Mac Larsen's


Eric Ryan is our "host" narrating a story of men who "like it rough" in New York City; with Bob Shane and Keith Anthoni (slurp to both of them!!), Roy Garrett, Tharon Davis, Jeremy Gage, Ryan Harker, Jeff Stone (as the "leatherman") and Members of the West St. Gang, NYC.

In the early/mid 80's Joe Gage directed a number of films under the name Mac Larsen for P.M. Productions (which also produced porn films by Arch Brown and others). Gage changed his porn name for these films because they were basically rush-jobs, usually done over a weekend of filming, and a couple more days for editing and other post-production. He felt these films weren't up to his usual production values, having made them quickly just to make a few quick bucks, so he preferred to use this new name. Personally, I think this is a good film, with hot sex, and nice small touches (like the firemen leaping up after they come becasue the fire alrams ring in the firehouse) to keep it interesting.

last updated 10/01/01