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Once again, like Francis Ellie, I know little about this director; but there are a few films that I really dig (Men of the Midway and Gayracula) and of course Born To Raise Hell is an early classic. Any info would be helpful. As best as I can tell, he directed a few films, starting with Born in the mid 70's and did a few in the mid 80's, and as late as 1989 (including a bisexual one, called Bi-Cep, I think). Most, if not all, of his films and videos were produced by Terry Le Grand.

A bit more info: apparently Mr. Earl lives in Los Angeles and is semiretired. Aside from his "vanilla" films, Earl has made about 10 S/M films including "Born to Raise Hell." The other S/M films were from two series he did in Europe called "Dungeons of Europe" and "Bound for Europe." (titles to be added as I find them)

Earl worked as an associate producer on The Dean Martin Show on NBC and then as Martin's road manager when he went on tour. He and Terry LeGrand founded Marathon Films, making 16 mm films for which he was director, writer and editor, before forming the Gay Producers Association of America - also with LeGrand - which presented the first gay porn awards. He worked at the Tom of Finland Foundation until he retired in 2007. in 2009, won the GAYVN Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Born to Raise Hell (1974)
    Re-released on Marathon Video, known for their "kink" films. CAST: Val Martin - Quave Dalton - Steve Richards - John Detour - Eric Lansing - Tiger John - David Andrews. I'm also seeing 1977 as an original release date. Bondage, shaving, hot wax, some water sports and fist-fucking (ouch, this guy was yelling!). plenty of leather, belt-slapping, guys getting bound, and hung from the rafters......... The sound on my copy seems a bit distorted, but I think it's intentional, giving it an eerier feel.
  • Rear Admiral (1980)
    A Naval man narrates about his retirement, we are presented with his reminiscences about sex with his military friends. Starring: Roger Parks, Joey Yale, Dean Massey, Eric Clement, Jim Dion
  • Men of the Midway (1983)
    Chris Burns runs away from home after his father (Paul Barresi) tries to sell him for sex. Chris joins a carnival, where Tim Kramer pretty much does what Barresi had in mind (the difference is Dad was gonna sell Chris to nasty old white men, and Kramer sells Chris to hunky young black men!). Fortunately (I guess) for Chris, the carnival owner falls for him, and they "turn the tables" on Kramer in the final scene. Includes on location settings. Also, Jack Strider, Beau Matthews, Toby, Donkey Dan, Jeff Powers, Shelly Williams, Bruce McDonald, Duane MacNuchula
  • Gayracula (1983)
    One of the last great porn films, opening with monks in robes carrying Gayracula's coffin, and Tim Kramer turning into a bat and flying away just before the monks are able to put a stake through his heart! Part of the action takes place in 1783, with Kramer having sweaty sex with Steve Collins (as the Marquis de Suede); but, afterwards, Kramer notices something on his neck that isn't quite a hickey! Then 200 years later in Los Angeles, they meet up again. While a bit corny, it's consciously so, making it a fun film that has some fantastic sex. Also starring: Rand Remington, Randal Butler, Michael Christopher, Ray Medina (AKA Julio Campas, R.W. Stone), Max Cooper (AKA Max Montoya), Doug Weston, Douglas Boston, David McNeil

    *** please note: many VHS copies seem to have close to 20 minutes of missing footage!! - AAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!

  • Fade In (1984)
    on video; This is the one with the great Jon King / Gino Del Mar spiderweb sex scene, with the Hitchcock music playing (still can't figure out which film it's lifted from!) Jon is in a spider-webby outfit and black boots, Gino in these white vinyl boots briefly fucking him, then eating out Jon's ass, and then sucking him off, even after Jon cums on his face - very hot! Michael Christopher scene is odd - just a solo whack-off, but a bit too much dry-ice smoke blowing, and he's wearing this odd, feathery mask the whole time! One annoying thing in both this and Fade Out - when the guy's are stroking their cocks, there's this dubbed-in "squish squish" too-much-lube sound - it's rather distracting (my guess it's Ken Holloway in charge of sound, you hear the same thing in several of his movies). plus: David Ashfield, Scott Clark, Chris Allen, Shawn Easton, Dwan. (Daniel Holt - casting director; Kenneth Holloway - lighting, use of his Pan Pacific Studios ; Make-Up - Divine!)
  • Fade Out (1984)
    on video; Chris Allen goes to a fortune teller and has his fortune told in a series of sexual encounters, beginning with Dave Ashfield in a torn-up jeans whack-off scene. Next up, Jon King, looking great getting fucked (but why is there a bunny on the bed?). It's almost like a cheap, video version of Falconhead, with guys in masks, dry ice effects, and Mickey Squires emerging from what looks like a bearskin rug! Michael Christopher, Jon King, Les Price, Mike Carr, John Zephyr, Bill Platt, Ricky Scott, Scott Clark, David Ashfield, Tony Shapiro, Gino De Mar, Mark Edwards as the fortune teller (also appeared in Job Site), and a "special appearance" by Mickey Squires.
  • Chain Reactions (1984)
    Daniel Holt, Danny Connors, Davin McNeil, Dune Hanover, Dwan, Harley Andrews, Ken Berquist, Lee Stern, Les Price, and Rydar Hanson
    Apparently out-of-print and hard-to-find, as it has some "controversial" scenes. Some later VHS copies from HIS Video have these scenes cut.
  • Naked Lunch (1985)
    Starring: Ben Peters, Brett Simms, Chris Nichols, Cole Carpenter, Tex Anthony, Sergio Canali, Shane Michaels, Joel Curry, Matthew Marks, Michael Cummings, Michael Ram
  • StudBuster (1985)
    J.D. Slater is a reporter who goes to Jason Steele's ranch to interview him. Also stars: Pierce Daniels, Blake McDonald Case Harden, Scott Avery, Chris Allen, Brian Thompson, Kip Astor, Jesse Koehler, Shawn Peters
  • Faces (1985)
    Starring: Chris Thompson, Pierce Daniels, Tico Patterson, Ryder, Blake Cass, Ian Phillips, Rich Parsons, Rex, Rydar Hansen
    This video is unusual in that it was filmed in a bar, and "actual bar patrons" sometimes took part, and certainly watched, the activities of the "stars" * scene 1: Pierce Daniels and Chris Thompson fool around a bit before they open the bar. * scene 2: Tico Patterson dances naked on the bar, then another bartender (Ryder) joins in * scene 3: 2 businessman get a waiter to take a break with them * scene 4: Rex dances naked. bartender Pierce Daniels joins in * scene 5: Rydar Hansen dances in a leather jock, then Rex joins in * scene 6: 5 guys * filmed on location at FACES (bar in Hollywood)
  • The Heat Goes On (1985)
    J.D. Slater, Tico Patterson, Burt Long, Jake Scott, Shadow Joyce When a young man discovers he's out of cash to feed his drug habit, his dealer sends him to a male brothel.
  • Rushes (1986)
    Evil director (Kenneth Weyerhauser) uses sex to trap newcomers to the porn world. Cole Carpenter, Tex Anthony, Chris Onasis, Chaz Holderman (credited as HOLLERMAN), Greg Dale, Morgan Hunter, Melchor, Mathew Marks; introducing Andrew Wilde and Robert Harris; special guest Kelaine Kvale; also starring Shana, Coco, James Starr, Phillip McCabe, Tim Nissin, Tyrone Williams, Terry Long, and Peter Ross. Another source (Bijou Video Guide) briefly states that the video involves a bi "Fuck-A-Wear Party" (ewwwww!!)
  • Bi-Ceps (1986)
    Athena Star, Catherine Crystal, Chris Thompson, Cole Carpenter, Derek Jensen, Dusty Meadows, Jason Steele, Johnny Miles, Ken Davis, Lois Ayres, Matt Forrest, Matthew Wild, Melissa Mendez, Renee Hunter, Ryan Andrews, and Sandy Blue ---------- Cole Carpenter tops Jason Steele??
  • New Zealand Undercovers (1987)
    Shot on location in New Zealand, Jim Bentley is a government agent trying to retrieve stolen film from Russians Tim Kramer and Leo Ford. Originally 2 hours long, the version I saw was a rather botched 90 minutes, with no Jim Bentley sex scene (not a problem for me...but still). Also starring: Toby Steiner and "amateur men from New Zealand" (Toby Steiner, Roger James, Paul Young, Chris Dreesen, Nickolas Rhodes, Kris Williams, Vlucan Lain, and Karl Robertson)
  • Pictures from the Black Dance (Dungeons of Europe, an S&M Trilogy 1 - 1988)
    Starring: Tony Starr, Mr. Sebastian, Mike London, David Allen, Dick Johnson, Mark Adams, Kiernan Stevens, and Paul Stevens
  • Like Moths To A Flame (Dungeons of Europe, an S&M Trilogy 2 - 1988)
    Starring: Christian Dreesen, David Shultz, Dave Gregory, Ken Dearn, Mr. Sebastian, Ben Kent, Ted DeBurin. and Dick Johnson
  • Rooms (1989)
    Starring: Alan Lambert, Brad Phillips, Danny Brown, Geoffrey Spears, Brad Carlton, Lou Kruze, Rod Lance, Dana Pearson, Ted Truman, Steve Gibson
  • Men With No Name (Dungeons of Europe, an S&M Trilogy 3 - 1989)
    Starring: Robert Tyne, Ben Kent, Edwin de Moel, Dave Gregory, Tom Wright and SL 2. Leatherman Kent abducts young Robert Tyne, bringing him to a dungeon, where he already has another captive (Edwin de Moel)- lots of toys, floggings, titclamps, chains, candles, leather, chains...... you get the idea. (later, others particiapate, as well) one of the guys has a very hairy body! Original music by V.A.P
  • Argos: The Session (1990)
    Filmed entirely on location at the internationally famous leather bar in Amsterdam "The Argos" and featuring the world renowned Dutch Master Harry Ros. Starring: Harry Ros, Gerard Jonkers, Frans Roest, Lance Evans, James Bruce, Theun deBoer, and Paul V. Rooy

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