I can't believe I found this! An ad in an old Honcho magazine (April 1982) for GAGE GEAR !!!!!!
Top left: Eric Ryan wearing the GAGE MAN t-shirt; top middle: Casey Donovan wearing what looks like an Al Parker t-shirt; top right, Eric Ryan wearing a sleeveless Casey Donovan t-shirt; middle left Casey Donovan wearing a Casey Donovan sweatshirt; middle, some guy wearing an awful head band - er, um, I mean, a guy wearing a Richard Locke t-shirt; middle right, (he's "Judd" in Heatstroke)wearing a Richard Locke t-shirt, and listening to a "Hot Talk Tape" on his walkman; bottom left, some guy in a James Dean t-shirt (?) : bottom right, close-up of walkman with "Hot Talk Tape".