Over fifty films were released by P.M. Productions, the major East Coast producer of gay porno movies in the late 70's/ early 80's. Usually a decent story line set in New York City, these were among the mainstays of the gay male theater circuit when new product was needed every week; quality varied, but P M employed such directors as Mac Larson (a.k.a. Joe Gage), Arch Brown, the "team" of Francis Ellie, and others, that the films (and later in the mid 80's, videos) were usually a safe bet. The men here are a decent range of late 70's "masculine" types, often with facial hair, and good, but not gym, bodies. The emphasis was more on eagerness to perform, and how good their crotches looked, (as opposed to their physiques). Please note that some of the descriptions I've merely nabbed from online or other resource materials; while others are my own opinions based on my recollections, as well as my own video collection. I hope to fill in gaps, add recent discoveries, as I go along, but this should be a good starting point. Some are out-of-print, some have been re-issued, and many scenes seem to pop up in various "pre-condom" collection tapes.

Abduction In The Park
Ren Wickets, Billy Crafter, Roland Hawkins, Wilson Rafter, Buzz Sawyer

All Tied Up
Starring Scorpio, Keith Anthoni, Gusiavo "Mr Big ", Tom Cord, Shawn Gregory, Brad Ford and Ken Edwards. A birthday rolls around, and a lover arranges for his partner to be "restrained", with the help of a delivery man, then worked over by two very hot, dominant tops, who take their time bringing their bound hostage to the brink.

Big Mack (1987)

Black on Black
The title implies an all-black cast, while in actuality the few blacks in this film are generally ignored until the camera zooms in for a close-up of just the cum shot. Equally insulting are the white men in this film, who should have kept their clothes on and paper bags over their heads. One unintentionally funny scene finds a white, middle-aged, balding, potbellied goof with thick bifocals sucking and working two large cocks. He masturbates them to climax and then watches intently as the jism drips off his glasses.

Boots and Saddles (1979) Francis Ellie
"Boots and Saddles" is the name of a gay bar in New York City. Jack Wrangler, Joe Ryder, Adam DeHaven, and Scorpio appear. A young man is afraid he's just tricked with a guy who has VD. Fleeing into the bar, he observes the customers and bartenders getting it on. The trick ends up saving him from a sadistic neo-Nazi and revealing that he's as clean as a whistle. Roy Garrett provides a terrific demonstration of anal intercourse -- performed on a staircase and beautifully photographed. Another strong anal scene features two men with lean, hard bodies in a variety of common and not-so-common -- positions.

Box Encounter
A young man advertises for a roommate in this film written and directed by Joe Serkes. Potential tenants must satisfy him sexually.

Broadway Boys
A young musician is corrupted by the wiles of New York. Jayson MacBride and Jack Wrangler; plus: Mark White, Bosh (Wagner?), Ashley DuBois, Mark Peters, Stan Walters, introducing David Mann; Ian McGraw directed. (note: I have a movie trailer somewhere for this one)

Cell Block #9 (1982) Mac Larson, a.k.a. Joe Gage
"It's unnatural to lock men behind bars -- they get funny." Roy Garrett, Bob Shane, Bud Wallace, and Ryan Barker star in this slow-moving film by Mac Larsen (Joe Gage).

Cherokee Station
Jayson MacBride goes in search of a place called "Cherokee Station," rumored to have the hottest sex around. Although it proves elusive, Jayson does find a blow job in a bathroom stall, sex with a young American Indian, and an orgy in a New York bathhouse. Some of the cocks are easy on the eyes, especially Jayson MacBride's, but the camerawork can't quite catch the cum shots. Also starring Jeff Stone Bill Martinelle , Rory Carstairs , Trane Billings , Esmer Pagalian, and Sven Thorn. Ian McGraw directed

Christopher Street Blues (1978) Francis Ellie
This is a clever, well-made movie with a good story. A young man seeking a promotion at his office is told by each of his three superiors that he's just too young and inexperienced. Over the weekend, he meets each of them in a Christopher Street gay bar and tricks with each. By film's end, he's the new boss! Four good sex sequences including one in a bathroom, one in a kitchen, and one in a candlelit bedroom. Lew Seager and Giuseppe Welch, Lee Edwards, Charles Black, Dan Raymond, Mark Hamilton . Note: The men range in age from 19 to 40.

Cousin Buck
Cousin Buck has a special place - a sort of sexual playground with hot tub, harness, and other accessories to make fantasies come true. The nonstop action features five white men and a black man. Select positioning enables the camera to capture some decent rimming and assfucking action. Directed by Rick Crane, the performers reflect the P.M. type of natural masculinity that proves attractiveness is not necessarily manufactured in the gym or at the hair salon.

Creme De Bananas

Death of Scorpio (1982) Francis Ellie
A jealous artist (Shawn Gregory)takes revenge on both his ex (Michael Stone) and his former best friend (Scorpio). Advertised as "filmed on location in New York's SOHO district."

Deep Thrust
There are two versions of this movie. The Laguna Pacific version is called Skin Flix and contains one scene (the first) that is not included in the P.M. version titled Deep Thrust. This is a sweet-natured sex film - a good story of lovers with a problem that sends them seeking surrogates until a deeper understanding brings them back into each other's arms again.

Dishonorable Discharge (aka Discharge)director: James Grant
The jaded Bijou reviewer thought this one hit a new low, calling it 'disreputable" and an "inept" attempt to portray gay sex in the Army. "The cast of mangy, long-haired burnouts would not be allowed through the doors of a recruiter s office," he says. The sex scenes are limp and forgettable, if not faked outright. Stars Giorgio Rocca, Eric Mudd, Al Paine, and Jon Salsa

Dynamite (1974??) Arch Brown
Jack Wrangler portrays a mad man who plants a time bomb in one of the innocently packaged dildos for sale at a dirty bookstore. Several young fellows purchase these. Tom Cord needs one for his horny friend, Eric Hill. Before Cord leaves the store, however, he encounters Eric Ryan and the two suck cock. Justin Thyme brings his box home to Playguy centerfold Michael Munsey. They're all candidates for an explosive experience.

Erotic Hands

Five Hard Pieces (1977) Arch Brown
A series of artsy black-and-white dream sequences about such fantasy figures as the repairman, the boy next door, the jogger in the park. Twenty models were employed for this anthology.

Golden Boys of the S.S. (1976?)
directed by: Karl Furer and Michael Goodwin(?); starring Ron Jones and John Banks; plus Ron Bills, Dick Dicky, Bill Bruse, Allen Apex and ontroducing Billy Bud as Cur. Written by Alec Reon

Harley's Angels (1978) Arch Brown
Jayson McBride, Justin Thyme, and Ken Darrell are kept boys who live the life of leisure while enjoying the excitement of New York City. Justin gets picked up by a trick who takes him home and fucks Justin's ass with a dildo. Back home. Ken feasts on Jayson's generous cock. When boss Harley's gloves get stolen, Justin scours Greenwich Village in search of them. In the process, he has a three-way with a bearded blond man and a slender black man. They recover the goods and Harley rewards Jayson handsomely. (music from Elton John and Pink Floyd on the soundtrack!)

Homecoming (1974?)
A college boy returns to his hometown during spring break. Tracy White, Russ Morgan, Bobbie Lott, Cary Rayen, Terry Vick, and Steven Hill.

The Honorable Jones
Allan Wood and Ed Davis star in this tale of a closeted political figure who longs for hot action but fears discovery.

Hot Flashes
Dreams and fantasies of a hairy young man. Chuck Woods, B. J. Sampson, Scott Reynolds, and Nick Carpenter are among the passing fancies.

House Detective
A rather silly comedy about a staid CatskiII hotel that confuses a reservation from the League of Homosexual Activists with the Ladies' Horticultural Association. Cast includes Tom Cat Louie and Harvey P. Motorforker.

In Search of the Perfect Man (1979) Francis Ellie
Seeking fulfillment, a man heeds the summons of a mysterious stranger who promises him the secrets to happiness. In the process, he experiences some of New York's more erotic delicacies. He trades blow jobs with a husky blond, he and Scorpio rim each other in a 69 position, and he fucks a dark-haired, muscular man after licking his asshole. This arty film also contains a self-suck episode courtesy of Dr. Infinity. Stars Michael Stone, Shawn Gregory, Scorpio, Giuseppe Welch

In the Heat of the Knight
A loosely gay version of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Dark, muscular Mike de Marco stars as Sir Guy.

In the Name of Leather (1982) Mac Larson, a.k.a. Joe Gage
The plot here involves Daniel Holt being interviewed and showing off his new line of leather gear. The host imagines Holt, himself, and a bunch of other guys wearing, and using, the stuff. Great scene with Holt in chaps, etc, taking a dildo, and several guys shooting all over him! also starring Mickey Squires, O'Bannion, Jason MacBride, Everett MacDonald, Bob Shane, Roy Garrett, Jeff Stone and Wayne Stephans.

Killing Me Gently (197?) Francis Ellie
Jack Wrangler discovers that his lover is a murderer. Apparently he has an "uncontrollable need to kill in order to have an orgasm". Highlights include sex (and murder) on the West Side Piers and on the Brooklyn Bridge. Even some great footage of one of the Gay Pride street festivals.

Kiss Today Goodbye (1976) Francis Ellie
George Payne is a construction worker who cheats on his nagging lover (and he does nag!) with a married, closeted, man (Lew Seager). Mark Hamilton, and David Savage fill supporting roles.

Leather Narcissus (1978)
Fernando has fallen head over heels in love with himself. Low on sex action (solo masturbation only), with lots of posing in leather and motorcycle riding. Directed by Avery Willard; inc

Macho Grande
Directed by J. J. English, this film received the Torso magazine "Limp Dick" award when it was reissued in 1984. Because the main character is such a wimp, they suggested retitling the movie "Seflorita Cozita," which roughly translates as "Miss Thing."

Make It Hard
Steve Bishop stars as a photographer. Directed by Todd Michaels, half a dozen well-hung actors take turns blowing each other for extended periods.

Men Between Themselves
A French Legionnaire uses a wedding as an excuse to get home to see his male lover. The young man's chaperones hate "fags," and when he reveals his sexuality they beat him up and rape him. When they arrive at their destination an orgy ensues, but the lover's wife (who's been getting a little on the side herself) causes a ruckus and has to be gagged.

Men Come First (1979) Francis Ellie
Door-to-door salesman pushes a product called "Forever Hard." Brian Granger gets top billing; Adam DeHaven and Mike Home also participate. George Payne is in a "cameo", a fantasy scene involving leather, and a huge poppers box as a backdrop. Roy Garret's first film.

Michael, Angelo, and David

Mondo Nexus
An exploration of New York's baths and other spots where sex connections are made. Half a dozen brief sex scenes are interspersed among interviews with hustlers, leather-men, bathhouse patrons. Mixed cast of older, younger, some hairy men. Some cocksucking; mostly j/o and fucking. Features Giuseppe Welch, Lee Richards, and others. The film is, unfortunately, rather dimly lit and grainy in quality.

Muscle Bound (1978) Arch Brown
A New York bathhouse manager makes sex lovers of his unsuspecting customers. Does not feature musclemen, but does feature a wide variety of sex action with Scott Alien, Tom Cat Louie, and Chuck Adams.

Navy Blue (1975?) Francis Ellie
Jack Wrangler and George Payne as sailors in love. There is a very brief heterosexual scene early in this film, but the rest of the action is solidly male-to male, including a visit from Santa Claus. Includes the famous Jack Wrangler in a helicopter blowjob scene.

Night Beat
Two scruffy young men, down on their luck, meet and have sex. Two other young men, less scruffy, perform similarly. Filmed at the Central Park West bar and in hotel rooms in Denver. The first two scenes are nothing to write home about, but the third scene starts to get interesting (three men -- two with tattoos, including a handsome, well-built blond) when all of a sudden the movie ends. Apparently the last reel or so (containing the bathhouse action) is lost.

Story of a callboy service offering big meat. Unusual film in that it features a few genuinely attractive hunks - making it with flabby nellies sporting miniature endowments.

Oil Rig #99 (1982) Mac Larson, a.k.a. Joe Gage
Set in an oil camp in the Sahara, this film gets off to a slow start but gains momentum. Features lots of masculine males and a good circle jerk. Jose Morales, Ryan Harker, and Jesse Jones.

Oriental Dick (video)
Popular film with a cast that includes Asian models. Louie Tong stars as a detective prowling an international city, finding every kind of man in heat. Also stars: Jose Morales, P.C. Mars, Pat Johnson, Nick Lyme, Joe Simmons, Gilberto Fora, and Joseph Paz.

Pier Groups (1979) Arch Brown
"Raunchy" sex on the Hudson River piers. Keith Anthoni, Johnny Kovacs, Victor Houston, and Myles Longue participate in this exploration of anonymous sexual liaisons in the abandoned warehouses of the New York docks.

Point Me toward Tomorrow (1977) Francis Ellie
This is the poignant story of a young, beautiful lad (Eddie) blinded in a car accident and his love affair with the man who ran him down (Dr. Bill Howard). This moving tale focuses not only on the sentimental aspects of the young man in love, but also Dr. Howard's jealous lover, Tony. As the film climaxes, the youth is forced to masturbate by Tony and later regains his sight after Tony hits him repeatedly in the head with a cane. With six sex scenes throughout, this film stars Lew Seager and Lee Richards.

Raoul's Masterpiece
Story of a down-on-his-luck film director (Laurence O'Toole) who turns to porn and scores a big success. Opening scene is a four-way in which a young, passive black man sucks and is fucked by and urinated on by two older white men and another black fellow. Later a dark-haired older man sporting a thick mustache sucks and then fucks a young, long-haired blond. Finally, on the casting couch, a curly haired, masculine blond sucks off the movie director.

Red Ball Express (1983) Mac Larson, a.k.a. Joe Gage
Mickey Squires stars as a man hired to deliver what appears to be illegal liquor to various locations, always missing out on the hot sex action until the final scene with his boss, Jayson MacBride. Roy Garrett and real-life Bob Shane in a firehouse scene (inexplicably wearing construction , rather than fire, hats!)"Leatherman" Jeff Stone and Daniel Holt get to work in this collection of sex episodes with an "on the road" theme.

Room 328
I have a movie trailer of this; and I've seen clips in those New York's Most Wanted and P M Productions compilation tapes - slings, gloryholes, leather, group scenes.

Rough House
Plenty of nonstop sex, as the patrons of a porno theater engage in casual, sometimes kinky, sex.

Rugged Men (1973?)
contains 3 shorts - "Fright" (2 cops and a hot stud tied up) "Nightmare" and "Birthday" (huge dicked man and his pal in a tub - w/s) ; stars Randi Rhodes, Weldon Johnson, Fred Kincaid, Larry Renton, Uri Kaslov, Tracy Lee

A houseguest watches from outside the bedroom window as his host, through the use of an inhaled stimulant, retreats into an erotic fantasy world (hallucinogenic poppers?!). A lot of hairy men are featured in this mediocre effort.

Safe Sex
Contains j/o scenes gleaned from eighteen other P.M. tapes. Daniel Holt, George Payne, and many others are featured alone and in groups. (Not to be confused with White Hanky Left.)

Savage Rides Again
Contains six episodes of varying quality, generally featuring well-endowed young men. Two tough young Latinos face-fuck and ass-ream a willing WASP boy. In another episode, a stunning genie with a huge dong magically appears and fucks an eager young guy. Elsewhere, two civilians fuck and suck a sailor in bed.

Screen Test
In this mostly j/o tape, David Mann and Pat Johnson review the screen tests of some 39 models of all ages and physical types; mostly solo jerk-off. It will be obvious why most of them never got cast. Directed by Ian McGraw. Also stars Joe Simmons, Sean Flattery, Louie Tong, Adam Teasdale, John Pico, P.J. Pace, Arnie Lapidus, Hal Thorn, Ron Michaels, Al Corman, and many more.

Actually filmed in the New York subway system, this tape teases the viewer with the promise of casually dangerous public sex. It almost, but not quite, delivers. Daniel Holt, Keith Anthoni, Jeff Stone, Tharon Davis, and Ashley DuBois come along for the ride.

Their Tender Moments
Don't be misled; this is not a love story. Two guys sitting in a restaurant trade erotic stories, serving, in effect, as introductions for the upcoming vignettes. Seven episodes are presented in which the participants suck, rim, fuck, and j/o. They're all young, ranging in age from 18 to 22, with smooth bodies and endowments that range from average to large. The obviously dubbed soundtrack is distracting at times, while at other times it is unintentionally funny. (Has been re-released as Intimate Moments.)

They All Came
Some nice balls on display in a bathhouse. The action ranges from leg-humping to titplay, from cock worship to face-fucking. The interracial cast features Denton Crane, Joe Simmons, Chris Orion, and Jesse Fairweather.

Tough Guys (1982) Mac Larson, a.k.a. Joe Gage
A decent film featuring some well built, macho-looking men. The opening scene contains an intense j/o session between two guys backed with raunchy dirty talk. Another scene of special interest shows two men (Keith Anthoni) engaged in autofellatio - side by side (hot!). The rest of the film has more j/o scenes, fucking and sucking, and so forth.

He'll try anything, but mostly the lead character in this film sticks to plain old sucking and fucking. Hairy-chested Dwan, Daniel Holt, and Jeff Stone appear, along with Ashley DuBois and Jose Morales.

Video Encounters of the Sexual Kind
Jamie Wingo is the headliner. Jose Morales and tattooed Asian model Michael Chin are two of the various collegiate types playing with recording equipment and each other. Interesting moments but inconsistent quality.

We'll Meet Again

Writer's Delight

Young Ones
Bob Shane and Roy Garrett (real-life lovers) are featured in a film-within-a-film, while PJ. Saxon, Pat Johnson, and Jose Morales have roles as high-spirited and physical young men. New to the gay lifestyle, they want every thrill including cruising the projectionist while he rolls a film at the local porno theatre.

Young Stallions
The Bijou reviewer recommends this one for the action, although he cautions that the movie has its flaws. The color is blurry and sometimes too dark, and while the soundtrack is clear the dubbed dialog's too corny. However, the models are attractive, well hung, and versatile. Intense rimming, cocksucking, and good fucking are well photographed and the cum shots are close up and steamy. No plot to this one - just continuous sex action.

Young Yankees
Small-town boy (Danie)gets manhandled by the sheriff. Eric Ryan, Billy Greenway, Piper, David Mann and Eddie Garfield (in uniform) are doin' it down South and in New York City. Directed by Ian McGraw Eric Ryan, Danie, Piper, David Mann, Jose Morales, Billy Greenway

We'll Meet Again
When Lars moves into a new apartment, he is visited by its former occupant, Andrew. Immediately attracted to one another, they make love, sucking each other to orgasm. When Lars wakes afterward, however, Andrew is nowhere to be found. Later, in the middle of an orgy at Lars's friend's house, Andrew appears again, beckoning Lars with his eyes. Obsessed with Andrew, Lars sets out to learn more about this enigmatic man.

Writer's Delight
An author of hard-core novels does his own research. Brad Baker, Don White, and Bo Jackson are in the cast.

P.M. Preview Tapes
I believe they released 4 volumes.

P.M. Productions has put together a series of tapes called the Hanky Series. Each of these tapes is a compilation of scenes culled from their longer films and organized into categories using the colored handkerchief code. They have no stories to speak of, just clips from other movies strung together by theme.

Robin's Egg Blue Hanky - Sixty-niner.

Navy Blue Hanky Left - Anal action.

Mustard Hanky Right - Eight inches or more.

White Hanky Left - J/0 action. (Not to be confused with the other P.M. title Safe Sex)

Light Blue Hanky - The subtitle is "Sucker" - oral expert.

Olive Drab Hanky - Uniforms.

Orange Hanky Left - Looking for any kind of action. (Has also been released by P.M. under the title Anything, Anytime.)

Green Hanky Left - Cash on the line. (?)

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