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Monday, May 31, 2004

Sunday, May 30, 2004


.....the things you find while looking for MAN-ASS...

Hairy Man's Ass
- 1 oz Vodka
- 3/4 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
- 3/4 oz Lime Juice
- 1 glass Club Soda

Friday, May 28, 2004
gloryhole luv

This is a cool little scene from a great 80's film. It contains a very important lesson in glory hole etiquette - namely, when two lovers have finished sucking you off, and one turns to the other and says "I love you", that is the moment to withdraw your cock from the hole.

While I am sure some of you can name the film, and quite possibly the actors, whoever correctly identifies the beautiful cock presented here will get a prize (OK, just in case I'm totally surprised and I get lots of responses, let's limit it to the first 3 correct answers).

Thursday, May 27, 2004

some days you don't feel like typing, just looking (maybe a little sniffing)

vintage athletic supporter - too unawake to think of some snappy line to go with this auction, but...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Is Jacques there?


If the images don't appear on your computer monitor, it's probably because you havent sent your email yet to the men at BIG LUG - info AT - asking, DEMANDING, a BEAR JOCKSTRAP NITE so that I, er, WE, can enjoy some real MAN-ASS (I found one of the flyers there last night, and apparently MAN ASS is spelled MAN-ASS). I'm f*ckin' serious, fellas; there were definately some men there last night who's asses we should've been able to drool over... (one of my pals did manage to get one guy to pull his trousers down low enough to see that hairy spot just about his MAN-ASS CRACK, quite nice, I must say). And did I mention a sweet man left a jockstrap with the bartender for me? (See previous post) The guy who I was chatting with yesterday, knew he would probably be going to BIG LUG after the gym, but probably not staying til midnight, when I would arrive. Somehow I charmed him into leaving a jockstrap.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004
I need help
No, not that kind. (well, yes; but who's gonna pay for months and months, possibly years, of sessions?) What I mean is I have this idea, and of course it can't work/happen if it's just my crazyhairbrained scheme, I need help. I was in this M4M chatroom (yeah, again - or still...) I need solid food, my mind keeps wandering..... Meanwhile, back to the point of all this. I was in this chatroom, and this gentleman mentions it's BIG LUG night at NOWHERE BAR. So I chime in about the $2.00 beers, and we're chatting away. I commented how I get disappointed about how early guys leave, like around the time I get there (12:30ish) - I know what you're thinking, but as paranoid as I am, I don't think it's me. Then he mentions that his disappointment is that despite all the posters promising MAN ASS, he didn't see any. So the conversation went on from there, how maybe if you got lucky, took a guy home, etc, you'd see MAN ASS, but that's the same with any bar, and this nite promised MAN ASS. Clicking on the link now, I can't even find the words MAN ASS on the site any longer! What's with that?

So then I'm thinking, they should have a BEAR JOCKSTRAP NITE, and we'd see all the MAN ASS our little eyes could handle, right? I mean, who wouldn't want to see some serious jockstrapped MAN ASS? But if it's just the pervert who lurks in the corner, keeping his eyes open for dropped dollar billss, they not likely to adopt the idea, right? So maybe we need a write-in campaign, and this is where you, dear readers, and the POWER OF THE INTERNET, come in. Now, I don't want to print the exact email address, as I'm sure I get crawled by those nasty spammers, but info AT (and you know to take out the spaces, and change AT to @, right?) is where to send you plea for MAN ASS, or more specifically, JOCKSTRAPPED MAN ASS. C'mon, everyone say it, JOCKSTRAPPED MAN ASS, JOCKSTRAPPED MAN ASS. Feels good, right? Now email them. And I promise all sorts of wonderful surprises if we succeed, ok?

Monday, May 24, 2004
So Saturday I wound up buying even more After Dark magazines, and now I'm stashing over 30 issues on my porn shelf. (Yeah, I know - what the hell am I doing letting non-porn take up valuable porno real estate?!!?) I decide I need to sort thru them, and prepare at least a few for auction. Good music playing, nice breeze coming through the windows, I begin to sort thru for pics/pages to scan. But very quickly I realize that the photography is much better than I had thought (see the far right pic from SUNDAY), and much much more important, there are ads and blurbs for some of the earlier gay porno flicks - some I hadn't even known existed! So now I'm marking pages to scan for my pornology pages, rather than for selling purposes. ARRRGH. Several great ads for HAND IN HAND FILMS, an ad for the 1974 David Davidson film, THE DEVIL AND MR. JONES (try googling for that one!), and then I see a full page color ad for A Very Natural Thing (not porn) - a movie I'd heard about, had on that list of things to someday rent and view, but never got around to it. Finally, after giving up on the After Dark magazines (I was scanning all these ads, a pic of Fred Halsted, the full page one of "Brahm", and other stuff, but not the covers and 'selling points' of the magazines), I got out of the house, and went to 2 local video stores in search of Natural Thing. When I finally found it, I continued looking thru the gay-themed videos, figuring it's Saturday night, might as well have a double feature. I picked up a copy of The Cockettes, another 'heard it was good, hadn't gotten around to it yet' movie.

Settling in finally later that night, I was quickly drawn in to the film. Not dated as I had expected (maybe some hair and clothes), it was an interesting exploration of one man's search for a committed relationship with another man. Unlike the review I linked above, I didn't get the feeling that the filmmaker's were commenting on "the empty side of gay life" as much as they were saying that for this young man, the gay sex scene - baths, multiple partners, no commitment, etc, - wasn't for him. And his growth in realizing this, accepting it, and becoming sure that what he wanted - a committed long-term relationship - was worthwhile, was done in a beautiful, non-preachy, sweet, wonderful manner. I loved this film!

Later, I popped in the VCR The Cockettes - and was happy to see I had picked another excellent film. I won't go into why, just that it was a wonderful documentary about a group of people, a time, that was just marvelous to witness. Gay San Francisco communes, free love, bad singing, fascinating people reminiscing about their youth..... just great. Oh wait - one of the little "pluses" of the first film was the main character's brief visit to a gay bathhouse. It's all of 3 minutes on the screen, but when he begins to leave the shower, seemingly repelled by someone trying to give him a hand soaping up, he walks past - OH MY GOD OH MY GOD - Brahm van Zetten, the guy who portrayed Samson in Wakefield Poole's 1973 Bible! He then walks into the steam room, two guys start to have sex with him, and Brahm joins them - you see nothing explicit, and Brahm is only easily viewable for a mere few precious seconds, but all wet, and goateed, and, GRRRR! (see middle pic of Sunday's post) So, going thru my memory banks, I'm like, I know this guy was a Colt model, right? Took me all of 15 minutes to figure out (through my bazillions of jpegs saved on the trusty ol' hard drive) that he's a Target Model, named BRAND, (see left pic from Sunday)and never seemed to have actually appeared in any gay porno. (Of course, I'll have to do more research to verify that.)

Oh yeah, the movies, the movies. I think if one had to try to figure out some theme, or similarity, between the two films, it is that each displayed characters who were quite happy with being their own unique self, and not in a self-satisfied "I'm better" or "this is how queers should be" but merely "this is what's right and good for me" absent any preachiness. Several thumbs up for both!

If you saw the full pic from Friday night, you'd realize what a freak I am.
(but you didn't, so you don't)

Sunday, May 23, 2004

OnlineHost: *** You are in "Town Square - nycm4m". ***
UWSfreemassage: UWS here
WayFineBJ: downtown WVIll oral
LOUIE OHFOUR: 19 hispanic boy here with pics...5'7 184 lbss
N2Y1C2: like to top a straight man
BJland: wouldnt be much of a str8 man if ya did
N2Y1C2: why not?
BJland: um, str8 kinda precludes getting buttfucvked by another guy
JFDNYC1981: 23 here
N2Y1C2: you would be surprised of how many straight guys like it in the btt
BJland: i guess my point is that they arent actually str8 then
N2Y1C2: it's all relative
LondTerr: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
BJland: yes, some men who have sex with men dont like being called gay or queer, and some of them call themselves str8...
BJland: doesnt mean they are
N2Y1C2: it doesn't matter, it is just about pleasure
BJland: kinda like the t-shirt...
N2Y1C2: HUH?
BJland: I'm not str8, but my boyfriend is

Saturday, May 22, 2004
Ouch. Sleeping til noon is something I rarely do, and on a Saturday! But I work a double tomorrow, so my reward was today off, which finishes off my exciting 3-day weekend. I need to get to the Post Office and get those 4 boxes of porno out of here (and of course check to see if any porno has come in). So why am I sitting here at the computer lollygagging? Ah, remember the underwear I posted about yesterday? Who woulda thunk that I'd have my face buried in a pair much like them last night! (OK, so it might not have been the exact same size, who had time to look?!? But the contents were big enough to keep me busy...)

But, still in a bit of a daze here, and thoroughly enjoying BIJOU VIDEO's speedy new search engine (if you've tried it in the past, is was sometimes frustratingly sluggish). Seriously, it's amazingly fast now, and I've been popping around the site, and finding tons of pics, and info, and even seeing they are adding some DVD's of vintage porn. You MUST try it.

must. go. to. post office........ now!

Friday, May 21, 2004

So of course as part of my fresh air and exercise yesterday, I had to include shopping at Kmart. I was there for cheap witch hazel (shaving), but somehow found myself going up the escalator to the 2nd floor, rather than down to the basement. Next thing I know, I am standing in front of these 3 $1.00 underwear bins - assorted unpackaged individual items. Shakey, and sweaty, I began to plunge into the bins, weirding out a bit when i touch 'laides delicates', but fascinated by the Men's boxer briefs in these large sizes. I found nothing in a small or medium, except two a-shirts. But I kept coming back to the big boxer briefs. I mean, they're too big for even sleepwear for me, and I already have large sized underwear stashed in a drawer at home in case I ever land (or is that trap?) a bear. But one buck! I pulled myself away, walking past the cheap shoes, the Vitavitavegamin, and Martha Stewart marked-downs, but found myself drawn back, grabbing the one grey 2XL I left on top on the bin. I guess I am a freak.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

I am not sitting here on a beautiful, finally humid-free, 68 degree sunny day watching porno. I'm not. But I was trying to verify the cast listing for Steve Scott's Games, and oddly enough my Steve Scott page has Michael Christopher listed! That can't be true! So I dug into the closet, dug out one of the boxes of stored porno, found my bootleg (shhhhh) copy of Games and here I sit admiring Al Parker's amazing cocksucking in the intro scene, but then had to force myself to hit the STOP button when I got to the Mike Davis giving Johnny Dawes a massage scene. Gosh, not knowing what happens next is killing me, but I must get out of the apartment and get some fresh air and exercise.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
face man

Gosh, I remember 5 years back and first getting my computer, going online and finding I could get dirty pics. I would stay up so late, and get up early, and search all over, and BOOM! found Steve Kelso's page Hairway to Steven and of course clicked and saved nearly every pic (we will forgive him for some of the underwear choices - just look again at his face, and almost anything could be forgiven, right?). As far as I know, he's only appeared in one video - Intimate Hours - a Colt solo. He's amazingly photogenic, but the video, posing and wearing different articles of clothing and exercising and doing stuff in the surf, just doesn't grab me. It's the still pics, the ones that capture that slight smile that get to me. The reassuring, ageless boyfriend-material face - you just know you'd love looking into his eyes into your (his) 70's, 80's, and beyond. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, if he didnt have a great hairy body, beautiful cock, tasty balls, sweet ass, (I could go on) he wouldn't have become a COLT model on his face alone. But it's the face that keeps you looking, and dreaming....

Last night I stopped by BIG LUG, despite the threat of rain in the air, the likelihood of bad music, and the fact that BEAR NIGHT seems to end just after midnight, when I get off work (why can't bears stay out late on Tuesdays? I dont get it.) But I grabbed a beer, found a wall to lean against, and watched the crowd. At one point I see this guy, bearish as advertised, maybe only an inch or two taller than me, a couple years older maybe, and several pounds and waist-inches bigger. Basic white t-shirt, levi's outfit, but with a pair of leather suspenders snuggly hugging his torso. Longish salt-and-pepper full goattee. He walked past once or twice, seemed to have a nice face, as well; and that's that. But later, while talking to some guy I had briefly met the other night, we walks towards us, pauses as he gets to us, and plants a nice kiss on my mouth, our face-fur intermingling for a mere moment. But giving me the chance to really look at him, and of course taste him (nuts. he tasted like nuts), those few seconds gave me his sweetly confident smile, this face that makes you wonder "what if?" Sometime later he passed by again with some guy, mumbled something about having to go, but same sweet smile, which gave me this nice buzz that stayed with me the rest of the night.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
lazy blogger

The last few posts haven't been as interesting or creative as I prefer (tired link to scarey 'escort'; recycled jockstrap pics that look almost identical to the ones posted on the 'auction' page; pic of some guy in my crotch - oh wait, that was good) - and this one will most likely be no more creative or interesting, but it will be longer, and longer is always better. Thursday met up with Mr CGM13 and he watched me book-shop, hemming and hawing over the purchase of some 27 AFTER DARK magazines (see pic below, and if you don't recognize the man on the cover, you are no longer allowed to read this page). After getting a good deal on them, and some gay mystery novels (no link; I try to limit linking to auctions to once every 10 days, so you'll have to find the auctions on your own), I carried the heavy load (who doesn't like a like heavy load?) as we hung out by the newish West Side Piers Park. That night, after an ungodly expensive cab ride, we discovered that we misread the Eagle's DRESS CODE - apparently leather is mandatory, and the other tidbits just tell you what can, and cannot be worn with your leather gear. So we didn't get to the 2nd and 3rd floor until it was late, and all the hot, swarthy, waiting leathermen had left. Their loss, right?

My guest was smart, and decided to head back to his hotel rather than spend more money on cabs; but alas, only a few feet from the Eagle, my cab hits his cab! Only a light tap, but an argument ensued, not between the cabbies, but between a doorman at one of the new scarey hetero bars on the same block as the Eagle (very, VERY scarey bars!) and the 'hit' cabbie. My cabbie calmed him down, but the poor guy was so flusterred by it, he took Mr Chas many many blocks out of his way.

My cabbie took me directly to HOUSE OF REGRETS, and man, that place hasn't looked scarier! Pacing around for several decades, I notice a nice looking, somewhat in the shadows, possibly furry boy. He moves in a 'c'mon in' manner, I 'c'mon in', zippers are undone, his face is beautiful, his mouth is warm and slurpacious, his chest hairy, and he even allows for some brief making out. But this doesn't last long; apparently, my reciprocation wasn't desired, he got bored fast, zipped up, looked uncomforatble until I got dressed, and another 30 decades of pacing later, I had bad sex with an uninteresting man.

Moments later, the phone rings. I am in bed, and my zoo date is calling. I put him off for an hour or two, but make it to the designated subway stop for our connection uptown. Getting up and dressed and over to the west side for the train was tough, but it turned out to be a great day. I love the zoo, and I think my guest did, too. And for the first time in my short life, I got to see gorillas fucking. Yup, in the tree, we look up and see these two hairy beasts going at it. Parents were pointing and giggling, and the best part was that it wasn't quite as animalistic as one would expect. They changed postions several times, but both seemed quite affectionate, actually. Hands and arms were intertwined, and the closeness of the bodies seemed more important than actual penetration. I took pics of my favorites (lemurs, giraffes); Charles took pics of str8boys he was hoping to convert. That night we laid low, ordering pizza - oh shit, that last slice is still n the oven!

Saturday was work, then cheap frozen margaritas at this cool Mexican restaurant I know in the East Village. Two 'grandes' later, we head to the dog run to pick out boyfriends. My weak bladder led us home, Mr. Guest looked at profiles on, my head spun while I tried to relax, then he forced me to go out for beer. Or food. Oh yeah, food at Life Cafe - Mr Guest drooling over more local boys, lots of rain and people acting silly in the rain, then beer. and Bears. The Bear I wanted (curly hair, curly beard, and tons of curly hair poppin out from the back of his t-shirt's neckline - slurp!) seemed to lose interest in the place. Two beers later, we left; my guest in a cab (which apparently got hit - what is it with country boys not getting along with NYC cabs?) me on foot home. That Grace Jones songs pops into my head, thus the download for Sunday morning.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Walking In The Rain

Friday, May 14, 2004
does this guy's head make my thighs look fat?

Thursday, May 13, 2004
I'm locking myself in this room, trying to get some auction work done. The past two nights, working in an un-airconditioined restaurant with 90% humidity, my sweaty balls clinging to my kneecaps, makes me just a bit grumpy. And then of course tonight there's an out-of-town guest forcing me to go out drinking - and one of our pitstops has a no-shorts (among other restrictions) dress code enforced tonight (so I either wear Levis, leather pants, or a simple jockstrap..... grrrrrr).

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Oil Rig #99

Y'all know that Joe Gage retired from the gay porno business in the early/mid 80's (and of course came back in 2001, beginning with Tulsa County Line), but not before accepting an offer from P.M. Productions to do a few more films for a few more bucks. So, using the new pseudonym Mac Larsen, he directed several more films before his retirement (and then went on to do a few low-budget horror films like Robot Holocaust and of course, the wonderfully titled Breeders). Anyway, the porno deal was a few bucks for a few days to film and edit, and then churn out another one - which is why he wanted to use a different pseudonym, as he felt the quality wouldn't be up to the JOE GAGE name.

So here I am last Friday night, trying to organize shelves and shelves and boxes and boxes and two closets of porn, so, needing some working-on-the-porn-collection music I click on the Jean Michel Jarre' album I downloaded recently, and about 10-15 minutes into it, there's this tidbit, this riff, sample, melody - whateveryoucallit - just a few seconds of sound that briefly send me back to the mid 80's Jewel Theater on 3rd Avenue. But I continue cleaning, and don't think much about it til later in the album, a part I probably fell asleep to the first time I nabbed it, and BOOM! Acid-flashback! Seriously, I was vividly remembering sitting in one of those seats at the Bijou, tripping, with Oil Rig #99 up on the big screen. And I was there for hours, tripping, watching that dang film over and over, the music, the smell of reefer, the moans around me... you get the idea. I quickly checked this guy's site I had bookmarked on Jean Michel Jarre's The Concerts in China and determined that the song was Magnetic Fields II. Eventually I downloaded the whole album, as this particular track wasn't the haunting them I had remembered, but it was definately in the film, most notably during the opening sequence. But, alas, the sound I was looking for was no where on that album. Finally, this morning, I found it was on his first album, from way back in 1976, Oxygene. And finally the track I had humming thru my brain all last weekend, and then all morning after downloading it, Oxygene (Part 4).

You have no idea how long I have been searching for that music, and especially after I got this copy of the video on eBay a year or two ago.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004
I Love Dick

but, alas, I must sell Dick. I have several items on eBay featuring the wonderful, lightly hairy, mustached, butt-munchable, Mr. Dick Fisk. (sorry, folks, all the auctions are in the adult section)

  • photomagazine featuring action shots from the Falcon film, Help Wanted, film #625, with Mr. Fisk and Joe Andrews - ODYSSEY
  • another photomagazine, this one featuring action shots from The Other Side of Aspen, which as you know is actually composed of 4 separate 8mm films - and this magazine features action shots from films #638 & 639 - here we have Dick with lucky Chad Benson from film #638, then of course, in film #639, Al Parker and Casey Donovan go at it hot and heavy - Ski Summit 1
  • more action shots from The Other Side of Aspen - this one from films #640 and 641; 640 has Dick Fisk, Casey Donovan and Al Parker...... and then Chad Benson joins in; 641 has these 4 very happy to see Jeff Turk walk in, undress, and join the orgy in Ski Summit 2
  • finally, a video from Falcon, FVP051, Try To Take It - and as you probably know, many of these videopacs actually consisted of several 'loops' - the one contains Dark Desires, a simple, but very hot film featuring Mr Fisk and Guillermo (who we all remember from El Paso Wrecking Corp.) - both quite versatile, and both quite delicious.

Monday, May 10, 2004
Beautiful day out, and here I am, indoors, scanning porno pics!

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Friday, May 07, 2004
mmmmmm, cellophane
So, it's Friday night and what am I doing in the most exciting town on the planet? Cleaning my books shelves, of course! Ahhhh, but apparently cleanliness does come with it's rewards. I found a duped copy of Falconhead Two: THE MANEATERS (see May 3rd posting) - the good news is that it isn't an old duped copy, meaning I made it when I had two decent VCR's, so the quality, wisely recorded in SP mode, isn't bad. The better news is that I just finished timing it, and it's 81 minutes - not the 65 minutes that HIS Video is currently selling!!! Woo-Hoo!! So at some point, I'll have to take a gander at the infamous (and unavailable) Brad Mason schtooping cellophane-wrapped Steve Collins scene. Yeah!

he's back!

Some people are really weird. Coming all the way to NYC, and well - who'd rather stay here, when I've gone through all the trouble of cleaning my kitchen floor and spending money on amenities? Sheeesh!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

"don't you make, no mistake, it's our Spring Break"

directed by: Bill Clayton - uncredited (1986)

Starring: Kevin Wiles, Chad Douglas, Todd Donahue, Tony Marinos (aka Danny Russo), Chris Thompson, Jeff Converse, David Ashfield, Corey Monroe, Cole Carpenter, Chris Burns

You got the catchiest theme song ever; Chad Douglas; camera angles from below and above the glass coffee table; Chad Douglas; Kevin Wiles pretending not to like cock for all of 3 seconds before garbling down both Chris Thompson's and David Ashfield's cocks; and Chad Douglas's 1978-version mustache; then of course poor, young Corey Monroe's face when uncle Chad thuds his meat on the coffee table; Dave Ashfield wowing coach Jeff Converse with his manmeat; and of course, WARNING WARNING!! Master's Delight, where Corey Monroe and Chris Burns take turns in the sling while Chad Douglas and Cole "Make A Fist" Carpenter take turns with their toys......

register to vote
Oh lord! In trying to work out a date for celebrating a friend's birthday (his big 5-0), somehow we got on the topic of politics, and of course, the Presidential election. We've known each other for years, and I don't know who was more shocked and dismayed at this part of the conversation - when I casually mentioned I won't be voting for John Kerry. You can't imagine the venom from this dedicated anti-Bush guy (I'll bet you a milllion dollars he still has his LICK BUSH button from 1992), and the torrent of outrage at how my simple, single, not-Kerry vote was going to crumble democracy as we know it. I was equally shocked and dismayed that this man who I've known for well over a decade actually thought I'd vote for Kerry! I've voted in 6 Presidential elections, and only twice for a major party candidate - surprisingly, one of whom actually won.

Of course, whenever we talk politics, we wind up yelling, even though we actually agree on most things; I suppose like most left-leaning people, we still like to get carried away about the specifics, and carried away we did. After yelling at him about how he's wasting his time, and how "YOU PEOPLE are gonna blow it again, by wasting your time berating us perennial 3rd party voters, and not going after people who might actually vote for your guy" I asked him a question:

How many people have you registered to vote? Of course, his answer was - "none." I then told him that my website has a link on top for folks to register to vote via Working For Change/League of Women Voters. I figured this is as good a time as any to point out the link up there and to urge folks to use it, and other folks with websites (especially you lefties) to add a similar link. Now is the time to do this, to get people on the road to actually voting. I'm not gonna give anyone any crap about if you don't vote, you can't complain (another insulting and stupid thing people say ---- one of the beautiful things about our democracy is that the two rights are not dependent on each other) - I happen to think you ought to do both, but also that there may be valid reasons not to do one or the other. But give yourself the option - now; it is your right, and many would argue, your duty - so register to vote, and have another avenue to voice your opinion.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004
..... then again, sometimes the internet is quite lame - try GOOGLING "master's delight" + "chad douglas" and not much comes up. But I'm fairly certain this guy could help.

Does this link work?

Tuesday, May 04, 2004
we have a winner
This is why I am totalfuckingly addicted to the internet: I get home last night, and am simultaneously checking webstats and email, and get a cool email from Johnman. Apparently he recognizes the music from the Falconhead Two clip I had posted earlier in the day, and correctly identifies it as Jean-Michael Jarre's Souvenir de Chine. As you can tell from the musiclink in the last sentence, I managed to find a copy of it online. I was so excited once I heard it, that I went so far as to find the whole album, taking over an hour just to locate it, and much more time to download it.... but it was fantastic! (And by the way, there are many versions of it, including, egad!!! an amazingly boring and unimaginative updated trance-techo-remixed-bland-dancing-while-tweeking version of the tune, too.) Michael Zen obviously used more than just that one cut, as bits and pieces of the album show up in various parts of the film. I didn't fall asleep until well after 3pm, but with the album playing, remembering long hours at the Jewel Theater on 3rd Ave in the mid 80's, the same music, those flickering images from Zen's film.... (and the slurping and moaning sounds of men - in the seats, in the aisles, in the buddy-booths, behind the screen, in the bathrooms....)

Monday, May 03, 2004
Falconhead Two: THE MANEATERS

"....keeps them in prison, until they are capable of loving someone other than themselves..."

directed by: Michael Zen (1983)

Starring: Paul Barresi, Rick Taylor, and introducing Blake Palmer; with Brad Mason, Paul Monroe, Steve Collins, Danny Combs, Vito Bonetti, and David Jones; The Transvestites: Sabato, Monica, The Garage Girls; Voices: Christian Black, David Samuels, Lawrence Deo

There are many of us who fault the VCR and cheap commercial videotape technology for the downfall of the quality of the gay porno industry. But before videotape became the format for movie-making, there was a brief period in the early/mid 80's when the new markets for selling videotapes (remember, they were going for 70-120 bucks 20+ years ago!) meant at least in some cases, the additional revenue meant more money spent for the actual production of the films. Here is an excellent example of the bigger budget films, directed by Michael Zen, who's hypnotic music and fantastic cinematography created an erotic, sensual feel seldom realized in the sleazy movie houses these films were often seen in.

Paul Barresi does a typical (for him) solo jerk-off performance, but the quality of the lighting, sound, and editing give it a more highly charged feel. (And unlike most of his appearances in gay films, he actually intereacts with one of the other characters, Rick Taylor - in this case to set up the premise of the film). Another solo, by newcomer Blake Palmer (who has a similar performance in Steve Scott's Screen Play through a motel window, and who later went on to str8 videos) - is beautifully photographed as he slowly undresses, jerks off, all the while being photographed (as it turns out, by himself) with an erotic voice-over. Brad Mason (who you've also seen in Jobsite and One In A Billion), mustached and tattooed, looking like one of the better Old Reliable models, has two performances in this film - first with Paul Monroe, a highly charged suck and fuck scene by a fireplace; then in a butler fantasy with Steve Collins (who you'll remember form such other films as I Do, Gayracula, and Non-Stop), first as the servant, then the roles are flipped, and Collins is the servant, and fucked while almost completely wrapped in Saran Wrap (it may sound funny, but Mason's cock going into Collin's ass will have a very different effect on you, I guarantee it).

Michael Zen first came on the gay porn scene in 1972 with the first Falconhead film, an incredibly trippy, sexy film. Until this 1983 film, I can't find what he's done film-wise. Since then, he's done a couple gay pornos in the 80's, many many str8 pornos, and seems to be doing both gay and str8 videos today. I remember enjoying He-Devils back in 1990, surprised at the look and feel of the video at a time when "cinematography" was a foreign word in gay porno making (highly recommended for any Michael Brawn, Alex Stone, or Lon Flexx fan). Also of note is his 1988 video - G. I. Mac - another Paul Barresi solo (the sequence shows him with his gun, then jerking off thinking about other men in his platoon) plus a great Brian Adams solo - the music, the blue-tinged lighting, the cigarette smoke, and the camera lingering over his body add up to a great opening sequence; and also a great Brian Adams - Butch Taylor lovemaking scene.

Back to this film, Falconhead Two - another HIS chopped up video - currently only the 65 minute version is commercially available. I don't recall who did the music, but it's definately a highlight, one of the rare films that understands the proper use of sound to elicit a sexual response. Obviously I'm on the lookout for the full 86 minute version, which was available on videotape in the 80's.

.........i promise, i am right at this minute whil you are reading this, working on the porno clip.... i swear...

Saturday, May 01, 2004
speaking of nice hoses...

Sorry I didn't get around to posting the movie clip (it's cumming, it's cumming, I promise...) but I really was working on it, then a friend invited me over, and well, let's just say his beefy chest looks real real nice between my sweaty legs... Grrrrrrr! No, this is not a pic of him (but I'm sure most of you know who it is) - but it comes from a magazine my pal "donated" to me/my site, and you might see it and some other good stuff over at eBay soon. Gotta run to work, and oh yeah - look for another 'give-away' next week. Probably not so much porn, but some books and magazines that are clutttering up this place.