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Peter de Rome began filming short jerk-off films in the 60's, basically for his own personal use, and was "discovered" by Jack Deveau in the early 70's. Impressed with what he saw, Deveau put together a collection of de Rome's work, having him film one additional segment, Underground (shot in New York City's subways), and released The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome in 1973. In his autobiography, The Erotic World of Peter de Rome , published in 1984, and reprinted again in 2000 de Rome recounts many of his early sexcapades, as well as his preference for black men (as can be seen in the hot orgy scene in Adam and Yves . Sad that he made (or rather, released) so few films, but one can only imagine what the man must have stored away in his home. I've seen several places where he was planning, back in the early 80's, to do a gay porno version of Grand Hotel - man that would've been awesome in his hands!

  • The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome (1973)
    His first commercial release included these 8 shorts: Double Exposure (1969) in Fire Island; Hot Pants (1971) in New York; Second Coming (1970) in London, Paris, Malaga, and Marbella; Daydreams from a Crosstown Bus (1972) in New York; Prometheus (1972) in New York; Underground (1972), in New York; Mumbo Jumbo (1972) in London and New York; and Green Thoughts (1971) in London. update: looks like the DVD added an additional short - Moulage - involving the torso of Robert Rikas

  • Adam and Yves (1974)
    An American in Paris falls for a Frenchman, who won't even tell him his name! References to Last Tango In Paris, an appearance by producer Jack Deveau, and a glimpse of Greta Garbo! The best part is probably the fantastic montage of movie theatre marquees, mostly of "blacksploitation" films, which leads to the all-black orgy in a movie theatre bathroom which includes ex -boxer Geraldo (who later also appears in the bathroom orgy scene in A Night at the Adonis). Soundtrack by David Earnest, which includes "Honey Man", a song co-written by de Rome himself, which works wonderfully with the bathroom orgy scene. Starring Michael Hardwick, Marcus Giovanni, plus: Kirk Luna, Bill Young, Jack Deveau, Daniel Montfort, Denise Royal, Jaap Penraat, and Charles Pooney; "in the bathroom" with: Eric Crawford, Bob Jones, Luther LeVale, Tony Skinner, and Glenn Wilson.< This film also contains a poem by W.H. Auden, and film inspiration from "Queen Christina".>

  • The Destroying Angel (1976)
    Based in part on a work by Edgar Allen Poe (there's a painting of Poe on the priest's wall), a priest ("Caswell Campbell") on sabbatical from his religious duties, plunges himself into a world of gay sex and drugs(mushrooms). Some parts seem a bit choppy in the editing (at least the duped version I've seen), but actually Robert Alvarez's editing is superb, managing to balance the great sex scenes with the director's story of a man who has severe doubts about his chosen profession, and does hallucinagenic mushrooms. One scene, where Caswell watches himself have sex with a handsome trick, then joins in, is fantastic! Jack Deveau's camerawork is amazing, as well. It's quite a trip, well worth seeing if you like freaky, trippy sex scenes, and have a joint nearby! The pic below is a publicity picture for the film, our hero is at the bottom of the pic, as the group of men jerk off on him. Starring Tim Kent, Bill Young (aka Big Bill Eld), Thom Aaron, Philip Darden, Paul Eden, Evan DeBraye, Alain Monceau, Billy White, Rick Scott, Gian-Paolo Cotto, and Glenn Middleton. Original music composed and performed by Joe Mann.
  • Private Collection (1983)
    (Shorts that were filmed in the 70's by deRome, Deveau, and DeSimone, and put together in this collection) Six short subjects; de Rome's is called Deliveries in the Rear, and is about a man (Garry Hunt) who notices all these hot delivery men in Manhattan, and rents an office for the sole purpose of having sex with these guys. Also stars Paolo (aka David Gorsky), Ivan, Johnny Apollo, John Carlo, Charles Jackson, John Devoe, and Kevin Gregory .
  • In Heat (1984/5)
    Film consists of 5 segments, 2 directed by Jack Deveau, 2 by Robert Alvarez and 1, 3 P.M., by de Rome; all of which were shot in New York City, and all the action takes place within 24 hours. 3 P.M. takes place during the New York City Marathon, Scorpio is a runner, and footage of him running, the actual Marathon, and a sex scene with Keith Anthoni (who is a die-hard fan imagining sex with Scorpio) are intercut.

    (Note: I have the following 2 listed, but have no information on them, or whether they were ever actually released commercially)

  • Encounter (1971)
  • Fire Island Kids (1971)

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