Adam & Yves

Director: Peter de Rome (1974) A Hand In Hand Film

An American in Paris falls for a Frenchman; references to Last Tango In Paris, an appearance by producer Jack Deveau, and a glimpse of Greta Garbo! The best part is probably the fantastic montage of movie theatre marquees, mostly of "blacksploitation" films, which leads to the all-black orgy in a movie theatre bathroom which includes ex -boxer Geraldo (who later also appears in the bathroom orgy scene in A Night at the Adonis).

Starring: Michael Hardwick and Marcus Giovanni, plus: Kirk Luna, Bill Young (aka Big Bill Eld), Jack Deveau, Daniel Montfort, Denise Royal, Jaap Penraat, and Charles Pooney; "in the bathroom" - Eric Crawford, Bob Jones, Luther LeVale, Tony Skinner, and Glenn Wilson. Original soundtrack by David Earnest, which includes "Honey Man", a song co-written by de Rome himself!