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Mike Davis Filmography / Videography

  • Timberwolves, Pt.1 & 2 - Al Parker & Mike Davis (The Best of Colt Films pt. 4 (LT-63) & pt. 13) (Colt VT-303) - 1977
  • The Bonus - Mike Davis, Shadow, & Gunther Keller (Best of Colt Films pt. 3 & pt. 14) (Colt VT-306) - 1978
  • Service Entry - Joe Braggs, Mike Davis, & Moose Keller (The Best of Colt Films pt. 5 (LT-64) & pt. 14) (Colt VT-302) - 1979
  • Moving Violations - Mark Rutter, Mike Davis, & Clint Lockner (The Best Of Colt Films pt. 4 (LT-63) & pt. 9) (Colt VT-307) - 1979
  • The Best Laid Plans - Josh, Mike Davis, Werner Robles (The Original, Good Hot Stuff, The Best of Colt Films pt. 11)
  • Driveshaft - Lloyd Kasper & Mike Davis, (The Best of Colt Films pt. 11 & Colt Couples) (Buckshot - The Original Good Hot Stuff)

    note: the first 6, all COLT FILMS, were produced from 1977-1981(?), and later released on various videotapes.

  • Nighthawk In Leather (1982) a Fred Halsted film. Davis is among the many men in the 45-minute orgy finale, where he services two men in harnesses.
  • Turned On! (1982) a "cameo" where he looks adorable as a bartender; but is he also one of the many anonymous actors in the film?
  • Games (1983) from Surge Studios; coach Mike Davis helps out young Johhny Dawes (who has a cramp), and the men go at it in the locker room; later, Davis and Leo Ford get it on in the showers.

    Mike Davis, real name Winn Strickland, died in 1986

    Al Parker and Mike (real name Winn Strickland) were not only co-stars but also fuck buddies and great friends. Mike was a carpenter by trade and often designed and built sets for videos made by Al Parker's Surge Studios. He continued in the job despite becoming ill with AIDS. When he could no longer work, Al and his lover sold Surge and took care of him until he died in 1986.

    set designs:

  • Century Mining (1985) - credited with art direction
  • Head Trips (1984)
  • Century Mining (1985)
  • One In A Billion (1984)
  • Hard Disk Drive (1985)
  • Strange Places... Strange Things! (1985) - credited with art direction

    (updated 12/6/2021)