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Thursday, October 31, 2002

"This guy's a real good fuck, wanna try him?" "Maybe next time, it's dawn"

director: Roger Earl (1983)

One of the last great porn films, opening with monks in robes carrying Gayracula's coffin, and Tim Kramer turning into a bat and flying away just before the monks are able to put a stake through his heart! Part of the action takes place in 1783, with Kramer having sweaty sex with Steve Collins (as the Marquis de Suede); but, afterwards, Kramer notices something on his neck that isn't quite a hickey! Then in present day Los Angeles (1983), they meet up again. Purposely corny, it's a fun film that actually has some great sex in it. (Meaning, invite your friends over to watch, have some laughs, then kick them out and re-watch the cum-slurping good parts again!) Also featuring Michael Christopher, Rand Remington, Randal Butler, Ray Medina, Max Cooper, Doug Weston, Douglas Boston, David McNeil


director: Roger Earl (1983)

Here's the teaser clip; I'm working on a longer clip (yes, with a bit o' cocksucking, don't worry) that I should be posting by 5(ish). (feel free to email "please please hurry" messages..)

ok, ok, ok,,,,, hehehe.... I'm screening Gayracula to find a clip, and it's all just too much fun to pick just one 2-minute clip!

It's once again cum to my attention that there are misconceptions about what my preferences are for potential partners. The criteria, of course, is different for different types of partners, of course. Like we can probably all agree on the Glory-hole Dicks (meaty, big and bouncy) - nice cocks with no other redeeming qualities like good smile, personality, etc. - that just won't do for an in-the-house sexdate, let alone an actual date that requires conversation or actually looking at the guy's face. Glory-hole Dicks are the men who you could enjoy for no more than 12 minutes with, preferably with them staying on the other side of the plywood wall. But for me, the phyical characteristics of a real partner, someone you date and might actually fall for, are much broader. While it's true that I prefer body and/or facial hair, and that the 3 men I've had lengthy relationships with (8, 6, 2ish yrs) had a good dose of body hair, and the latter 2 facial hair, my preference on the bodyhair thing is really more that it's "natural." The shaved/trimmed crotch just doesn't work for an oral guy like me, as I refuse to keep applying chapstick while having sex. Which means that if you're shaved/trimmed pubes rub my face/mouth raw, we will spend much less time having sex, and that wouldn't be good for either of us, now would it?

More seriously, it's the face. We all say it, I suppose, but the eyes, the expressive eyebrows, the face that you look at and think - "damn! he'll look good when we're in our 70's" - that happened within days of meeting the 3 guys mentioned above, and several others I have known (like the heart-breaker from the spring, grrrr!). Age. Yes, I lean towards over 35, but again, that's so general, and it depends. Like if you are just visiting NYC, and will be leaving in 2 days and I'll never hear form or see you again, who the fuck cares, as long as it's legal (well, okay, maybe you still need to be over 25....). But if we are talking relationship, then yeah, the preference is the closer in age we are, I assume, rightly or wrongly, that we may have more in common. That you've gone through enough in life to have kinda figured out what's important, what isn't; and the less significant common experiences like loss of loved ones, having several relationships under your belt (so to speak) so you (hopefully) have learned from them, ability to communicate needs and desires (and knowing the difference between them), etc. But I've met plenty of 40 yr olds who havent a clue, and a few 30 year olds that seem quite compatible. But back to the sex-only relationships, here's one of the on-line sex-ads I have listed, just to give you an example if you ever come to new york and need some.... oh wait, I don't really mean that...

very oral, prefer affectionate men

Age: 41 Height: 5'8" Weight: 140
Facial Hair: Beard, Goatee Body Hair: All over!

hot oral sex - Hairy guy here, prefer other guys with natural body hair, but looking for good playful chemistry over specific types. Always like to see a good face pic before meeting, thanks.

Turn Ons: Kissing, Oral sex
Other Turn Ons: affection, working up a sweat together, men who can laugh and enjoy sex simultaneously.
Turn Offs: NO FACE PIC. (I do like to come up for air every once in awhile, so a face I dig helps)

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
Damn! I know there was something I wanted to post, but the dang writer's block..... so, um, just another gratuitous cock w/beer pic for now.

I think we have a weiner (you might want to put your sunglasses on before clicking).

Anyone looking for a Workout Top? (snicker) How 'bout some *TIGHT*HOT football shorts?

CRUSHED VELVET THAT DEMANDS TO BE TOUCHED - um, why am I thinking about ice water and hell?

Let me introduce y'all to muscles24007. If you look closely, you'll see some buttcrack (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Have you any idea how difficult it is to get decent ass shots of a black speedo? These are the rejects (besides my own problems with them, like looking like I lost something in there, I'm sure it's a big eBay NO NO to touch yer butt while modeling clothing). But I am enjoying a low-key day off. Have a pretty cool Adam & Co. video to auction (Private Pool Party - Adam & Co. is out of business, which is too bad, they were probably the first to specialize in uncut men, and did a lot of multi-ethnic videos - black, white, hispanic - without fetishizing race (that was saved for the foreskin!) but Altomar has some of their catalogue, and has continued the uncut tradition. I'm pretty hesitant to sell, though, as it's one of their best; but I've just got too much porno, and even though it's the older, original label and all, it's not impossible to find, so I may post it today or tomorrow.

Been up for a few hours, nice chat with Mr ggwoo, and I decided I needed to work on my Cowboy folder of pics. But I'm not sure if this one is more cowboy, or daddy. It's rough dealing with all this porn sometimes. (another fine example of the cockshadow, yum!)

Monday, October 28, 2002
I wonder how long the Teen jock worn Sears underwear! auction will last on eBay.

ain't nobody that can sing like me

grumpy. moody. nothing different, nothing terribly bad, same ol' no one loves me, and why doesn't that guy want me, and other assorted related things like: my apartment doesn't feel like a home anymore, I have too much crap in here, I want sex but don't want to put in the effort for the inevitable disappointment. Anyway, just going with the flow, but happened to select one of my favorite albums from 1998 to listen to today - Mermaid Avenue by Billy Bragg and Wilco. I figured I'd post a song or two to share, but it was tough to only pick one - most of the album I can sing along with (I mean can, not should) - but Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key is just so fantastic that I can't help but sing, even if around other humans. A great mix of optimism and self-assuredness, but still fairly sad (at least to me). For beautiful sadness, try At My Window Sad and Lonely. Well, you really shouldn't just listen to a handful of songs, but get the album, and really enjoy it. It has that wonderful mix of sillyness, pensiveness, sing-along-ability, beautiful melodies and wise lyrics (Woody Guthrie, but the link above can give you all the background). Anyway, another favorite for me is something that I'd want played at my funeral -
Another Mans Done Gone - less than 2 minutes, it always brings a tear to my eye, it's quiet humbleness (is that a word?), but yearningly hoping that some mark has been made on the world, just beautiful. For you more political types (it is Billy Bragg and Woody Guthrie, afterall) who like something a bit more upbeat, of course the fantastic, toe-tapping (and timely, with U S elections in 8 days) Christ For President is great.

MTV SPAIN has Bjork's It's In Our Hands Video - now it's in your hands.

C'mon! Is this for real?

Sunday, October 27, 2002
DICKS I have known

We met in a chatroom, he claimed to be just starting out doing escort work online, cuz he heard how much money one could make. Seeing my pics, he complained that his own weren't so great (he was right) so I playfully offerred to take some pics - living a few blocks away, he figured he he had nothing to lose, and I'd do it with the webcam so he'd have instant gratification, so to speak. He arrived with a small bag of accessories. When he pulled out the white sailor's hat, I laughed so hard I felt bad, once I saw the hurt look on his face. I pulled out some jockstraps and cockrings, and he had no idea how to put them on (no, dude, the pouch goes in front, over your $TUDCOCK). We had set the whole thing up with the understanding that there would be no sex (afterall, he was a professional, and I certainly wasn't paying for some 22-year old who hasn't a clue about cockrings or jockstraps) but then he needed "help", and I was bored. He talked incessantly about himself and everything he had ever thought about. I made him cum as fast as I could, then led him to the door with his floppy disc.

AOL hook-up. He was looking to get fucked, but after a few of my pics, and some friendly conversation, he figured hopping on his motorcycle and sitting on my face might do the trick. Fresh sweat from the ride over, and some brief making out, mutual cockslurping, and before I knew it, musclebutt was on fuzzyface, and musclecum was on fuzzytorso.

We met online, AOL of course. Lived in Williamsburg, so I wasn't going to his place, but he was willing to come here. We met up in the park, during the day, and he looked much better in person than in his online pics. Spent the whole day together, including dinner, then it turned out he was friends with my most recent ex. Uh-oh. We exchanged phone numbers, but I wasn't sure I could deal with the issue of the ex. Early the next morning, looking thru a mag, I asked who some guy in an Abolute ad was. Utterly shocked that I didn't recognize Tom Ford who revolutionized something (no doubt he invented some AIDS drug, or solved the crisis in the Congo), he recoiled in horror, and left a few minutes later. I've seen him several times since, once at The Cock and he came back here; many times at House of Regrets (but I only joined him in his tiny room twice, after hours of pacing and circling the place) and most recently, in Williamsburg, I was meeting a friend for dinner, and he was there, with a woman friend of his, and he was wearing a sarong. I wonder if Tom Ford invented the sarong?

Saturday, October 26, 2002
once i get to work, i'll be a bit better; it's just the gettin there that takes too much effort. The walk home this morning (last night) in the rain was good for me, gave me a chance to think about stuff. The usual stuff, not real pleasant stuff; and the mood sets in, and i didn't want to wake up, and be stuck in the mood, but you just can't help it. All the worries of being alone, underemployed, etc, can't stay away for very long, so I'll just deal with them quietly as I put on my happy "Can I Help You?" face for work.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Oh my god! oh my god! someone PLEASE take PHOTOSHOP away from txdude2000 !

I admit I like boxerjock02; but why does he sometimes have bodyhair, and sometimes not?

There's a rumour going around that someone is doing his last performance tonight in his BIRTHDAY SUIT!!!!

...... too early to really think, must make coffee... BUT, I got some very cool stuff in the mail in the past couple days, and owe a couple of guys a HUGE thank you. some great videos I need to sort through - FIRE ISLAND FEVER (which I had forgotten I don't have, so I'm cranked about getting that - THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and a bunch of others; plus 2 jockstraps accompanied by a very very cool letter, which I read just before going to work yesterday and put me in a great mood, reminding me of one of the great reasons to have the blog - those times when something you write, or just that you write, that seems to touch some stranger in a good way......

Thursday, October 24, 2002
I should be showering, but.....

just got back from bikeshop, and he was there, so the young kid who fixed my bike let the 30-yr old short-bearded cutie handle my money. While he was getting change from the cash register, I'm thinking "how do you flirt with a probably str8 guy, but you wanna find out if his is or isn't" and so i blurted out: "Oh, sorry for staring at your chest, but that's a really cool t-shirt" (black, with a white line drawing of a bike) and he got the cutest smile as he responded "thanks, 3 friends from San Francisco were in town for a bike run, and used my living room for 3 days..." and I filled in "..and gave you that shirt, cool!" Which made him laugh, and he added - "3 days New York rent for a t-shirt, hmmm" and as I was leaving out the door, i stammerred: "I'd do it!"

A Viable Alternative to Actual Sexual Contact

The sexdate for today didn't materialize. I know better than to set something up 2-3 days ahead of time, but I went ahead anyway. Of course, I was out doing errands, including a well-deserved relaxing 30 minutes in the barber chair (I didn't ask for the shave, but those amazing Italian hands won't let me say no), and a stop at the bike shop to get my chain tightened (alas, the 30-yr old short-bearded cutie wasn't on duty - rats!), plus some organic cereal. Asleep yet? Anyway, the date was with the partnered guy I've mentioned before - 2 weeks ago, my last sexual experience with another human in the same room as me was with him, and was quite nice. It was our 3rd time, and yet as enjoyable as it was, I didn't feel needy, so I figured doing it again wouldn't be problematic for my often-emotional state of mind. Maybe he'll email later, and we can arrange another time. The Matmos Vague Terrain Recordings disc I got in the mail 2 weeks ago is fantastic, I must say. But I can't believe the hype that they only issued 311 copies, and 2 months after its release I was still able to get one from their website. But I wonder if listening to it daily has affected my sex drive. I've been too lazy to even spend 5 minutes in a chatroom, let alone leave the apartment and actually try to meet someone "live." I guess I know that a quick, but sweaty, whack-off alone is 99% of the time much better than the actual sexual contact I've been having in the past few months.

It's really hard difficult to photogragh cockrings properly. About a year ago, one of my many difficulties with eBay was that they wouldn't allow me to have a close-up pic - and trying to explain to them that a full-body shot just doesn't show potential customers how a cockring is used didn't get me anywhere with them (since then, they won't even let me say the word cockring, which is why I have the unappealing-sounding -and invariably unsuccessful - "penis-ring" auctions - ugh!) Anyway, a few readers expressed interest in getting more info on the varieties I have, so I will try to put together some pics on a separate page. But like this pic here - you can barely see the smaller ring on this 2-ring cockring that goes on the shaft itself, and can't see at all the leather part that goes around the whole package. Grrrrrr, so frustrating.....

oh golly, this is just plain wrong!

Wednesday, October 23, 2002
guess I don't have much to say today; headachey, and getting ready for work. But here's a pretty picture.

Hmmmm. A friend of mine was asking me what I use for "inspiration" when i do the pic-taking for my speedo auctions. For the last round, I'm pretty sure I was just listening to some Stooges while reading someone's blogbio.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002
These big corporations and their never-ending use of product placement - grrrrrrrrrrrr!

For my favorite pillow-hugger, (What's so Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? (live).


Casey wanted love and fulfillment. But what did he get? Casey got cock.

director: Donald Crane (1971)

Starring: Casey Donovan (listed as Ken Donovan), Angelo Waine, Nat Grey, and Sparrow Guano as "the crotch" (we only get to see him from the waist down til near the end of the film). Before there was Boys In The Band, there was Casey; not anywhere near as successful, but it's Casey Donovan's first film, and it's after this film that he settled on his stage name, Casey Donovan. In it he plays a regular guy just looking for love, and with the help of his fairy-godmother in the mirror (yup, WANDA, played by Casey himself!), he eventually finds him in handsome Nat Grey, who has taken a vow of silence until the Vietnam War is over. Great scene with Casey and the delivery boy in the kitchen, as well as a 4-man orgy scene.

Monday, October 21, 2002
11 days and no sex. I ought to be real cranky, but I ain't. What's with that?

In other news.... Anyone remember hairy Troy from 1987's Try Anything Once? I have a Honcho magazine auctioning on eBay featuring a nice photospread of him.

G'morning. Got way too caught up in the speedos yesterday, but it was fun. Used the videocam to capture me trying on several of them, but eventually I needed to, um, take a break. But when I got home from work, there were 2 bids on the 2nd suit, so that's very cool. My sorting through my gay paperbacks didn't yield much - either the titles or covers were too racey for eBay ( The Boy Eater or Punk Raped Cop ), or seemed too interesting (City of Men - "An icy glittering description of a beautiful American orphan who sells himself in a scarlet nightmare to secure the freedom and release of his imprisoned lover; a pretender to an Eastern throne.") Maybe a few magazines will have to do for today's postings. Beard coming in thick (love 'em thick!), coffee is hot and strong, and lots to do today before work. Speaking of beards, I was poking around various blogboypages last night, saw a page of little pictures that needed clicking to get bigger, and thought, "WOAH, who's the bearded hottie Panchesco is taking pics of??!!!" When I realized it was Mr Panchesco himself, I felt kinda dirty - afterall, he's one of my blogparents.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Of course, I'll never compete with this guy.

Nothing like waking up with a speedo hard-on.

I just wanna know where Stacey gets those huge dime bags.

Saturday, October 19, 2002
Already enjoying my quiet Saturday night at home. Giraffes on public television, some take-home food from work. Been 10 days (last night's Tribute To Elvis Costello doesn't count) since I've been "out" (meaning gay bar/club/pornoplace/sexclub), but not missing it at the moment. Have that box of swimming gear to sort (and I'm starting to get the Speedo fetish, especially attempting to fill the big bulge permanently empressed in some of those slinky suits), and once I counted how many he sent, I was bowled over! (And one of those used leathercockrings stayed wrapped around my stuff all night, making for a nice wake-up this morning) I need to do some serious thinking about photographing them better - as the attempt from yesterday (using the webcam for a try-on session, then posting some stills below) is a bit fuzzy/murky. I love my bathroom on sunny days for photographing, but with the roommate, and limits on my budget for film, developing, etc., I'm a bit hesitant. But I have some ideas.... hehehe

Tried doing a hard look at my video collection, to weed out some stuff, but it's tougher than I thought to part with some of it. Like The Grease Monkeys; I figured Kip Noll's never been my type (that hair was bad even back then) - but watching yummy mustached Nick Rodgers, and the finale, with Queen's I'm In Love With My Car playing loudly (the story takes place in an auto repair shop, and Nick is always working on his hot rod), not to mention it being an older, Century Theatre and Video copy, I just couldn't do it. So, maybe I'll go through my paperback collection, and see what I can part with.

Looks like there will be more and more Bjork stuff coming at us in preparation for the Greatest Hits and Family Tree albums. A CNN story on the Icelandic music scene, and you can click the pic for a link to etoile-polaire, which is hosting the CNN video clip.

Friday, October 18, 2002

damn, spent most of the afternoon playing with my, um, new clothes

from grumpy to giddy in 2 hours! Dropped off a few packages at the post office, tried flirting with the postal clerk (retail associate is the official name) but he was grumpy. Female clerk grabbed my attention as I was leaving, saying some packages had just come in. The pic to the left is from my FAVORITE MIDWESTERN TOOL, and I'll scan a bit more later. Also, 2 boxes of gear! I know I am supposed to be a professional, but by the time I got to the second slinky Speedo, something was stirring in my nether regions. Needless to say, I'm already wearing one of the swimmer-style jockstraps. Damn! and I have so much other stuff I was supposed to do today!

g'morning. grumpy, but I'm sure I'll get over it. Been sick for a week, which is getting to be a drag. Just that headcold / sinus / headachey thing, which is now primarily a cough, with a slight sniffle. Workers renovating the apartment next door seem to need to hammer on the 2 walls my bedroom share with it for 45 minutes every morning from 8:45 to 9:30. Front tire of bike is flat, no doubt teenage sabotage. Day off, but have a ton of things to do, and really just want to crawl back into bed (which would cause the hammering to start again, so I won't be doing that). Also discovered that someone seems to have me on a mailing list of sorts - or rather, when I post a videoclip, a mailing goes out with a link to it. Last sexual experience (with another human) was last Thursday, which normally would seem like forever, but with this headcold thing, I haven't been thinking much about sex (well, of course there's the breaking in a new cockring while watching Clint Lockner getting his ass eaten and shooting all over his own face vintage Colt movie, but I've only watched that 3 times in the past 24 hours, so it doesn't exactly count). And of course the posting of pics from magazines I'm hawking over at eBay (muscle guys above and/or on the side are "cousins" Blue and Gage Blake) so that you'll click the pic you go to my eBay page, see my cheesey face pic and a long list of auction items with the RED "Hidden: Requires adult Verification" notation, so you have to be an eBay person to actually see the list.... I'm rambling again, more coffee, and I'll look for some some type of porno for here for later.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

can't decide where to start licking

Am currently working on posting a bunch of magazine auctions. This pic is a cropped version of a "teaser pic" from Advocate MEN. They usually end an issue with a fairly hot pic of whoever will be on the cover of the next issue (ever see that Lee Ryder on the bearskin rug one?), and Bruno was the covermodel for the November '87 issue. Most of those pics are all over the net in hairy guy photogalleries, but I hadn't seen this one before (from MEN Oct '87). People who ask nicely can get the full scan - just be forewarned, his hand does cover a good deal of his "stuff" - but it's in that "don't ya wanna taste" kinda way.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

oh yeah, one of the pics I took a few weeks back. I like this one.

Ah, so he had more stuff than I had expected (and all my cash is gone now!) And I got a freebie - a simple, slim black leather cockring, this one is velcro. The other rubber-velcro one's I've bought from him don't seem to sell, so looks like I'll be posting them on eBay below cost ( I can't post "modeled" pics there, but they don't do so well on NaughtyBids, either, even with the pics). But this new one looks cool - the feel, and more importantly to me - the AROMA of leather, but with the handy easy-off of velcro (not to mention the abilty to make it much smaller or bigger than the standard 3-snap might allow). Oh yeah, that's a pal of mine who volunteered a ways back to do some cockring modeling for me. I jumped in for one or two of the pics. Time to recruit a new model.


Cool day so far. Last night came home to two emails from guys offering to donate "gear" - one was for a few jockstraps (slurp!), the other was someone who mentioned swimsuits and jockstraps (double slurp) - both teased me with a bit of background, which of course is part of the fun of used clothing. The stories - real, made-up, or imagined, that we can associate with gear while wearing the stuff makes it a turn-on. A few years back, I got an email form an eBayer who said he had been following my underwear auctions, thought they were cool, and had been buying on eBay for about a year. But, alas, he was retiring from his teaching job, and realized he had this box of stuff that he really only got off on the idea of buying, and didn't do much once the item arrived, except read the bios, maybe jerk off to the enclosed pics. So, he wanted to donate this box of about 12 - jocks, briefs, and boxers. This was my first donation, and he sent the package with print-outs of the actual eBay auctions, and any correspondence from the dealer. There was a pair of Harrod's boxers, a very cool, comfy Duke jockstrap, etc. All he wanted in return was to get an email notification each time I posted one for auction, so he could see what I did with them - view the pics, and I usually related the story of where it originally came from (the seller) but not the buyer. Was really fun - I need to dig those pics up, eh?

Meanwhile, killing a little time here. Got several errands already done today - shipped off 8 porno packages, grocery shopping, banking, several cups of coffee, of course; and now I am just waiting for my cockring wholesaler to arrive. We've been out of touch, and he didn't seem quite prepared to have much of what I wanted - but he has enough, plus some new things he seemed anxious to tell me about (ooh, maybe a free sample, he does that sometimes) He's a bit quirky -- oops, there he is, gotta run!

I guess you've all seen the Lacoste commericial; not that I usually post such things, but I was lurking around that discussion board I mentioned several times, and thought it's not a bad little clip - you need to go to "advertising" then click on "perfume campaign", then "TV campaign" - not a bad looking hairy gentleman, with a rather fine ass, I might add. (Any interest in the 4-minute "making of" video, let me know - can you believe there's a "making of" video??)

Monday, October 14, 2002
hotlinking and pornoclips, (and rambling)
So, checking this morning's stats, another gigabyte gone over the weekend, totalling 5 gb's for 3 days! Before I continue my rant, I should "fess up" to having done the same thing - using someone's URL (and their bandwidth) rather than saving the pic, uploading it, and then hosting it myself (using my own bandwidth) - if you check my pages still on geocities, you are sure to see a few pics like that. So I don't want to sound like a total idiot being pissed off at someone else doing what I have also done. But by the time I noticed, his page already had nearly 500 hits in less than one day, and he had 4 of my images on there! Plus, the link directly to the 2 videoclips. So now that the "cat's out of the bag" so to speak, in terms of a heavily-trafficked porno discussion board, I have to be very careful in the future about posting clips and getting massive usage that I won't be able to afford. I don't want to do a special "password protected" thing - it's a pain in the ass, I don't want to have to worry about who I give it to, I prefer to be a bit more spontaneous about posting stuff when the mood hits, and if readers dig it, cool. But I've already been asked to use AIM to send full movies! (I mean, go rent a video already, dude!) I didn't post the specific webpage that did the hotlinking, since I suspected that it was one of those "gee look what I found" things, with no real thought behind the guy (me) paying for the usage, and he may well not have anticipated the interest in Dellasandro taking it up the ass (actually, I liked the blowjob stuff more myself, but that's merely a personal preference, perhaps a well-known one at this point...). So I need to give some thought to how, or if, I post more videos in the future. It's a lot of work, but it is something I get a big kick out of, finding stuff I think is cool and sharing it.

And, on that subject, I must say that I've been really lucky in that several generous people have donated, or have promised to donate, some porn, jockstraps, long underwear, etc. - and some guys even added some extra $$ a few weeks back when I was "giving away" ( I charged the shipping cost) some of my old duped tapes. So I want them to know I am really grateful, and I'd also like other readers to know that their fellow readers have been helping out (that's not meant as a guilt trip at all, it's meant as a "if you like the site, other folks have helped out, too" kinda thing) - and yes, I am STILL accepting donations..... But you should know, I sell most of the stuff - but after looking thru, making notes for my pornology pages, and yes, keep a few choice items, - and this helps me pay my personal bills, not just for the website. But I really hate to see good (or even bad) porn go to waste (did I mention cockrings, too?)- so if it's just taking up space in a drawer, box, or closet, let me know and we can work out something. I think somebody promised some porn if I put those full-size jockstrap pics up. Should I do it?

A couple of years ago, a quiet evening at the then-boyfriend's apartment in Queens (god, it must've been love, I took a subway?? to Queeeens????) - anyway - not sure specifically what we were doing, but listening to music, and I wasn't paying much attention, until I heard I'll Be Seeing You. Which, of course, is a great song, and a bazillion folks have recorded it, but this was quite a beautiful version. So I asked, and he replied that it was Rickie Lee Jones. I was flaberghasted. It was an amazing version, with a clarinet or something, and gentle guitar-strumming, that made it so haunting, so bittersweet, I was quite impressed. Like many people, I probably never really listened to her music because of that awful hit, Chuck E.'s In Love. But then, several songs later, I couldn't believe what I heard. One of my all-time favorite songs, and I couldn't believe she was doing such a fine job. Of course, the original Jefferson Airplane song, sung by Marty Balin, is fantastic (and you ought to check out the wonderful live version on the Jefferson Airplane Loves You 3-disc compilation that came out in 1992). If you were to listen to the Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow version back-to-back with Jones', it might be unfair to Jones, so here's just Rickie Lee Jones' version of Comin' Back To Me. Then, a week later, looking through the 88 cent bin at the used record store on St Mark's Pl., I saw her album, Pop Pop, which I quickly nabbed, of course.

Sunday, October 13, 2002
oh please, oh please, Theraflu God, remain effective tonight, while I work, despite me having done 6 packets of you in the last 48 hours.

pissed off, hotlinking, and pornoclips
So, being the freak that I am, I like to check my stats daily to see how my bandwidth is going, and all that other stuff that us blogfreaks do (who's linking to me?, which days do I get the most hits? etc). Friday's stats showed 1.7 gigabytes of bandwidth used - WOAH! A year ago, that was a whole month for me. This morning, I checked and Saturday's usage was over 2gigs. Yikes! Late last night I had pulled the longer HOT HOUSE clip down, thinking I could still afford to share the shorter one. But then I noticed a HUGE number of pulls from some "discussion board" site. Now, some of you have teased me about my mock-complaints - "no one ever thanks me for posting the porno clips, boo-hoo" - so I figure I'll try not to do that anymore, even though I do like the occasional "thank-you" (sidenote: I got two very nice compliments about the unionsuit pic, and despite both being from partnered men, that was very cool and satisfied my need for attention, if only briefly). I've been asked several times why I only post the porno clips for 1-3 days, and before this month, one of the main reasons was bandwidth - I didn't want it getting out of hand, since I'd like the ability to share a lot more with regular readers, and not worry so much about folks Google-searching for "free gay porno clips" having access to that stuff a week or more after initially posting. Once Dreamhost upped my bandwidth to the incredible 25 gigs/month (about 830mb's/day, which is a shitload, man!), I figured I could relax, and leave clips up longer. (But no more than a week, since I need to keep some control over usage, and don't want search engines to pick up on those pages.) But I forgot about those evil "discussion boards" - and they always, ALWAYS "hot link" - using the actual URL of pic files on their own sites, therefore eating MY bandwidth. So I did what I've done in the past - which is I change the file names of the "stolen images" (hey, copy, save, and use your own bandwidth, no problem) - but I was still pissed, and tired of having to do this every few days when one of these discussion boards decides to steal images (sometimes it's merely to make fun of one of my self-pics, and i can take a joke, but sheeesh, download the picture, and host it your damn self already!) I had heard about commands, or whatever, that help prevent this, but always figured it's a pain in the ass to implement. It's not. If I could do it in a mere 15 minutes (and I mean from starting the GOOGLE search, to finding the right page, to generating the code, and uploading it to my site, and sending a thank-you email to the page that provided the code-generator) then anyone can. I had forgotten briefly that I still have stuff on Geocities (hssssssss!), so I had to accomodate for that, but it's real easy to do, I highly recommend everyone with their own webpage use the link above to prevent hotlinking. Rant (nearly) over.

Saturday was a rather uneventful day. After going to bed at 3, got up at 4 to have a theraflu. 9:30 made coffee, napped a bit more, went to work, had more theraflu. 2 pals stopped by work to say hi. Several other good-looking men came in, pretending to want food, and even going so far as to order and buy the stuff, but I knew what they really wanted (people often pay 8-15 bucks just to watch me stuff food in a bag and tell them "thanks, have a nice day" when they're not really hungry). Co-worker late again, so I'm at work an hour later than I'm supposed to be, barely make it home before this headcold thing turns me into a complete ogre. Spend the rest of the night in bed watching Lifetime Made-for-TV-movies (Heather Locklear with multiple personalities, one being a whore, something that must be in her standard contract). Now, up again for some hot Theraflu.

Men with experience in full-body massage welcome to come over before I head off to work again at 6pm.

Saturday, October 12, 2002
4 p m yesterday sneezing my face off while standing in line at the post office. Ugh. took a nap, theraflu, then headed out in the rain to see the Chicks On Speed / Peaches show. All wet from the rain, then add the sweaty dance floor, throw in really loud music that made my gums sore, and a restless night not really getting much sleep, more theraflu.

time to go to work now? ugh.

Friday, October 11, 2002

director: Jack Deveau (1977)

First a note on the clip - it's 12 minutes long, which might be way too big a download for some of you (23mb's), so I'm posting the much briefer Dallesandro clip below, as well (which is included in the longer clip). The long clip begins with the viewing of the 8mm 1960's black and white film, but shifts back and forth between it, Jack Wrangler and Jayson MacBride in another apartment, and the 3 guys viewing the film - so the long clip shows the complete footage of Dallesandro and pal that was featured in Hot House.

Starring: Roger and Jack Wrangler; with Jayson MacBride, Garry Hunt, David Hunter, Eric Streiff, Joe Dallesandro (uncredited), and in a non-sexual role Tray Christopher (Christopher Rage's voice as M.J. Stunning, a radio D.J.). The set-up: Roger and Jack meet while playing racquet ball, and Jack invites Roger home with him, but they are constantly interrupted by neighbors, repairmen, etc. In this scene, Jack has gone upstairs to help neighbor Jayson MacBride, and they smoke a joint and exchange blowjobs. Meanwhile, a neighbor drops by to show a hot film he just acquired, but finds Roger and painter Garry Hunt (Garry having just finished blowing Roger in the bathroom after watching him piss) there instead of Jack. They watch the film and jerk off, until Jack finally re-appears. I think it's a great sequence, and director Deveau owes a lot to his lover Robert Alvarez for once again doing an excellent editing job (the original music is great, too!)

on a more serious note... hardest working ex-President , probably the only one we can be proud of.

Chilly, rainy night, so when I got home after work, I slipped into something more comfortable. I got some ice cream, and slipped under the covers, soon enjoying a nice sleep, only the sounds of the radiator hissing waking me occasionally during the night.

Thursday, October 10, 2002
....oops. Did I promise a pornoclip? Got a bit carried away with a guest this afternoon, I'll try for late tonight after work. Meanwhile, nice to know eBay spends all their time chasing down us horrible people who accidentally use words like "cumming" and leaving "the world's online market place" naughty-free for auction fraud and bid shilling.

OK, so I finally was able to hook something up to work on pornoclips again. So, working on a long and a short version of this, as it's one of those film-with-a-film sequences (Jack Wrangler and Roger are in one room balling, while Garry Hunt and two buddies are jerking off watching the 8mm black and white clip of Andy's pal).

Wednesday, October 09, 2002
BTW, can somebody lend me $4,000 - I have this Spencer Tunick / Christo kinda idea I'm working on.....

...... nodding off with a hand in bag of potato chips. Some delicious flavor of ice cream just before that. Taking a face pic when I got home, the computer froze (maybe i need plastic surgery, hehe). Bike ride home was good. Giggling men in dark corners, oh yeah, some guy YELLING across the room while sitting next to me and the man who's cock I was chomping on (we moved, I think his DNA is still on my chest as I type this). Earlier, alone in the dark corner, playing troll, some hairy belly was soon in my face. Soft warm fur, tasted good. Some Peaches song came on, ball-licking seemed appropriate at that moment. By the time the New Order tune was blasting, the rhythm of his thrusting into my face matched the vibrating walls. More interrruptions, of course, as this place was more for drunkards and gawkers, and another glass fell to the floor, and someone thought it wise to kick it. Safely not-kneeling, it still kinda wrecked the mood momentarily. Earlier, I ran into some pals who said the electroclash 2002 party tonight (wednesday) should be fun. Dunno about that, we'll see how I feel after work.

getting home, this morning

Tuesday, October 08, 2002
pretty as you feel

Might go out tonight, although the cold air sorta makes me wanna stay in, smoke dope, and listen to old music. Also thought about cutting my hair, as it's at that point where i can actually get "hat hair"; but it sort of fits in with the troll look I'm going for, along with the fuzzy beard - so maybe I'll keep it. Fascinating, eh?

Prince covers are notoriously hard to do, as the originals are often outstanding (in my humble opinion) so with hesitation I downloaded Sigue Sigue Sputnik's I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man. At first, I dug the music, but not the vocals. But, having played it 12 times this afternoon (LOUD), and they wisely revved up the music and downplayed the vocals, I think it's quite good. Apparently, they've been busy with all sorts of covers, and even a whole ELVIS (P.) album released only in Japan. (those Japenese seem to always get that stuff, but then again, aren';t they responsible for CHEAP TRICK getting popular, ugh). Needless to say, I tried to get some of those, but with the exception of one Led Zeppelin, couldn't find more. Maybe later.

Can someone explain this to me, please?

Garsh, why do I seem to get up earlier on my days off? Must be that I have a lot of errands to do, but stuff I enjoy. Post office for shipping porn (YEAH!!! you can't imagine how much I've missed that - even the postal clerks there keep asking - WHEN'S BUSINESS GONNA PICK UP? - how cool). It did feel great to send out those few invoices yesterday. My absolute favorite style cockring sold (the cock/ball divider, which I wear ALL the time, I highly recommend it), so I'm giving it one more day's wear before shipping. Have been in touch with my wholesaler - he lives in a trailer park in Jersey, no phone, so I have to snailmail him. His merchandise codes and prices have changed, so he sent me back some info so I can place a new order. He's a real nice older guy (older than me, even!), who loves to chat about the "old days" of having an adult toy store in NYC, so it's always a hoot when he comes with a delivery. What else, what else? Oh, going to BROOKLYN again this week, ELECTROCLASH 2002 comes thru town, and Chicks On Speed and Peaches perform, along with some lesser-known, but sure to be interesting acts on Friday. My pal actually dictated to me what to wear - this old Sigue Sigue Sputnik t-shirt I have lying around somewhere.

Monday, October 07, 2002
For those of you who haven't checked out My eBay auctions, I've added some John Preston Alex Kane paperbacks, and some MEN magazines, here's a peek.

I'm not one to analyze my weekend, especially since up until recently, weekends merely meant more folks on the street and in my way. But now that I have a part-time out of the house job, with Fridays off, the weekend topic comes up more often. Friday was a relaxing day, with the usual feeble attempts at AOL hook-ups that go no where -

NycXXXXmm [12:06 PM]: hello
BJland [12:06 PM]: hey man
NycXXXXmm [12:07 PM]: what's going on?
BJland [12:07 PM]: coffee, laundry, morning stuff
NycXXXXmm[12:07 PM]: yeah where are u again?
BJland [12:08 PM]: lower east side
NycXXXXmm[12:08 PM]: ok home uws here work midtown
NycXXXXmm [12:09 PM]: we chatted last week
BJland [12:09 PM]: thought the screenname looked familiar
BJland [12:09 PM]: whatas the "mm" mean?
NycXXXXmm[12:10 PM]: had to add an extra m was originally for male
BJland [12:10 PM]: ah
NycXXXXmm[12:10 PM]: changed accounts lost screen name etc
NycXXXXmm[12:10 PM]: also very oral and love hairy men!
BJland [12:11 PM]: cool
NycXXXXmm [12:12 PM]: u looking to play?
BJland [12:13 PM]: gee, kinda far. and not sure what you mean by "discreet" - usually not me
NycXXXXmm [12:14 PM]: discreet meaning safe d/d
NycXXXXmm [12:14 PM]: neg here u?
BJland [12:14 PM]: that's DISCREET?
NycXXXXmm [12:15 PM]: maybe I should change it to selective
BJland [12:15 PM]: hmmm
BJland [12:15 PM]: anyway, i guess we woudldnt be a match, good luck
NycXXXXmm [12:15 PM]: too bad I thought we would

of course, late that night, seeing Andy's show was great. I am still absorbing it, actually. I know lots of other folks (blogger-types) have written glowing things about it, all with the GO SEE IT in caps and bold with lots of these - !!!!! - and while I whole-heartedly agree, I am having trouble coming up with more than the simple "it's fun, I laughed so hard my butt hurtz," and "I can't believe how well he captivated the audience" - so let me think some more and get back to that topic. His program had nice thank-you's in it, and an invite to join him and other friends for drinks afterwards, which I had initially fully intended to go. But after the show, I didn't feel up for standing around and sharing thoughts on the show - hope that doesn't sound awful, but despite having seen an earlier incarnation of the show a year ago, it still really grabbed me, and I needed time to absorb, have my own thoughts to myself for awhile. Wisely, I excused myself and told one person I'd meet up with them later, and took a 20-minute bike ride around the neighborhood. Was smart. The performance sank in some more, and I was feeling more social after that. Good thing - I had a great time, talking more to some folks I barely knew, and talking to a few folks who were new to me. And ANDY was as high as a kite - deservedly so (and figuratively, of course) - while he made it out to be more like "glad so many friends came" - I think he also knew what an excellent job he had done, how far his performance had come, and how much it grabbed the audience. So, drinks, flirtations, and by 4 am the last few of us finally left. Saturday's work was good, but having gotten only 4 or 5 hours sleep, I did NOTHING Saturday night, diddle around Sunday, worked Sunday night, and diddled a bit at home last night before passing out.

Hmmm. I haven't managed to do anything about the broken VCR, which was what I used to play tapes so I can convert them to digital format, so you're stuck with seeing me acting like a caged animal (well, you don't have to click my face and see, it's up to you). Well, it's not like I got more than 3 emails regarding the 5 gigabytes of porn clips for just one week's postings..... not that I'm complaining. I was gonna save this for Xmas or thereabouts, as it has more of a "winter theme", but since I seem to have this rep of being, gee, I don't know what, but I'm told I'm nicer in person, so I guess that's good. Just not sure what to make of this alleged vibe I give off here. Maybe it's the AOL chats I post (like I'd post the ones making an ass out of myself drooling over someone - HA!) - I'd rather post a brief video clip of me making an ass out of myself in the privacy of my own apartment.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

The Wrong Jail

"It was a travesty and it was anachronistic, to be sitting here in what purported to be the office of a jail, with this young woman dressed as a police officer, and these others dressed in khaki pants and blouses, with the coronet-braided Dorina, and her sheriff's star, and all of them including himself subservient to the dictates of this magnificent, imposing redhead whose costume was what one might expect to find at a models' and artists' ball, or perhaps some secret cult of fetish-worship. Here, with the sun streaming in through the windows, on the single street of an unchartered little town, he, Brad Norton from New York City, was about to be tried and judged and sentenced for a crime he couldn't have known about.

For the crime of being a mere man."

This is the book I am currently reading - I like taking a paperback with me to work for downtime, and this one has plenty of laugh-out-loud lines; mostly these long, long descriptions of women and thier "widely-spaced upstanding, superbly round breasts," "resilent hemispheres of her bare quaking buttocks," and of course, "richly turbulent loveglobes." And every woman in this book has flaring nostrils. Is that something straight men look for?

Saturday, October 05, 2002
nice, er, t-shirt

The star gets in the cab, I say goodbye to the other two remaining fans, hop on my bike, and turn onto Delancey, following the cab briefly as it speeds up to cross the Williamsburg Bridge, the rain just starting. Was a very good night. Excellent show; great folks to hang out with after. Goodnight.

Friday, October 04, 2002

"What you're about to see is not really a story, it's more like a family album - of a sex club that used to meet on 42nd street."

I don't normally post a pornoclip with a warning - but as the name implies, Christopher Rage's Sleaze is just that. So you might want to close your office door, and keep the volume to a respectable level. I'm not a fan of his work, quite honestly, but this video is good, (and the trailer is FANTASTIC!) and one of the few (if not only one) that he did on film. But, I do know that he's been an inspiration for many experimental gay porn videomakers, and certainly someone who's work you should seek out if you are into really nasty (some is REALLY nasty!), hardcore stuff. I do give him credit for having some cool ideas, and the balls to try them out; I'm just not too keen on his execution. But he's had quite a career, from the early 70's working with Jack Deveau, and the gang at Hand In Hand Films, helping others like Roy Garrett get into the business, plus his own work (directing, editing, advertising, soundtrack, acting, etc). Check out this semi-comprehensive list of his work. Sleaze is about a group of men who meet in an abandoned building on 42nd St for sex; fairly straight-forward, eh? Starring: Casey Donovan, Daniel Holt, Scorpio, Chris Rage, Jed Black, Joe Ryder, David Stoner. Cinematography and editing credits shared by Rage and Arch Brown.

note to HOT MAN IN S/W who said "yes, please" to the Joe Dallesandro clip: my VCR went on the fritz this morning, so it may be a few days - my apologies.

So, I'm very excited to be going to Potty Mouth tonight. I saw Andy's show last fall, in an earlier incarnation, and it was just great. I hadn't yet met him, but had been reading his blog off and on and thought it could be interesting (hell, it was cheap and close by) (Actually, the self-pics on his page got me hot, what with those eyebrows and all, but that's another story) Anyway, the cool thing was that while I had hoped to be entertained, and was certainly in the frame of mine for some laughs, I wound up being thoroughly surprised by the level of intimacy and sensuality portrayed, even in the laugh-out-loud guffawing moments. We've become friends since then, but you can still get my unbiased first impressions of the preformance from that night last November by reading my old post.

If you're local, make a point of going. If you're not, need I remind you that Autumn in New York is the best time to visit, and air fares are cheap (and us men are even cheaper!) So, come to the show, check out Andy's pages, and at the very least, send him a "break a leg" message (that's what they do in showbiz, right?)

Thursday, October 03, 2002

designated cocksucker
I have to say, I was pretty irritable for a good chunk of Monday merely because the Sunday night activity in the backroom was pretty lame. How sad is that? Two meager attempts, both initiated by the other guy, were far far less than satisfying. The first guy is someone I've seen around for at least two years. I'd see him at The Cock on off nights, back when the backroom was open 7 nights a week. Nice face, nice bod, very nice, thick, full cock. Not every time we'd see each other back there we'd connect, but often enough, and sometimes with another guy or two involved. He's even whispered in my ear when another guy was going down on him ("damn, you're much better than this guy") little compliments. So, the other night, I see he's got some guy dangling off his meat, and I start to watch (I love to watch, remember that for future reference). He spots me, smiles mildly, and as I get a bit closer, he reaches out, strokes my chest a bit, lightly touches the back of my neck, that sort of thing. His partner comes up for air, and he pushes me down. Only semi-erect, it gets fairly hard in my mouth real fast, as I also tug lightly at his balls, stroke his calves, etc. Looking up, he's making out with the other guy, a 4th guy comes up, the crowd gets too intense and pushy, I come up for air. I'm not very competitive in these situations, and as the crowd intensified, and others were attempting access, I slowly backed away. Taking a breather, I got a beer, walked around, but returned soon enough. Different guys surrounding him, this time two guys working on his slab, and he touches my back, lightly pulling me in. More soft stroking on my chest as he holds one of the guy's head down on his cock. When that guy lets it drop out of his mouth, I am encouraged to go down. Down there, I look up, his balls taste good, his cock is getting hard again over my face, I do my best to stuff it all in, and he's making out with someone. Don't get me wrong, it tastes good, it feels good, but somehow it's just not very satisfying. I get up, he has this slight disappointed look, tries the light stroking thing, then turns to kiss some other guy. Yup, that's it. Multiple mouths on his, but mine is only good for one thing. Hmmmmmmm.

More cruising around the bar, a bottle of water, some weed, watch some guy briefly stroke his slab at the urinal next to mine, a return trip to the backroom (the place is fairly small, so other than the bar, and the bathroom, there's nothing to do or see 'cept in the backroom). Here a tallish man walks past, slows down, we are able to make eye contact in the dark, and he pauses, he reaches out to me, and as I try to kiss his neck, he drops down. He has a handsome, strong face, but he wants to bury it in my crotch right away. I comply. I stroke his face with my hands, hold his head down firmly, and try to reach down with my mouth. He pulls back, still kneeling, staring straight at my cock. I attempt to gesture a "come up here and make out with me" look, but he tries more head. He's not terribly good (watch the teeth), but earnest, so for another minute or two I pump away. He pulls off again, still kneeling, staring at it. Not sure what I'm supposed to do (or maybe I'm just playing stupic cuz I don't want to play this particular game anymore), I try again, in vain, to get him back up near my face. No dice, he seems distracted, I zip up, go for another beer.

Yeah, it's the kissing thing. I can't pretend it's always a requirement for me, and there certainly are guys who I'll "do" but don't necessarily want to kiss, but it bummed me out, this compartmentalization of sex. "You lick my thigh; hey you, put your tongue on the left side of my butthole; hey big guy, nibble on my left earlobe." I suppose if i was the guy who could command men to do that, I might try it. But I'm not; and honestly, as much as I've enjoyed anonymous sex, I like it to be much more passionate, more affectionate, and more about the whole person (or at least the whole body of that other person). Rut. I'm in a bit of a rut. I work nights, and I keep forgetting that there's plenty of things to do during the day other than haunting AOL chatrooms or looking thru the pics on I guess for the casual sex thing, I need to be a bit more realistic. Sure, I need to get my rocks off and I know I ain't quitting backrooms, pornotheatres, or chatrooms. But, if it ain't affectionate during our 2nd time together, there ain't gonna be a third time. Now get that huge, thick, full, hard throbbing cock out of my face. I mean it this time.


Bruno's Screen Test

If you dig hairy, mature, thick-dicked men with facial hair, you'll love Bruno, one of my all-time favorites (I would be in heaven munching on his ass). Check out him showering in this screen test for C/O/L/T (they're real sticklers for copywrite infringement, so SHHHHHHH!) I don't think Bruno's ever been in a movie where he speaks, just the old loops for C/O/L/T and Target (his Target films show up in the Bullet compilation videos). Go ahead, blast the music, no one will know you're watching gay porno from the 70's!

Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Hmmmm, only 800mb's used up yesterday; gonna be harder than I thought to use up all that extra bandwidth, but let's try some music - Saint Etienne's Boy Is Crying remix: Bjork's It's In Our Hands arcade remix; and something from the new (upcoming?) Saint Etienne album, amateur.

Hey, I might even take requests, so lemme know if there's a porno clip you'd like to see........ (Jack Wrangler getting a blowjob in a helicopter, the joe dallesandro black and white clip from Hot House, Al Parker in Turned On with all the guys in jockstraps and Sky Dawson masks..... whatever!)

The Back Row

"Sit back; watch your life go by"

Director: Doug Richards (aka Jerry Douglas) (1972)

George Payne (in his first film) spots Casey Donovan (in his 3rd gay porno film) at New York's Port Authority bus terminal, follows him down into the subway, and eventually into an adult movie theatre. George is painfully shy, and reticent, but Casey has no trouble getting it on with several of his fellow patrons. The sloppy, cummy scene in the Men's Room near the end is great, and you know it wasn't duplicated properly in the 2001 Chi Chi LaRue remake ("facials", maybe; cum-gobbling, no). Music composed and conducted by William R. Cox. (the theme song from this film is very similar to Everybody's Talkin', from Midnight Cowboy. Starring: Casey Donovan, George Payne, Robin Anderson, David Knox, Warren Carlton, Chris Villette, Arthur Graham and Robert Tristan.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002
Well, this morning's strategy seemed to work - I got up early, got a nice quick whack-off before 10 a.m., and was out the door doing errands before 11! I'm usually barely making the coffee as noon rolls around, so that was good. And then someone pops up on AOL and wants to cum over for some head around 5:30, got here in 5 minutes, and as we'd done it before, it was quick, heated, and fun. But, um, I iz horny again, dang it. And auctions are up (15 videos on eBay, 2 cockrings on Naughtybids, with more to cum).

since we broke up, I'm using lipstick again......

Bjork at Riverside Chapel, NYC, September 5th, 2001; with Matmos and Zeena Parkins.

eat my bandwidth!
Ok, so yesterday I was a little down (hungover, "uneventful" night at the Cock's backroom); I should've been happier once I learned I have 25 GB's/month now from Dreamhost (mmmmmmmmm, so much porn, so little time). So, I've got 7 days to burn 16GB's of bandwidth, hope y'all are ready for some more Bjork and lots o' porn!! Woke up real early, put some coffee on, and enjoyed the rising sun's warmth on my face as I sat and read a bit from The Erotic World of Peter de Rome (his autobigraphy). Can you imagine having your first sexual experiences in the late 1930's, and then making a handful of fantastic porno films in the 70's??? So cool. Anyways, it's my day off, but have tones to do, but hope to have a Bjork video up later, and maybe I'll try to dig up that Bruno "audition" shower scene I have buried somewhere in this pornhole I live in...........

That Boy

director: Peter Berlin (1975)

The second of only two films he appeared in, this one Berlin wrote, directed, and produced, as well. A simple tale of a young lad trying to find true love, constantly hit on, poor Peter finally finds a lover who can see the real him in a young blind man. Some of the brief glimpses of hippies in San Francisco, and Berlin's clothes are just priceless.