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with Fred and Joey





Arthur Bressan, Jr.

Arch Brown

Peter De Rome

Tom DeSimone

Jack Deveau

Roger Earl

Francis Ellie

Joe Gage

Joe Gage - 21st century videos

Fred Halsted

Al Parker

Wakefield Poole

Steve Scott

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  1. I Die You Die --- Gary Numan
  2. Look Back in Anger --- David Bowie
  3. Lucky Number --- Lene Lovich
  4. Writing on the Wall --- Hazel O'Connor
  5. Set the House Ablaze --- The Jam
  6. A Day Without Me --- U2
  7. Gates of Steel --- DEVO
  8. Prisoners --- Vapors
  9. Wild --- Nuns
  10. This Beat Goes On/Switchin to Glide --- The Kings
  11. Satisfaction --- Devo
  12. Panic In Detroit --- David Bowie
  13. What I Like About You --- The Romantics
  14. Chapel of Love --- Holly and the Italians
  15. I Didn't have the Nerve to say No --- Blondie
  16. How Much More --- The Go Go's
  17. Gidget Goes to Hell --- Suburban Lawns
  18. Your Phone's Off the Hook --- X
  19. Pumping (My Heart) --- Patti Smith
  20. Amoeba --- The Adolescents -------- last song identified 7/15/01!
  21. Anarchy in the UK --- Sex Pistols
  22. Wild in the Streets --- Circle Jerks
  23. Holiday in Cambodia --- Dead Kennedys
  24. Gluttony --- The Bags
  25. Oh Bondage, Up Yours --- X-Ray Spex
  26. We're desperate --- X

ZIP file of all 26 tunes

No actual soundtrack released, of course. Porno rarely, if ever, got permission to use the music played in their movies. Some films even completely changed the music soudtrack when they released on commercially available video to avoid lawsuits (like Tom DeSimone's The Idol, unfortunately). Then, some like A Nigth At Halsted's just never bothered and it seems like no one cares.

Last revised: 07/07/07