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BJ's personal porno video collection - sortable by column
Title Year Director
That Boy 1975 Peter Berlin
Leo & Lance 1983 William Higgins
The Boys of Venice 1978 William Higgins
Big Guns 1986 William Higgins
Le Beau Mec (aka Dude) 1978 Wallace Potts
Boys In The Sand 1971 Wakefield Poole
Bijou 1972 Wakefield Poole
Everything Goes (aka Anything Goes) 1974 Tom DeSimone (as Lancer Brooks)
Confessions of a Male Groupie 1971 Tom DeSimone
Erotikus... A History of the Gay Movie 1974 Tom DeSimone
The American Adventures Of Surelick Holmes 1973 Richard Ell
Skin Deep 1982 Tom DeSimone
Heavy Equipment 1977 Tom DeSimone
Catching Up 1975 Tom DeSimone
The Idol 1979 Tom DeSimone
Flesh and Fantasy 1980 Tom DeSimone
The Dirty Picture Show 1981 Tom DeSimone
Face to Face 1981 Steve Scott
Dangerous 1982 Steve Scott
Gold Rush Boys 1983 Steve Scott
Screen Play 1983 Steve Scott
A Married Man 1978 Steve Scott
Non Stop 1983 Steve Scott
Gemini 1979 Steve Scott
Boy-Napped! 1975 Spencer Logan
GIANTS part two 1984 Sid Roth
Fade In 1984 Roger Earl
Gayracula 1985 Roger Earl
Born To Raise Hell 1975 Roger Earl
American Cream 1972 Rob Simple
Boys Of Company F 1984 Raymond Goodwyn
Adam and Yves 1974 Peter de Rome
Men Between Themselves (Hommes Entre Eux) 1980? Norbert Terry
Behind The Greek Door 1975 Nickolas Nichodel
Falconhead 1972 Michael Zen
HUGE 1 1982 Matt Sterling (as Bill Clayton)
HUGE 2 1983 Matt Sterling (as Bill Clayton)
The Bigger The Better 1984 Matt Sterling
The Grease Monkeys 1979 Mark Aaron
The Rivermen 1981? Mark Aaron
We'll Meet Again 1982? Linus Terri
Hot Truckin' 1978 Tom DeSimone (as Lancer Brooks)
Duffy's Tavern 1973 Tom DeSimone (as Lancer Brooks)
Jobsite 1984 Kenneth Holloway
Blown Away 1985 Joseph Yale
Centurians of Rome 1981 John Christopher
Oil Rig #99 1982 Joe Gage (as "Mac Larsen")
Tough Guys 1982 Joe Gage (as "Mac Larsen")
Closed Set 2 1984 Joe Gage (as "Mac Larsen")
Kansas City Trucking Co. 1976 Joe Gage
El Paso Wrecking Corp 1977 Joe Gage
Heatstroke 1982 Joe Gage
L.A. Tool and Die 1979 Joe Gage
501 1984 Joe Gage
Closed Set 1980 Joe Gage
Arcade 1984 Jim West
The Brig 1982 Jason Sato
Blue Streak 1977 John Travis
Hot House 1977 Jack Deveau
Drive 1974Jack Deveau
A Night at the Adonis 1978 Jack Deveau
Good Hot Stuff 1975 Jack Deveau
Ballet Down the Highway 1975 Jack Deveau
Rough Trades 1977 Jack Deveau
Dune Buddies 1978 Jack Deveau
Sex Magic 1977 Jack Deveau
Wanted: Billy The Kid 1976 Jack Deveau
The Boys From Riverside Drive 1981 Jack Deveau
And ... God Created Men (Et... Dieu Crea les Hommes) 1977 J.E. Siry
Dreamer 1975 J. Clinton West
Nights In Black Leather 1973 Ignatio Rutkowski
Pieces of Eight 1980 Fred Halsted
Nighthawk in Leather 1982 Fred Halsted
L.A. Plays Itself and Sex Garage 1972 Fred Halsted
A Night at Halsted's 1981 Fred Halsted
In Search Of The Perfect Man 1979 Francis Ellie
Michael, Angelo, and David 1979? Francis Ellie
Killing Me Softly 1979? Francis Ellie
Harley's Angels 1978 Francis Ellie
Navy Blue 1979 Francis Ellie
Making It Huge 1985 David McCabe
The Devil and Mr. Jones 1974 David Davidson
Wildside 1984 Christopher Rage
Sleaze 1982 Christopher Rage
Le Voyeur 1982 Bruce King
The Biggest One I Ever Saw 1985 Bill Harrison
Daddy Dearest 1984 Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
Forbidden Letters 1976 Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
Juice 1984 Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
Pleasure Beach 1983 Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
One In A Billion 1984 Al Parker
Hard Disk Drive 1985 Al Parker
Wet Sports 1981 (P.M. Productions compilation)
In Heat 1984/5 Jack Deveau / Peter de Rome / Bob Alvarez
Casey 1971 Donald Crane
Don't Fight It Kid 1981? John Travis (John Trennel)
Lust In The Afternoon 1971 Tom DeSimone
Tub Tricks 1977 Robert Walters
Tall Timber 1982? Dick Creamer
Where Joey Lives 1977 Tom DeSimone
California Boys 1982 Steve Scott
Jr. Cadets 1974? S. J. Kaye
Class of '84 pt. 2 1981 William Higgins
Pool Party 1975 Mike Taylor
Wanted 1981 Steve Scott
Small Town Boy 1973? John Travis (John Trennel)
HANDsome 1981 Joe Gage
Five Hard Pieces 1977? Arch Brown
Moving 1974 Wakefield Poole
New York Construction Co. 1980? unknown
Hardhat 1977 Jason Michaels
Slaves For Sale pt. 1 1984 Robert Payne
Sextool (bootleg) 1975 Fred Halsted
Too Big For His Britches 1987 Ronnie Shark (aka Bill Harrison)
Workout 1982 Alan Purnelli
Muscle Bound 1978 Arch Brown
Dynamite 1978 Arch Brown
Boots & Saddles 1978 Arch Brown
All Tied Up 1982? Arch Brown
Death of Scorpio 1979 Francis Ellie
Leather Narcissus 1978? Avery Willard
Pier Groups 1979 Arch Brown
Creme de Bananas 1980's early? Mother Goose / Robdert Prion?
Young Yankees 1984? Ian McGraw
Bulging Jockstraps 1987 David White
Three Day Pass 1979? Nick Elliot
Kiss It 1989 Christopher Rage
Fucked Up 1986 Christopher Rage
Tramps 1985 Christopher Rage
Worship vol. 2 1987 Christopher Rage
My Masters 1986 Christopher Rage
Getting It 1985 Philip St. John
Century Mining 1985 Al Parker
Head Trips 1984 Al Parker
Rangers 1984 Al Parker
Oversize Load 1986 Al Parker
Dormitory Daze 1982 Robert Walters
Hot Lunch 1980 Robert Walters?
How I Got The Story 1982 Robert Walters
Caught In The Act 1982 (NOVA Studios)
Dirty Books 1981? Tom Desimone
Morning, Noon, & Night 1975 Nick Eliot
Portrait of Dorian Gay 1974? J.J. English
Rawhide 1981 Tony Prince
Sailor In The Wild 1983 William Higgins
Chain Reactions 1984 Roger Earl
Jocks 1980? Gary Austin
Dynastud 1986 Scott Hansen
Left-Handed 1972 Jack Deveau
The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome 1973 Peter de Rome
The Destroying Angel 1976 Peter de Rome
Rough Cut 1980 Steve Scott
Billy The Kid 1976 Jack Deveau
Challenger 1977? Matt Sterling
The Other Side of Aspen 1978 Bill Clayton
Times Square Strip 1982 Jack Deveau
Private Collection 1983 Jack Deveau / Peter de Rome / Tom DeSimone
Diary of an M 1975 Manolo
Celebration 1978 Zachary Youngblood
Games Without Rules 1974 Tom DeSimone (as L. Brooks)
Ebony Love 1974 Matt Sterling
The Kid From L.A. 1976? Steve Scott
A Few Good Men 1983 Steve Scott
His Little Brother 1979 Robert Walters
Kept After School 1982 (NOVA Studios)
Sweet Smelling Tearooms 1970's clips (Bijou compilation)
Performance 1981 Steve Scott
Best of Surge 1987 compilation Al Parker
Lockerroom Fever 1983 Robert Walters
Something Wild1984 Robert Walters
Knockout 1983 Kenneth Holloway
Navy Blue 1979 Francis Ellie
Dust Unto Dust 1971 Tom DeSimone (as Lancer Brooks)
Rugged Men 1982? Bruce King
Lovers & Friends 1982? John Stephens
USDA Choice 1981? John Stephens
Erotic Hands 1975 unknown
Jack 1973 John Stephens
Strictly Forbidden 1974 Jack Deveau
Men of Big Sur 1970? Dick Martin
Rugged Men 1973 Bruce King
The Janitor 1970 Arch Brown
Wet Shorts 1980 Tom DeSimone
Sins of Johnny X 1975? Taylor Benson
Flashback 1981 Al Parker
Hard To Come By 1985 John Coletti
Seamen 1974 Matt Sterling
The Big One 1988 Chet Thomas
Hot Fantasy 1980? EZ Rider compilation
A Night At Alfies 1987 Terry LeGrand
Breaker Blue 1988 Fred Halsted
Home Coming 1970? R.C. Cole
What The Big Boys Eat 1985 Jim West
Raunch 1985 Christopher Rage
Night of Submission 1971 unknown
Spread Eagle 1974 Ralph Ell, Leo D'Leon
Trick! 1970? Jack Cox
Peter the Peeker (re-released as Gay Pride (!) 1971 Tom DeSimone
Nightcrawler 1986 Tom DeSimone

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