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  • L A Plays Itself / Sex Garage (1972) director, actor
    Fred Halsted's 1st film - amazing film, but, alas, the video version doesn't show the famous fisting scene - but it's the motorcycle-fucking (literally!) scene in Sex Garage that got an NYC movie theatre raided by cops in the early 1970's!!) This is when he met Joey Yale, who would later become his "life" amd business parnter. Starring: Rick Coates, Jim Frost, Fred Halsted, Joseph Yale in L.A. Plays Itself.

  • Sex Tool (1973?) director, actor
    Fred Halsted, Joe Yale, Tim Rhodes, and Val Martin (sorry, this one's sketchy, and I'm not sure if it's available anywhere on video) "black cadillac" - Josh, T. Bro, Clark Kent; Charmaine Leee Anderson, Gus Harvey; "barracks" - Val Martin, T. Rhodes, B. Dick, Jim Miller; "cops" - Brad Burry, C. L. Assy, Jim Ed, Rob Clark; original score by Donald Jeffreys

  • Truck It (1973?) director
    Roger Hucksey, Becky Sharpe, Bob Madison, Dave Dulce, Hank Loggins, Jim Frost, Joe Christen
    Stars Playgirl discovery Roger Hucksey in his first role. Hot voyeurism as we cruise around L.A. with Roger in his milk truck. Kinky happenings as he discovers new uses for dildoes fastened to his hanging jockstrap.

  • Erotikus: A History of the Gay Movie (1975) narrator/actor
    directed by Tom DeSimone, Fred narrates (and jerks off in, although a reliable source told me to re-look at the scene, it's not Fred's cock!) this documentary about the history of gay films from the 40's and 50's - highlighting such firsts as the first totally nude model (Monty Hanson), the first cum shot, the first gay movie (Day of Fury), the first feature-length film, and others, - thru the mid 70's. (Starring: Fred Halsted, Ed Fury, Gary Conway, Glen Corbet, Stanley Jackson among others)

  • El Paso Wrecking Corp. (1977) actor
    Directed by Joe Gage, this was the second part of the Gage Trilogy. The amazing road buddy team of Richard Locke and Fred Halsted; also featured Steve King, Jeanne Marie Marchaud, Aaron Taylor, Robert Snowden, Keith Antoni, Ken Brown, Rob Carter, Veronica Compton, Clay Russell, Guillermo Ricardo, Lou Davis
  • Three Day Pass (1978?) actor
    Two sailors, get a three-day pass by jerking off three times for their commander. Starring: J. W. King, R. J. Reynolds, Sean Victors, Gary Sikes, Fred Halsted, Joseph Yale, Duff Paxton, Jim Bataglia, David Simons. directed by Nick Elliot.
  • A Night at Halsted's (1980) director, actor
    Often considered a "classic"; for me, a disappointing effort, sex-wise. (although I did really dig the plexiglass glory-hole scene!) Takes place in Fred's L.A. Sex Club. But a truely AMAZING new wave/punk soundtrack, unheard of in gay porn! Starring: Fred Halsted, J.W. King, Gary Sikes, Greg Dale, Lee Thompson, Ben Barker, Robby Morton, R. J. Reynolds, Frank Romero, David Eagleton, Ricky Lindley, Mike Madera
  • Pieces of Eight (1980) director, actor
    Rocky Genero (aka Dan Pace) as a stripper; Fred Halsted in a very hot scene with a young Melchor (after he cums on Melchor's ass, he plunges right back in!); solo Johnny Harden, plus Mike Morris, Dave Daniels, Rex Brandon, Paul Seton, Josh, and George Conover. A completely different "pop" soundtrack than A Night at Halsted's , with original music by Mike Yamoska. Camerawork by Halsted and Nick Elliott
  • Nighthawk in Leather (1982) director, actor
    J.W. King gives his visiting pal Paul Monroe a tour of L.A., including some leather bars. Monroe's jacket is stolen by Fred, and finding it becomes the focus (sorta) of the film. Starring : Jamie Bleu, Chris Burns, Mike Davis, Eric Flynn, Fred Halsted, JW King, Dave Klaus, Melchor, Paul Monroe, Gary Sikes, Jim Smith, Jim Stanford
  • Revenge of the Nighthawk (198?) director(+ brief cameo)
    starring Chris Burns, Tony Proctor-Lambe, Johnny Dawes, Kurt Williams, Gary Sikes, Skip Macintosh, Jason Carter, Kurt Sampson, Jim Stanford, Stacy Atlas, Ben Barker,and Donkey Daddy
  • Alley Cats (1983)cinematographer, editor
    Directed by Joseph Yale. Focusing on the exploits of Noel Kemp (aka Eric Stryker, part of the film take place in/ was filmed in Mac's Baths in L.A. Starring: Noel Kemp, Jason Carter, Daniel Holt, Paul Monroe, Chris Burns, Joseph Yale, Joey Michaels, Bach, Jason, and Donkey Daddy (non-sex roles: Lauren St. James and Jacqueline O'Asis)
  • California Fox (198?) director
    Starring Johnny Harden, Mike Morris, Dave Daniels, Dan Pace, Rocky, and Chuck Grady; includes at least one scene originally from Pieces of Eight
  • Trick Time (1984) cinematographer/ producer/interviewer
    Very basic black background, simple mattress, or ladder, setting; shot on film. What's also different about this film, 3 of the "stars" are interviewed by Fred Halsted and Joey Yale (both off-camera) Tim Kramer, Johnny Dawes, Michael Christopher, Jon King, Clay Russell, Danny Combs, Shawn Thomas, and Matt Craig music by Mark Styles
  • Cover Boy (1984) cinematographer, producer,
    starring Starring Chris Allen, Michael Christopher, Scott Avery, Chris Cairns (aka Chris Thompson), David Ashfield, Phillip Todd, Tom Martin - Scott Avery undresses the plumber (Michael Christopher) while he's trying to work on the pipes; Chris Allen, David Ashfield, and a 3rd guy take a shower together; Chris Cairns and pal frolic by the poolside.
  • Move Over Johnny (1985) director
    An artist imagines 3 hot scenes; Legreid, on his motorcycle, stops in an alley and finds Dave Ashfield and Rich Parsons, also in leather gear - also stars: John Ayres, Jamie Bleu, Blake Cass, Jesse Koehler, and Jeremy Scott
  • Blown Away (1985) cinematographer, producer
    Directed by Joseph Yale. Starring Dane Ford, Rick Hammer, Chris Cairns (aka Chris Thompson), Scott Avery, David Ashfield (thick, hard, big, dependable cock, that Dave!), Chris Allen
  • Fast Friends (1987) director, actor
    Four young guys recount their sexual experiences and fantasies. First guy up describes his fantasy with muscle studs Clay Russell and David Spectrum; next up, Al Ford describes his "DAD", Fred Halsted catching him reading a porn magazine, takes him over his knee and spanks him, them makes him jack off; finally Jesse Jones gets in on with a straight buddy.. Also starring: David Spectrum, Clay Russell, Dean, Gregory, Jesse Jones, Al Ford. Original music: Cooltoons, Inc.
  • Breaker Blue (1988) director, actor (non-sexual)
    His last film, late 1980's. "Truckers and uniformed men in macho fantasies. Boots, sweat covered men at fever pitch. A frenzy of masculine fantasies!" Um, well, don't believe the hype is all I can say...... The Clay Russell / J.D. Slater scene in the back of a truck isn't bad, but not as hot as you'd expect from these two. Starring J.D. Slater, Clay Russell, Danny Brown, Kris Todd, Rob Swack, Steve Erickson, Don Miller, and Cesar Blanco ( + Halsted as a voyeur in the C sar Blanco / Danny Brown final scene)

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