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Friday, April 28, 2006

Director: Steve Scott (1982)

Starring: Al Parker, Sky Dawson, Beau Matthews, Jim King (AKA J.W. King), Gian Carlos, Joel Thomas, Greg Dale, Jim Rodgers, Bob Moore, John Trent, Lee Brubaker, Rick Faulkner; special appearance by Scott Taylor; cameos by Mike Davis and Steve Taylor.

Quick plot summary - Al Parker is a horned up dude on the prowl. Stops in his local bar, grabs a beer (from sexy bartender Beau Matthews) and spots sexy FALCON star Sky Dawson. Then he disappears from view, and Al spends the rest of the film trying to find Dawson. First the Men's Room, where instead he finds some guy in a stall stroking himself, so Al readily accepts a blowjob, then screwS the guy, barely pulling his levis down enough to get his massive meat out; next he's dreaming about a locker room, where there's a big juicy (and usually uncut) cock in each locker, so he must suck off all of them. Then a bathhouse, where he does two squeaky clean muscle guys, rims and screws handsomest-cub-ever-in-a-porno (see psot from yesterday), then competes with Sky Dawson blowing all sorts of menses in jockstraps, then there's this clone-fantasy, where Sky and Al again compete showing off their skills with other guys; a married man, a cowboy, a construction worker, a leather man etc. (sounds like a good idea for a disco group!) Al Finally gets the chance to get it on with Dawson, when he realizes he works at the bathhouse and begins to sign a membership application in order to chat up Mr. Dawson, but once again he's distracted, as hot hunky MIKE DAVIS walks out, and Al follows. End of movie. I was sooooooooooo rooting for cubbie, who's cock we only see for a moment, and we never see it again, nor he! But he' such a doll, isn't he? that cute face, and adorabel edible ass, I could..... well, I think Steve Scott is fantastic, making a hot sexy film that you can't keep your hands off yourself watching, and yet still has thin, yet interesting "plot" - gay man wants other, but only while he can't actually obtain him; once he can, he moves on to another. Blah blah blah... enjoy the clip, which begins just after Al has seemingly had his fill at the lockers, and handsomest-cub-ever-in-a-porno appears, but looks too happy and eager to see AL, hence his non-interest. GRRRRRRRR!! So Al has barely finished cumming all over cubbie's back, but spots Dawson again, and wanders off - WHAT A FUCKER!!! GRRRRRRrrrrrrr!!!!Meanwhile, I'm selling on eBay.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

director: Jack Deveau (1977)

Starring: Hugh Allen, David Gorsky, Myles Longue (aka Ed Wiley), Bobby Cruz, Rit Young, and Steve Dory.

This movie has EVER-Y-THING!! Myles Longue sucking cock (and getting his sucked, of course) Vegetables (well, up lovely David Gorsky's butt - pixilated in this version, alas!), DAVID GORSKY (that mustached Mediterranean look is what made me want to move to NYC 20some years ago), elevator sex, elevator shaft sex, phonerepairmen (David Gorsky again - oops) - anyway, it's a great little film, nearly 30 years old - and I'm selling a BIJOU VIDEO version on eBay (the buttplay stuff is blurred to counter various state laws I think).

handsomest man in one of my favorite films

I've seen this film many many times over the years, and I still can't get over how little screen time this gorgeous cub gets. Looking the scene over again today (hoping to post a clip later, or tomorrow) I can see that, despite my personally preferences to see more of this guy, thematically, it works. He's in a sex club, casually getting some water when he sees another handsome, bearded guy (the star of the film). But the other guy, while smiling back, doesn't get interested right away; instead he goes after a pair of faceless muscle queens, kneeling before them and gobbling up their thick hard cocks. Meanwhile, our little cub here pops into the hot tub, still no action, then gets out and bends over the tub, showing off one of the cutest asses I've seen in awhile (on film, that is). Finally the other guy comes over, and buries his face in cub-ass, then tops him. BUT ---- GRRRRRRRR! he's so uinterested in this cub, he even imagines he's topping someone else (the other main star of the film, handsome and all, but still...) Anyway, it works with the theme - basically that the CHASE is what matters here, and gay men are so fickle that they lose interest as soon as they've obtained the object of their affections.... but still, we don't even get to see this hot little hairy cub pop his load!!! - and I don't think he's ever done another film! GRRRRRR!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
"The Sultan of Solo Sex"

Director: Steve Scott (1979)

Starring: Adam Mitchell, Brian Woods, Tex Morgan, Mike Daniels, Dan Parker, Steve Lessing, John Parker,Rich Cummings, and Nick Rodgers (DATA-BOY '78 "best phyisque"); and introducing Scott Taylor

Runing off to work, some details later, probably.....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Mr. Joseph's Parlor of Tonsorial Art

Whenever i feel a bit too scruffy, I hop on the 3rd avenue bus and head uptown and get my tonsorals worked on....

Monday, April 24, 2006
not enuf time for links to auctions, but here's pics

clicking pics will give you additional pics from the magazines I'm selling (thanks to PERMA-BULGE)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Along with the box of magazines I got from PERMA-BULGE came a few photosets, but I can't figure out who this guy is. I realize I might have more luck getting an I.D. if i showed a clearer face pic, but I thought this was a great shot.

Friday, April 21, 2006
hot hint of hidden talents

Another MANDATE magazine fell into my lap yesterday, this one from August of 1977. This has Mike Davis's first appearance in print apparently, courtesy of COLT STUDIOS, as COLT was about to release various products with Mr Davis (the film loop Timberwolves w/ Al Parker, and GALLERY 16, one of those great COLT "digest sized" photomagazines) Anyhoo, a bit more about Mike is here on my brief Mike Davis filmography/videography page.

Thursday, April 20, 2006
nice package

I'm at the post office, checking my box for pornochecks, and have a notice that i have two packages! Yeah - I am expecting 3, 2 of which i know are on the way as my check has cleared my bank, blah blah blah. But then I see the shape of the boxes as the clerk is bringing them out to me, and feel disappointed. No big box of videos; a box with a book for Mom, and one odd Priority Mail box that is too big for the single video I am expecting, and way way too small for the big box of videos I was hoping would arrive.

But, as I get the boxes, I see the return address, a pal I affectionately refer to as "perma-bulge" as he has sent me many packages before, most notably used swimgear, jocks, and other such sexy stuff that has, well, a permanent worn-in bulge in the crotch that can be a bit intimidating when you don't quite fill it! SO I rush home with the heavy box wondering what it is (he's also sent videos, etc that he's tired of...). When I get home I quickly rip it open and - BOOM! a box of magazines, about a dozen COLT's, a few Mandates, even some COLT photo-sets! And there, as I quickly sort thru, looking up at me with those sultry, questioning Cuban eyes, one eyebrow slightly arched, is my man - the one and only BRUNO. A Mandate issue from 1983, promising exclusive new pics from his first photo session in 4 years!

Now, as I am panting and breathing heavy, of course I realize these photos I've seen before. Back when I first got a home computer and first went on the internet, it wasn't long before I realize I could easily access porn. I have a BRUNO File Folder with over a 100 pics, many from those first few months online, hunting for hairy naked man-pics. Ahhhhhh. Familiar and reassuring as they are, just holding them so close, no silly computer screen low-res images, but here, mass produced for thousands of fans, 11 pages of hairyheaven, I feel a new appreciation for those hairy forearms, those grabable pecs, and that thick, thick, edible.........

beard! OH-MY-GOD! are these the only pics of him with that amazing facerug?? GRRRRRR!howlGRRRRwoof!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Director: Brad Braverman (1995)

Starring: (from FETISH:) Dolph Knight, Rod Abbott, Sean Hunter, Chad Knight, Nick Romano, Jason Ross, Kevin Ross, Les Stine;(from RAWSHOCK:) Alex Wild, Coy Dekker, Craig Giant, Ken Dahl, Marc Saber, and Michaeljohn; (from Dis-connected:) Aiden Shaw, Mark Steel, Randy White, Wes Daniels, Shane Gear, Bill Marlowe, Brian Harris, Rob Cryston; (from HUSH:) Aiden Shaw, Alex Wild, Clint Benedict, Craig Giant, Curt Camden, Marc Saber

I first saw one of Brad Braverman's videos about 10 years ago because, of course, AIDEN SHAW (god) was in one. Vampire fangs, poetry written on bodies, something like that - erotic, different, a bit pensive and.... oh, anyway..... VIDEO STILLS and clicky-click to see movieclip means BJ is selling something and he wants you to get charged up looking and then go over to eBay and clicky-click some numbers. I'm selling an OOP (Out Of Print) copy (in box - woo-hoo!!) of what might've been his last film - RAWSHOCK (1995) - Pissed was made in the same year, so might really be the last one, but (for now, anyway) I am keeping that.

"Man shares an afternoon of passion with his lover - or is that his pit bull? - on a couch. Guy gets slapped around then raped - or is that loved? - by his boyfriend. Fellow strokes his lover - who's lying dead in a hospital bed.'That's my ultimate seduction: getting someone to watch an act of necrophilia,' says artist/ graphic designer/ erotic film maker Bradley Braverman." - see the rest of the Brad Braverman piece here. Meahwhile, I'm selling RAWSHOCK on eBay; and you can look at a promo video encompassing most of his (I think) five videos by....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
.....more from that magazine i ought not be selling

Sunday, April 16, 2006

2 photographs from an auction that should be going up later tonight - I can't show these images on eBay, as these men as touching themselves. I think the blond is JEFF, from a 1974 film, Brentwood #227, where the superhung young blond jerks off on a rather small bed. Somewhat amusing that he put them in this small bed, but, of course, his cock is rather mesmerizing so you kinda forget to laugh. The other guy, and again this is a guess, might be from one of two Hot Glory Hole films form Brentwood from that same year - but who knows? Also in the BRENTWOOD that I am selling, a bunch of BRUNO pics, 3 great Gary Boyd pics, and a nice looking young fellow named HAWK is prominently featured.

Saturday, April 15, 2006
Corey Monroe

Of course, that's cute little blond Corey Monroe below; who you may remember from such films as: Bait, Black Lust, White Passion; The Spirit Is Willing, PUMP, Sticky Business, Hey Tony! What's the Story?; The Best Stallions, and of course, Falcon's Spring Break. That's the one where Corey goes back with Uncle Chad (HUGE Chad Douglas) to Chad's apartment. There, they talk about sports and college, with Chad stroking himself under the glass covered table. It's not long before Chad moves his humongous thing up and plunks it on top of the table (with a loud THUD!), and startled, but willing & quite eager, Corey does the acrobatic thing on Chad's thing thing.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I can't identify these gentlemen. The first, the blond, is in a 1987 DRUMMER magazine I am about to post for auction; mid/late 1980's videos, possibly Falcon - here he is in a photospread that was also included in the re-issue of Larry Townsend's Run, Little Leather Boy. Tip of my tongue, I swear, but I'd like to identify him in the auction if possible. The other is an early/mid 1980's photo - the mustached guy is sucking off Daniel Holt; it's in one of those annoying magazines that not only doesn't identify the models - but thinks it's being funny, calling them Curly, Moe, and Larry. The third guy, not pictured here, CURLY, is black. hardy-har-har!

Any help is mucho appreciato!!


"Open the fuckin' mouth, you sonuvabitch. C'mon, fucker!"

Director: Roger Earl (1975)

Starring: Val Martin, Steve Richards, John Detour, Eric Lansing, Tiger John, David Andrews, and Quave Dalton

Enjoy the clip, and Yes, yes, since I have two copies of this fantastic video, I am selling one on eBay. I love cool title sequences (hell, Alfred Hitchcock got his start that way), and this one has that batman-theme like guitar, the posed bodies with title cards (check out Quave Dalton's!) and the easy segueing into the movie's action. I'm fairly sure I've shown this clip before, but this film seems to go in and out of print on VHS, and I am selling one of my copies. I first got mine many years ago, online (eBay), when I couldn't find it anywhere; then a TomofFinland site offered it, as well as other Roger Earl films known as the "Dungeons of Europe" series - now it's gone. Bijou Video had it for awhile, now they show a listing, but both DVD and VHS "no longer available" - oh well. So, here's hoping someone wants my extra copy, one re-released sometime in the 1980's or 1990's by LIVE VIDEO (that's Christopher
Rage's video company; check out 1980's Mandates, Honchos, etc for ads for various videos he sold via mail order). Val Martin is THE ORIGINAL daddy - predating Mr. Richard Locke by a few years (Locke became known as a daddy before he even hit 40 - egads!) I digress, you're used to it - Enjoy the clip!

Thursday, April 13, 2006
testing, testing.... posting a clip from this, er - FRIDAY am.

In The Heart Of The Moon

A few weeks back, I am working and someone had left their copy of Rolling Stone over by the take-out counter. It's a Monday afternoon, and I am bored shitless, so I pick it up to skim. There was a brief piece on how an artist I happen to have two albums by, Ali Farka Toure (fantastic guitarist from Mali), had passed away. I made a note to myself and stuck it in my pocket, to go back and listen to those albums, as well as to check out what, if anything, he's made since then. Late that night, after spending sometime on SOULSEEK looking, I saw something unfamiliar, called In The Heart of The Moon, which I discovered later was a collaboration with another Malian musician, Toumani Diabate, who plays a lute-harp-like instrument called a kora. After hearing only a few tunes, I had to have the album, and ordered it on Amazon (along with the new Prince CD). Just - - f*&kin' - - A - MAZING! Here's a sample tune, Kala; and a good piece from the Washington Post about Ali Farka Toure.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
lazy blogging
running out the door to dentist. Then track down the boyfriend for a rare WEDNESDAY NIGHT together. Meanwhile, PRINCE's BOAT PEOPLE, (last track, new album, 3121) is annoying the neighbors, but it's too loud for me to hear them. Most days my mood is more for my newest favorite album, In The Heart Of The Moon from Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate. That one I listen to at least twice a day since getting it last week. Remind me to post something from each album - later!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

oh yeah.....selling this magazine on eBay; but you can click on his, um, pic, and see more without going thru eBay.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Director: directed by: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. (1984)

Starring: Richard Locke, Daniel Holt, Johnny Dawes, Robert Vega, Andrew Dupree, Jon Bascamp, Dean Johnson

Long OOP - Out Of Print, this is Richard Locke's last film. One of the many "film-within-a-film" plots that I really love. Daniel Holt plays a porn director making a film called "Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Daddy" and the film shows the making of the movie, as well as Holt's flashbacks to his relationship with Johnny Dawes, now his ex; as well as Holt spying on his neighbors (Vega and Jon Bascamp) through his binoculars; and Holt daydreaming that he's in his new film, having sex with the great RICHARD LOCKE (that's the scene I'm (partially) showing here, along with Mr Johnson's, er, johnson plowing Mr Dupree). Dean Johnson (who later created Rock and Roll Fag Bar and HomoCorps, as well as bands Dean & The Weenies, and Velvet Mafia) plays the role of an NYU college kid who answers a classified ad from a Daddy (Richard Locke). And you get to catch glimpses of Bressan at work; a truly fantastic film!

Enjoy the clip, and Yes, yes, since I have two copies (IN BOX!!) of this fantastic video, I am selling one on eBay.

Friday, April 07, 2006
wanna fuck? I'll meet you in the living room in 10 seconds

"Good Evening. My name is Arachne; welcome to the club."

director: Jack Deveau (1974)

Starring: Mary Jim Sstunning (a.k.a. Christopher Rage) as Arachne; Mark Luna, Mark Woodward, Peter de Rome, Peter Fersen, Shawn Roberts, Michael Corrigan, Frank Ventgen, Brian Destazio, Richard Abel, Jack Brusca, Harvey Shamber, Jaap Penraat, Stan Glinter, S.V. Newman, and John Fromme
In the disco: Freeman Freeman, Chris Ritter, Avery Addison, Bill Gillers, Steven Sampson, Bill Fitter, Jim Case, Ted Valkus, Renfroe Meyer, Lorrenzo Lasalle, Arch Fairbanks, Denny Mans, Arch Hilborn, Ray Frank, Chris Mobley, Al Kelms; In the Steamroon: Marty Marks, Rusty Lewis, Tray Christopher, Nick Shulman, Paul Turley, Rober Alvarez, Clif Dover, Jack Deveau, Mark Sayles, Joe Gun, Seth Poole; In the Locked Room: George Culver, W. Grippo, Marvin Desimone, John Willard, Paul Conaway, Frederick C. Mongue II; In the Dungeon: Curtis Brtown, Carlyle Taylor, Cal Mansour, Kenric Hawley, Joaquin Mineo, Richard Morrisey; In the Water Bucket: Harold Reardon, and Under the Blade: Kenric Brown.

You want plot, I'll give you plot. A villainess drag queen (played incredibly by Christopher Rage) has a plan to kidnap a government scientist who's developed a drug to eliminate the (male) sex drive. But secret agent Clark (Kirk Luna) is on the case. Sounds amazing, with a screenplay by Christopher Rage, over 50 people in the cast, great cameo appearance by Peter De Rome (who directed such fantastic films as Adam & Yves, The Destroying Angel and had a plan that never materialized to make a gay porno version of Grand Hotel! - he even had preliminary talks with BRUNO to be in it.... oh, but I digress), a fantastic original score by David Earnest, and fantastic, fantastic editing by the director's lover, Bob Alvarez (who I think has been assisting BIJOU VIDEO in their efforts to re-release the HAND IN HAND film catalogue on DVD. Even Jack Brusca had his hand in this, designing the titles, as well as allowing his artwork to be used as backdrops. It's just a fantastic film, more than sex, but an actual peak at gay life in the 70's (OK, so we didn't all hang around drag queens stealing government secrets, nor have great Manhattan apartments; but heck, whadyawant from me?).... Enjoy the clip, and Yes, yes, I'm selling on eBay.

i thought i was supposed to be getting those other videos clips ready... (I am, I am; not to worry) Why am i up so early, and why am i so happy??? let's see, there's the now twice-weekly stop at Trader Joe's on 14th st (frozen latkes, or Key Lime Cheesecake for breakfast?), the rediscovery of one of the best websites on the, um, web - bjork remix web archive - for example: Venus As A Boy - Always On Top Remix (not to worry, I donated a few bucks for their bandwidth, and this tune is coming off my bandwidth); some emails from folks saying HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY, which of course is way way way cool; and not to mention a night with the handsomest, sweetest man on the planet, my goofy boyfriend.

OK, so you might think i shouldn't add "goofy" to my description, but picture this: Late in the night, I'm sleeping in his bed, and feel what I think is a buttmassage. Nice, firm strong hands on my, ya know, and then a funny feeling that I realize is... What the F%&K are you DOING!!??? and his giggling uncontrollably as he continues his evil plan.. Stop THONGIFYING my underwear, you f%^kin' PERVERT!! - the crazy man is hiking up the seat of my white briefs into my ass to create a friggin' thongeffect as I leap out of bed as my only defense (he's bigger than me). It must be five in the morning, and he's laughing his ass off, knowing I have this (quite rational) fear of thongs. SHHHEEEESH!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Director: Tony Prince (1981)

Starring: J.W. King, Chris Burns, Todd Marshall, Ray Medina (AKA Julio Campas, R.W. Stone), Sky Dawson, Mike Kelly (aka Eric Stryker, Noel Kemp)

you know the story - poor little country boy (Chris "I've never met a dildo I couldn't take" Burns) gets nabbed by three farmhands who need to get their rocks off. Now, when you've got the likes of Ray Medina (who you all remember from his kneeling in front of Jack Wrangler role in Steve Scott's Wanted, his dancing bit in the 1983 Roger Earl classic Gayracula, and that Colt short film he did, the name escapes me.... oooh, oooh, The Big Box), and Sky Dawson (who you remember from the FALCON classics Champs, Biker's Liberty, and of course, one of my top ten faves, Al Parker's 1982 film, Turned On) - um, what was I saying? Oh yeah, you're the captured bottom boy, and Ray Medina and Sky Dawson (and some other guy who, well, let's be nice..) are "forcing you" to suck, get sucked, and get f**ked on the floor of a barn. If you are the likes of Chris Burns, you have to pretend to just hate it, and moan until you wanna slap the crap out of him (I blame that on the director). You might want to turn down the sound.

Yes, yes, I'm selling on eBay. It's a cool little film, and after the 3 men have their way with him, poor Chris is then set upon by the boss, J. W. King, who is his usual passionate self. Also included on this tape is a 15 minute lockerroom scene between J. W. and I-can't-decide-on-my-porno-name Mike Kelly, er, Eric Stryker, errrr Noel Kemp. Hot little blond muscle body, whatever he wants you to call him!

Someone warned me many months ago that if my relationship got serious, my blog would get boring (some are saying: GET?...heehee!); well, the relationship is serious, and there may well be some truth to that prediction. But hell, when I started this some 5 years ago ( 5th anniversary will be tomorrow, the 7th!!), who knew it would last so long, and take up so much of my free time. The idea way back when was to talk about porno, which I think I still do an adequate job of. But then the ramblings about my sex life, lack of love life, and the occasional rant on injustices like Matthew Limon and gay adoption popped up between the hairy ass pics and video clips. Perhaps a bit unfocused and erratic, but hey..... gosh, this spring air (after yesterday's "snowstorm") must be getting me all philosophical. Not to worry, the porno clips are on their way

Coming up - clips from Jack Deveau's 1974 Drive (with Christopher Rage in drag); Tony Prince's Rawhide - one of the earliest pornomovies shot-on-video (1981), and Roger Earl's 1975 S & M classic, Born To Raise Hell. Oh yeah, and I'll try to get something from Richard Locke's last film, the OOP (Out Of Print) classic Daddy Dearest. Yes, either they are on sale now over in my eBay auctions, or will be soon. (And someone please explain to me why BLOGGER's spellcheck doesn't recognize the word 'blog'!)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Monday, April 03, 2006

from Jim French's 1990 "coffee table book," MEN. I think it's out-of-print (OOP), about 56 fantastic photographs of COLT models John Pruitt, Mike Timber, Rick Wolfmier , Kyle Jessup, Jake Tanner, Ed Dinakos/Jake Tanner, Serge Doveck, Bob Benedetti (that's him above), Jesse Ditmar, Gordon Grant, Nick Chase, and more. He's a fantastic photographer, and the eBay auction is here.

Sunday, April 02, 2006
Other Side of Aspen II

Director: Bill Clayton (1985)

Starring: Kurt Marshall, Tony Bravo, Giorgio Canali, Jeff Converse, Steve Henson, O.G. Johnson, Christopher Lance, Eddie Marks, Scott O'Hara, Lee Stern, Jeff Turk, The Mystery Skier

Tony Bravo and Giorgio Canali, 'nuf said? Oh, and O. G. Johnson (oh - GEE!!); and Jeff Turk. And, oh yeah, Scott O'Hara.

I'm selling on eBay (duh)