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DIRECTOR JOE GAGE - 21st century videos)

NOTE: just a sketch of his modern flicks - (more) details cumming soon (??)

Often considered the best, he certainly had several of the most commercially successful gay porn films of the 70's/early 80's era. Interestingly enough, he left the "adult" business just as video was taking over film, doing just one movie in video format (Closed Set 2), and worked in low-budget horror films, under the name Tim Kincaid (such films as Breeders, and Robot Holocaust). In several of his films, he appears as one of the many men in the orgy scenes (many of the guys simply credited as "The Gage Men"). Some rumors said Joe Gage made films in the 80's under the name Mac Larsen because of trouble with Reagan's crack down on porn, or tax issues - not true. He said in an interview that he lost interest in making porno films, but they offered some quick money, and he made a deal with P. M. Productions to do several with a quick turn-around and a set budget. Those films were shot in 1 or 2 days, then edited and handed over to P.M. in a matter of just a few days total (in comparison to L.A. Tool and Die, which took 20 days for shooting alone, an unheard of amount of time for a porno movie). He is featured in one early film, from 1975, Morning Noon, and Night, where he portrays a chef in a 3-way (nice work with that zucchini!). He also directed an off-Broadway hit, Naked Highway in 1983. Most of his films were produced by "Sam Gage" pictured below with the curly hair. Recently Gage became a 2001 GayVN Video Awards Hall of Fame inductee, and began his return to the porno business with his 2001 release "Tulsa County Line".

  • Tulsa County Line (2001)
    Gage came out of gayporn retirement to make this one. Mixed reviews, although even those critical of it say it's better than most modern porn, just not as good as his old stuff. Starring: Jason Branch and Jake Armstrong; plus Christian Owen, Deacon Frost, Rocky, Nino Bacci, Logan Reed, Sergio Real, Matt Sizemore, Clint Cooper, Mark Reed, Jeremy Tucker, Chad Donovan, Jeremy Jordan, Derrick Mills, Ethan Richards, Alex Carrington, Casey Williams, Jack Ryan, Chad Johnson
  • Closed Set: The New Crew (2002)
    Haven't seen this one, either, but it's from MSR Releasing, which has a growing reputation for piggy, sloppy sexvideos. Gage apparently signed a multi-picture deal, as well! Shot at Chicago's Steamworks. Starring: Colton Ford, Blake Harper, Michael Brandon, Sean Storm, Carlos Morales, Damian Ford, Adam Wolfe, Diego Alvarez, Chad Hunt, Ben Archer, Beau, Peter Dixon, Duke, Zach Davenport, Rory Park, Nick Piston, Steven Richards and Rich Strong.
  • Joe Gage Sex Files: Vol. #1: Jack-Off Party at Billy Bob's (2003)
    Starring: Lex Kyler, Deacon Frost, Jordan, Rhett O'Hara, John Carlos, Derek Dewars, Michael Gomez, Michael Knight, York Powers, Damian Steele, Walt Waters
  • Joe Gage Sex Files: Vol. #2: Uncle Pruitt Taught Me How To Do It (2003)
    Starring: Caesar Cruz, David Anthony, Trent Austin, Danny Chance, Andrew Addams, Ron Daniels, Derek Dewars, Robert Gunn, Mark Kroner
  • Joe Gage Sex Files: Vol. #3: Kegger (2003)
    Starring: Aaron Heights, Damian, Danny Hunter, David, Josh Kole, Tag Adams, Joe Sarge
  • Truck Stop On I-95 (2003)
    Starring: Logan Bryant, Hank Cruz, Adam Gabriel, Aaron Heights, Sebastian Jaymz, Josh Kole, Joe Sarge, Dylan West, Billy Wild
  • Mens Room: Bakersfield Station (2004)
    Starring: Nick Capra, Tommy DeLuca, Andy Dill, Lex Kyler, Kent Larson, Alex Leon, Matt Majors, Andrew Rubio, Joey Russo, Marc Sterling, Danny Vox
  • Joe Gage Sex Files: Vol. #4: Blue Collar Beer Blast (2004)
    Starring: Nick Capra, Cole, Phil, Al, Greg, Moose, John, Tommy, Danny, Russ, Harley, Cliff
  • Back To Barstow (2004)
    Starring: Joey Russo, Troy Banner, Marc Sterling, Fyerfli, Tyler Boots, Todd Maxwell, Sebastian Tauza, Diego de la Hoya, Toby Tyler, Ricky, Tim Tucker, Randy Eliot and Joe Sarge.
  • 110 in Tucson (2005)
    Spencer Quest, Ray Dragon, Matt Majors, Ivan Andros, Andy Hunter, Bryce Pierce, Damon DeMarco, Tyler Kane Also Starring: Daxx Reed, Jacob Riley, Hunter James, Nathan York, Blu Kennedy, Devon Cade, Luke Pearson, Taurus
  • Gale Force: Mens Room II (2005)
    Starring:Blu Kennedy, Cliff Rhodes, Darren Stone, Gus Mattox, Hunt Parker, Jacob Slader, Justin Gemini, Marco Paris, Mike Grant, Nick Parker, Rhet Hengst, T.J. Taylor, Trey Rexx
  • Alabama Takedown (2005)
    Starring: Spencer Quest, Cliff Rhodes, Owen Hawk, Joey Milano, Blu Kennedy, Bobby Williams, Colby Keller, Damon DeMarco, Jay Armstrong, Jon Galt, Ken Mack, Luke Montana, Zack Evans
  • Closed Set: Titan Stage One (2005)
    Starring: Tober Brandt, Keith Webb, Cole Ryan, Derrick Hanson, Hunt Parker, Jon Galt, Josh West, Lee Raleigh, Mark Stern, Mason Wyler, Matthieu Paris, Mike Grant, Steve Trevor, Tom Lazzari, Troy Moore. promo: "Joe Gage created the all-male, all-sex reality flick. In Closed Set: Titan Stage One, the Master doesn't just remake his legendary classic from 25 years ago - he re-invents it. You get fifteen hot and sweaty guys - including Hunt Parker, Tober Brandt, Cole Ryan and Titan's own Keith Webb - in hours of real time rough-housing." ahhh, Keith Webb - he alone should be worth the price, eh?

    Joe Gage receiving an award in 2001.

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