young psychiatrist (hairy Shane Michaels) with a unique situation - all of his patients are women with sexual problems. What's a doctor to do? Use hypnosis, of course, so the women can describe their dreams of rape, lesbianism, male dancers, double-dildos, and a real sick one, doing it with the poolman! Michael Man, Tex Anthony, and a bunch of frizzy-haired chicks in this one! (er, Clint Parker, Crystal Evans, Michael Mann, Jeff Bloom, Jake Scott, Deborah Luna, Tex Anthony, Shane Michaels, Sondra Stillman, and Melissa Melendez)

  • Nightcrawler: A Leathersex Fantasy - (1986) - (as Lancer Brooks)
    music by Costello Presley! Great film for Pierce Daniels fans - also a hot scene with J. D. Slater whacking off as he's watching Pierce and Cole Taylor do it in a car in a bar parking lot. One of the last great films - well-filmed, and the scene with Slater in the sex club - yum! With Chris Burns (and his usual "friends" - dildoes!) David Ashfield, Dave Atreides, Michael Cummings, Harry Daniel, Daniel Holt, Michael Mann, Blake McDonald, Melchor, Adam Neumar, Klint Parker, Cole Taylor, and Chris Thompson
  • Hell Night Interview with Tom DeSimone by Greg Tiderington

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