old box
new box


directed by: J. Clinton West (aka Jim West) (1975)
Starring: Clay Grant, Richard Locke (no beard, just the mustache!), Dave Daniel, and Mike Mitchell

Yet another example of HIS VIDEO putting out inferior videos. In 1984, when they released the film on videotape, the full 85-minute movie was intact. Now, the smaller boxed current version is 15-20 minutes shorter!

Even the back of "new box" (right) is wrong - 2 of the pictures are NOT even from this film, but from Joe Gage's "501"!!!!!! the guy's at HIS who are reissueing this stuff f&*ked-up, again!

Comparing the 2 to see what is missing from the original, its about 15-20 minutes shorter (NOT 87 minutes as the box says!) - in the "new" shorter version, it ends with a much shorter, chopped up version of the railway car sequence (missing the 3 Johnny Cash songs), with Richard Locke. I realize there might have been issues with using Cash's music, but how hard is it to re-do a soundtrack?
in the old version, after that scene, it cuts back to the kid, dreaming, and whacking off one more time, with the corny title track playing.....screen fades to black, as the last few notes of the song play over a blank screen....


last updated 02/20/09