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With a background in theatre, Arch Brown was one of the more prolific early gay porn directors, with over 20 titles that I have been able to count (so far). His films were most popular in the mid 70's to early 80's, but he continued making gay porn into the era of "direct-to-video" in the mid 80's. By the late 70's he turned to playwriting as well, and if you go to his website, you can see much more info on this. () Brown established, in 1993, a foundation in memory of his late lover to give grants for Gay-Positive arts projects. Many of his films in the late 70's and early 80's seem to have been produced by P.M. Productions. Mr. Brown died on September 3, 2012.

  • The Night Before (1973)
    "Surrealism from Hand in Hand Films, showing hints of Cocteau, Bunuel, Fellini, and Goddard" (the reviews at the time). (I've seen the film, it's great, but I know nothing about the "legit" directors to compare it). Original score by David Ernest. With Frank Ross, Coke Hennesy, Michael Kade, Janal Jones, Nick Kastroff, Alexis Knight, Bob Plummer, Bill Yort, Jeffrey Etting, Tom Clarke, Mimmi Garth
  • The Leather Bond (aka Leather Bound) (1975)
    Long-haired men with big cocks. Starring: Kristoffer Streate, Myerson Grant, Robby Peterson, Larry Quill and Anton Lewis.
  • Dynamite!(1974)
    Jack Wrangler is a "madman" who makes a time bomb inside a dildo, then plants it among one of several identical dildos in a dirty bookstore. He has sex with the store clerk, then the two of them get it on with 2 others. Several guys purchase one of these dildos, Jack Wrangler jerks off while watching the clock tick, and...... With Eric Ryan, Tom Cord, Michael Munsey, Justin Thyme, Eric Hill, Michael Pen, John Meadows; re-released by Cream of the Crop
  • Hot Flashes (1976)
    Color and black and white footage about a sexual tryst that take place entirely in a (hairy!) young man's mind. Chuck Woods, B.J. Sampson, Scott Reynolds, and Nick Carpenter.
  • Five Hard Pieces (1977)
    Filmed in black and white, with about 20 models, in one-on-one situations made to look like porn-loops from 50's, 60's and 70's.
  • All Tied Up (1978)
    "Scorpio's quiet evening is interrupted when his friends sneak into his apartment while he is sleeping and tie him to his own bed, where he is used and abused by everybody" with Keith Anthoni, Gustavo, Tom Cord, Shawn Gregory, Brad Ford, Ken Edwards ; recently re-released by Cream of the Crop
  • Harley's Angels (1978)

    Yes, a parody of Charlie's Angels where 3 hot guys must solve the mystery of Charlie's missing motorcycle gloves. Recently re-released by Cream of the Crop. Starring yummy Jayson Macbride, Justin Thyme, and Ken Darrell; plus Harry Hover, Jesse St James, Jonathon West, and Webb Steel as "Harley". Music from Pink Floyd's Echoes, and Elton John's "One Horse Town" during a phone sex scene.

  • Muscle Bound (1978)
    A New York bath house manager makes sex slaves of his unsuspecting customers. The emphasis is on bound!(hmmmmm with my managerial skills, I think I could handle that job!) Filmed in NYC at the Boradway Arms baths, it had its world premiere at the Big Top Theatre July 5th, 1978Starring Chuck Adams, Scott Allen, Ken Darrell, Dick Patrick, Ed Stiffler, Justin Thyme, and Sebastian. Also appearing - Evan Dales, Costa DelSol, Tom Cat Louie, Bill Polin, Jim Agent, Earl Berger, Rick Armour, Michael Riviera. Original music by David Earnest.
  • Pier Groups (1979)
    Hot sex on NYC's old West Side piers (abandoned warehouses on the Hudson River), stars Keith Anthoni, and the usual P. M. Productions crew. ( incl: Johnny Kovaks - who, alas, is only used as a teaser - he never participates in the sex!), Victor Houston, Sven Jensen, Alan Miles, Michael Penn Ryder, Tone Stalione, David Starbuck, Josef Tempesta) Recently re-released by Cream of the Crop
  • So Many Men, So Little Time (1979)
    Keith Anthoni and Justin Thyme and 6 others (doesn't sound like so many!)
  • Four Letters (1980)
    George Payne in a story about lovers in an open relationship.
  • The Super ( )
  • The Tool Man ( )
  • After the Fall ( )
  • Woodshole ( )
  • Fantasy Island ( )
    Skinny guys with big dicks; possibly starring Tray Christopher (aka Christopher Rage) (all I could find out so far!)
  • Hot Flashes (1976 )
    Color and black and white footage about a sexual tryst that take place entirely in a (hairy!) young man's mind. Chuck Woods, B.J. Sampson, Scott Reynolds, and Nick Carpenter.
  • The Janitor ( )
    Dirty-minded janitor spies on the tenants; if he likes what he sees, he has sex with them!
  • Trips (1975?)
    Alkar, Bill Foster, David King, Jean Jacques Private, Rydar Jones, and Scott Donovan
  • Long Johns (1985?)
    Despite being shot on video, Brown manages to keep the quality good in this simple tale of horny cowpokes. Some guys are hairy, some smooth - but NONE of these guys have shaved/trimmed body parts! While background music might seem unimportant to some, this is NOT cheesey Casio-disco crap, but low-key harmonica/guitar strumming...(or is that a banjo?)... sometimes just the sounds of "nature" - birds, running water.. Starring: Dennis Crane, Sean Gregory, Chris Michaels, Jesse Fairweather, Chris Orion, Tom Foster, Jay Baracas

    Applying for a job as a hired hand on a ranch at the turn of the century, Denton Crane (smooth and well-hung) is so well-liked by the cowboy boss (built, tough-looking, older, and well-hung Sean Gregory) that his first assignment is to receive loving fellatio from him! Both men alternate deep-throating each other's throbbing manhood, taking time out occasionally to tongue-fuck one another's hairy asshole. Their sex is very intense, as each sweats, groans and salivates over the other. This session alternates with a solo in the bunkhouse that ends in a weak orgasm. Next, a new man makes love with another ranchhand. Close-ups of their wet cocks are good as the two French kiss, suck armpits and nipples, lick asshole, and fuck vigorously and loud. In the outhouse, two guy's suck dick through a naturally created glory hole in the wall. Two other's are seen washing each other outdoors. Features lots of hunky and macho farmhands in their long johns enjoying the great outdoors, glory-holes, and a big orgy to end the hard day that includes toe sucking, light spanking and bondage, and men clad in underwear (from boxers to long johns). It's not a slick feature, but a passionate one that's beautifully photographed and produced by Brown/Ross Video. Rimming, sucking cock, and a cast that obviously enjoys both. The 1985 theme does not work, but the sex is hot and plentiful. Inches magazine said, "on this ranch, a guy can't even take a quiet shit in the outhouse without one of the "hands" helping out." Synch sound with occasionally silly dialogue. With Chris Michaels, Jesse Fairweather, Tom Foster, Chris Orion, and Jay Baracas. 82 min.

    cowboy, ranch-hand themed video from 1985 (shot on video) - some guys are hairy, some smooth - but NONE of these guys have shaved/trimmed body parts!

    music might seem unimportant, but its NOT cheesey Casio-disco crap, but low-key harmonica/guitar strumming...(or is that a banjo?)... sometimes just the sounds of "nature" - birds, running water..

    • scene 1 hairy ranch owner "interviews" new guy - nice, extended oral scene, these guys look like they genuinely dig each other
    • scene 2 two young ranch hands roll around in bed, kissing, slurping, no condom used here
    • scene 3 ahh, outhouse action! one guy in red longjohns (and cowboy hat), another in black longjohns go at it inside... plus a pair who don't quite make it inside the outhouse (no condom here)
    • scene 4 bunkhouse orgy with 6 guys! well, a 2-way, and a 4-way (no condoms) - then the pair join the other 4.... some play with ropes....
  • Bring Your Own Man (1985)
    made on video; Starring: Chris Orion , Justin Thyme, Denton Crane, J.D. Slater, and Jesse Fair-weather. The plot is supposed to be one lover (Justin Thyme) gives the other a birthday present of 3 escorts, but the version I've seen, only shows the Justin doing the interviewing - but the scene with J.D. Slater is good, with him and his partner seeming to hae real chemistry (and J.D. is very vocal, in a sexy, not forced, way).

    plot:Justin Thyme, having trouble getting friends for his boyfriend's birthday party, he hires a few "escorts" (of course, waiting til the day OF the birthday to begin planning.....)but first he "INTERVIEWS" each of them to make sure they are just right - trouble is, after the interviews are over, we never see the party!!!

    • scene 1: Justin and Chris Orion wake up, and without a word, begin making love (barely noticeable climax, cuz the Brunette lover slurps it up fast!)
    • scene 2: -for the interview, each of the 3 coincidentally arrive at the same time, so Justin shows them to separtate rooms;
      • while "interviewing" one, the other two find each other, naked , and a very vocal, very physical J.D. Slater, with his "patented" tied up cock, quickly gets the other guy to go down on him; he soon reciprocates, and eventually, with a little spit and poppers, J.D. is topped by the other escort - the guy eventually shoots on J.D.'s crotch, and he uses it to lube himself up before returning the favor.
      • meanwhile, the birthday boy's lover, staying fully dressed, services the escort, including some brief cowboyboot licking; after the escort shoots, he still takes a few more slurps!!
    • as mentioned above, after the interviews, we see the couple back together in bed, AFTER the party!!, and then the video is over
    • personally, the scene with J D SLater and the other escort is the best, since they seem to have some genuine chemistry going!
  • Rough Idea (1985)
    made on video; Starring: J.D. Slater, Sean Gregory, Sam Small, Chris Orion, Jason Daniels, Jesse Fairweather, Rick Peters, Danie Connors, Rocco Colosso, Chris Rage, Reno Chesrini, Dick Mack, Scott Morgan, Paul Swint, and Shawn Cognito. Produced by, photography by and soundtrack by, Christopher Rage. Great movie for J. D. Slater fans - top, bottom, oral anal, his ass is whipped (lightly) with a belt, cockrings, and the final orgy scene is similar to Gage's Closed Set, with Slater beign the center of attention - cum piss, and even some cold bear is thrown his way as he lies on the floor. From the looks of the editing and camera work, it is clearly more of a Chris Rage film than Arch Brown.

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