Mike Davis


  • Timberwolves, Pt.1 & 2 - Al Parker & Mike Davis (The Best of Colt Films pt. 4 (LT-63) & pt. 13) (Colt VT-303) 1977
  • The Bonus - Mike Davis, Shadow, & Gunther Keller (Best of Colt Films pt. 3 & pt. 14) (Colt VT-306) 1978
  • Service Entry - Joe Braggs, Mike Davis, & Moose Keller (The Best of Colt Films pt. 5 (LT-64) & pt. 14) (Colt VT-306) 1979?
  • Moving Violations - Mark Rutter, Mike Davis, & Clint Lockner (The Best Of Colt Films pt. 4 (LT-63) & pt. 9) 1980?
  • The Best Laid Plans - Josh, Mike Davis, Werner Robles (The Original, Good Hot Stuff, The Best of Colt Films pt. 11)
  • Driveshaft - Lloyd Kasper & Mike Davis, (The Best of Colt Films pt. 11 & Colt Couples) (Buckshot - The Original Good Hot Stuff)

    note: the first 6, all COLT FILMS, were produced from 1977-1981(?), and later released on various videotapes.

  • Nighthawk In Leather (1982) a Fred Halsted film. Davis is among the many men in the 45-minute orgy finale, where he services two men in harnesses.
  • Turned On! (1982) a "cameo" where he looks adorable as a bartender; but is he also one of the many anonymous actors in the film?
  • Games (1983) from Surge Studios; coach Mike Davis helps out young Johhny Dawes (who has a cramp), and the men go at it in the locker room; later, Davis and Leo Ford get it on in the showers.

    Mike Davis, aka Winn Strickland, died in 1986

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