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pornology: the science or study of the origin, development,
and functioning of pornography

my interest is narrower, of course. I "study" gay male pornography from the 1970's, through the early to middle 1980's, when video (unfortunately) replaced film as the medium for capturing and displaying movies about gay men having sex

for many reasons, these films have become my obsession

  • personal nostalgia: When i was young, figuring out my own sexuality, I would spend hours and hours in porno theatres, watching Jack Wrangler, Al Parker, Bruno and the rest up on the big screen.
  • quality of film: Richer, fuller, more sensual than video
  • a unique time for gay men - the only mass medium, really, that told stories by, for, and about gay men and their sex lifes - and those films that had "plots" - whether a thin thread to show the sex scenes, or inspired, bizarre films like The Destroying Angel based on a work by Edgar Allan Poe, involving a priest having doubts about his calling... I am fascinated by all these
  • the setting: No fast forward button; often with sex going on around you in the aisles, or in some area behind the movie screen; you might even see only bits of a film, take a "break" in the back, and come back and see more bits - or, like me, you might've seen a porn film many times in one night, or in one week, cuz you hung out with a few joints, cruised the movie theatre, hearing the sounds of it while you were behind the screen....

i hope to expand my webpages greatly as I uncover, learn, analyze, and enjoy my sometimes obsessive interest in this topic. "Donations" - your insights, old mags, tips on webpages with info, videos, pics, etc, are greatly appreciated. (I buy and sell the stuff, partly to supplement my income, partly to expand my knowledge....so, donations, trades, loans, are helpful and appreciated).

it's moving slow, but here is what i've got so far
i'll try my best to put an "update" note each time I add, or update, a page



Directors like Joe Gage and Steve Scott, of course, the guys from Hand In Hand Films like Jack Deveau and Tom DeSimone

HEY I've come across a few PORNO STAR FAN SITES(shrines) - not that easy to find, surprisingly, without lots of banner ads advertising teen porn, or lead-ins to the "good stuff" which cost money or a memebership. gosh, 2 of the ones I listed are already gone! So, check these out, let me, or them, know what you think!
please send me sites you know of, so I can link them here!

OUT-CYCLOPEDIA An online resource and referance guide for The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Communities (lots of bios - including porn stars)

Jack Radcliffe shrine - hairy bearded bear!

GAY EROTIC VIDEO INDEX - fantastic resource for looking up gay porn stars and videos

Scott O'Hara

Keith Anthoni classic guy, seen in several Joe Gage/Mac Larson films - while this isn't a great site (yup, the "good stuff" you need a membership for) I think it's worth checking out cuz it gives you a bit of background on this sexy, very well-hung man!

allkink ok, so it's NOT a porn star site, but since I don't really have a "LINKS" page, and this is THE place to start if you are into jockstraps.....

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